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A really exciting subscription box post for this week! My second ever Moi-Meme box had  arrived last week. If you missed my previous Moi-Meme box review you can find it right here. If your new to Moi-Meme the post has all the details you will want to know about this subscription box and if you didn’t know it’s a quarterly box that contains a range of lifestyle, beauty, fashion and well-being products that are based around a different theme each month. All of my Moi-Meme reviews will be up January, April, July and October.p4291112.jpgThis Spring theme is The Nature Box. Of course i love this theme as i am obsessed with nature and the beautiful outdoors. Moi-meme filled this box with gifts that have “come from, been inspired by or will help you care for our natural world.”

Inside The Box – 1 Lifestyle, 1 Home Decor, 1 Fashion, 2 Skincare Items

CHILLY’S BOTTLE 500ml  (£20) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs you will most likely be aware there is a horrendous amount of waste plastic scattered in our oceans and it’s been absolutely devastating to see. So i am thrilled to see that Moi-Meme have included this reusable bottle. This is by a brand called Chilly’s and they create the most gorgeous designs on bottles. The best thing about this bottle that’s also super unique is that for 24 hours it can keep your liquids cold and for 12 hours can keep them hot. I’m glad to see that it’s also BPA free and leak-proof. This year i decided to cut down on my plastic use and try and go plastic free where i can and i actually saw this bottle when i was looking at alternative water bottles…I was going to actually purchase this on my next payday! (Moi-Meme read my mind hehe.) I am so pleased with my pastel pink colour chosen for me as it’s my favourite colour! I will definitely be purchasing a little collection so i have various bottles for different things like work, home etc…and will never have to use a plastic bottle again!

BLONDEANDSTONE LUXURY MARBLE COASTER (£25 FOR PACK OF FOUR = SINGLE £6.25) p4291118.jpgIf you didn’t know that marble is on trend where have you been?? Marble has taken over social media and is everywhere. It’s such a gorgeous, classy and elegant design what’s not to love. Moi-meme were spot on when they said that quality can take a hit when something is so popular so I am delighted that we have been given a real marble coaster of the highest grade. It’s stunningly made and weighty with rubber pads on the bottom to protect surfaces from any scratches or markings.p4291119.jpgThese coasters have a special touch added as none will be the same as marble is a natural material and they have been hand polished by Blonde And Stone to show of the marble’s distinct patterns. I haven’t heard of the brand Blonde And Stone before but it’s a range to check out as they are a marble homeware shop. I am in love already with their Marble Candle Holders. Beautiful!

MSH SCARF (£12) P4291121.JPGAnother brand that i haven’t discovered yet MSH. It stands for Miss Shorthair apparently. It’s a small company that supply boutiques over the UK with a range of accessories. This scarf was the perfect option for a nature inspired accessory as they all have a pretty nature design on them. The scarfs look much more expensive than they are and look and feel like real luxury. I am so surprised at how affordable they are! They have a range of beautiful designs from butterflies, cranes, feathers, stars, trees, stags and more. I originally received a Blush Pink with Rose Gold Cranes on but i decided to do an exchange (that was quick and fuss free) for Light Grey with Silver Trees…I couldn’t resist as i love trees so much! I am so so happy with the scarf and think it is absolutely gorgeous a perfect statement for the spring and cooler summer evenings. MSH also has a lovely tag that says “Your Scarf, Your Story.” It’s the little special touches like that, that i notice and it shows what a wonderful brand this is to think about the extra little details (Just like Moi-Meme who add a personalised sticker of your name inside the box.) 

SISKYN SKINCARE OILS ORGANIC ROSE & NEROLI DAY FACIAL OIL 30ML (£42) p4291117.jpg I adore seeing skincare items that have won awards in subscription boxes so i was over the moon with this. This brand was included in the nature box because they use natural ingredients that don’t harm us or the environment or animals. Also roses is a very good choice for a nature item i think! I actually tried this out as soon as i got this and it is the loveliest facial oil i’ve ever tried. It’s fast absorbing and leaves the skin feeling so plump and refreshed by the next day and extremely smooth as soon as it touches your skin. It is very strong smelling if your not too keen on that it may be a con but i loved it. The ingredients is the best bit made from a blend of 17 certified organic botanical oils! It claims to nourish skin and leave it with a velvety soft and radiant glow. It contains avocado which is collagen boosting, Rosehip which is skin regenerating, Camellia which is skin firming, Rose Otto and Neroli that stimulate cell growth and also gives the product it’s beautiful scent. Rose and Neroli are one of my favourite smelling combinations so i’m in heaven applying this to my skin. A luxury facial oil for £42…well worth it i would say.

HOLISTICA CRYSTAL MIST 100ML (£24.50) p4291120.jpgThis type of product is right up my street and i can’t believe i’ve never seen it before!! HOLISTICA is a natural skincare and beauty brand created my Becky Symes she wonderfully charges her blends with high vibrational frequencies from crystals. Becky has a range of fabulous products that is definitely worth checking out. I am so excited to try out the Crystal Mist. The crystals have been added to the botanical waters to charge the vibrational frequency of the mist. The Crystal Mists come in 3 different types. I AM GLOWING, I AM BALANCED AND I AM NOURISHED. I received the “I am Balanced” Crystal Mist Orange Bloom + Smokey Quartz. This scent is orange blossom and geranium it also includes aloe vera to help balance and restore the skin’s oil balance. It also contains little Smokey Quartz Crystals too and this is the perfect “Bad Vibe” cleansing stone. This seems to be the perfect mist so spritz when things are a little bleak! I would love to try out the I am Glowing crystal mist too! It also comes in a gorgeous little light grey drawstring bag perfect for travel.

A Little Extra p4291123.jpgMoi-Meme often add a little bonus gift and this is a wonderful item to get. Wildflower Seeds for the butterflies and bees. Once planted this will be beneficial to the butterflies and bees and will sprout Poppy, Cornflower, Corn Marigold and Corn Chamomile plants. Lovely idea!

Overall, i loved this boxes nature theme. All the gifts included were a perfect match and i am again happy with all of the products. This box cost me £49.95 but was worth £104.75!! The box always contains unique products from brands i’ve not heard of before and the boxes are always well thought about down to every last detail. There is so much effort put into these boxes picking out items and colours that you personally will love and that’s why for me this is the BEST subscription box i’ve ever come across. This Spring’s 2018 box was perfect and just stunningly put together. I would definitely recommend you to go check their website out if you loved these items just as much as i did!!! 







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