Spring Is Here! Welcome Spring into your Life!

Morning Lovelies!

Spring for the UK has finally arrived….I don’t know about other countries but here we have had lots of colder weather recently and this year spring has taken just a little bit longer to show up. But now all of that harsh winter weather is vanishing and we are starting to see lots of lovely sunny days up ahead of us…so bring on SPRING!beautiful-bloom-blooming-414160.jpg

When spring starts to show each year it’s a wonderful opportunity for gratitude for the offerings that this new season brings us all. During the winter months hibernation was happening but when spring arrives things begin to blossom and bloom. For most of us the winter months is a time for recharging our batteries and resting feeling all cosy by a log-fire with lots of cosy throws, blankets and hot choccies until spring arrives and then we can start appreciating the energy that Spring brings. Here are a few ways that i like to welcome the Season of Spring into my life.dress-female-flowers-92332.jpg

  • Spring Clean – You’ve probably read or heard about Spring Cleaning alot and it is such a tradition that alot of us do each year. But i really do think it’s a perfect way to clear not only your house but your mind too. I find that when i de-clutter, tidy and organise things fresh again it allows my mind to feel more open and relaxed because i know that i have a fresh space. It’s lovely to have a clean and fresh home ready for the summer months so you aren’t bogged down with piles of dirty laundry or dust around the house or unwanted clutter taking up valuable space, which gives you time to enjoy the summer more carefree. As they do say a clean house = clear mind. 
  • Open Every Single Window – What better way to let Spring into your life than to open every window of your home wide open during the day. This is perfect to do after a nice big Spring Clean i find. Letting the breeze gush in and around your home is a wonderful way of filling your home space with goodness. Give them all a good clean and you will have even more light pouring in. After all who doesn’t want to start being in the outdoors once the new season has begun and letting it into your home is a brilliant way to enjoy the outdoors at all times whether you are out or in. 
  • Choose Seasonal Veggies And Meals – One perfect way to welcome Spring into your life is to switch up the way you eat. Winter is a wonderful time to fill up on rich root vegetables but spring is a wonderful time to transition between that and moving towards the summer consuming lighter produce. Choose seasonal vegetables and meals like simple vegetable soups, salads and stir fries etc…meals that are less heavy than the ones you probably ate during the winter. Snacking on fruit or veg in the afternoon with some seeds or nuts can boost your energy too and help your mid afternoon slump. In the spring i do love some organic yogurt with warm stewed seasonal fruit with spices like cinnamon or ginger for a pudding idea. If it’s a sunny, warm day why not try a green smoothie…load it with mixed berries, add a handful of spring greens, half an avocado, some raw honey and almond or coconut milk and that will fill you up nicely. 
  • Choose To Do Some Light Exercise – If your eating more lightly why wouldn’t you exercise more lightly too? For me spring energy is all about lightly and gently easing into things just like flowers gradually start to blossom and bloom. So as i usually eat lighter produce in Spring it’s only fair to treat my body with gentle respect too and not over push it. A perfect exercise for spring for me is doing some gentle running in a forest or woodland. Being mindful with exercise during the Spring will give you the energy you need for the Summer. Yoga is also another great mindful and light form of exercise. 
  • Aim To Be In Bed By 11pm – This one for me isn’t hard to do as i get up very early for work most days and on the days i don’t work i still like to get up early in the morning when it’s still peaceful and quiet outside. Being in bed at 10 or 11pm is a great way to feel energised and refreshed each morning. Staying up past midnight is a complete disaster for our Adrenal Health….and nobody wants that. If you tend to feel more energetic at this time of night then try some meditation, deep breathing or hypnotherapy recordings that are designed to enhance relaxation, it may help you. 
  • Enjoy The Outdoors – After a winter where most people tuck away and stay warm inside indulge in lots of walks in the fresh spring air. It’s a perfect chance to soak up the sunshine that is rich in Vitamin D. Being outdoors is one of my favourite things to do in Spring as it’s not too hot and clammy and there is always a perfect spring breeze in the air with lots of nature that has just popped it’s head up again for the new season too. 

I hope that you find these ways to welcome Spring into your life helpful. If you have any things that you do each year to bring Spring energy into your life please comment below to share with everyone too 🙂 I love hearing from all of my lovely readers. Thank you for taking your time to read this and i hope you all have a wonderful fresh new Spring!  beautiful-bloom-blooming-371433.jpg



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