Spring Clean Your Kitchen!

Evening Lovelies!

This is the latest i have ever written a blog post for you all but i’m sure you will let it slip as it has been a bank holiday weekend (and the sunshine has been glorious the whole weekend!) I wanted to get a post written up though so after a nice three relaxing days…here it is (the post is a day late…oops.) Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend!

This week i wanted to write about Spring Cleaning. The spring cleaning season is nearly over as Summer is gradually approaching and whilst there are so many articles and posts and information about spring cleaning your home i wanted this time to focus on what i think the heart of the home is…The Kitchen. The kitchen is where people are brought together because of their love for good, wholesome, homecooked meals which have been made with love…and of course because of people’s appetite! So for me a spring clean in your home is also a great opportunity to clean the ‘heart of the home’ fully which can also upgrade your health. Below are my 5 simple tips to give your kitchen some TLC and to help upgrade your health just from some simple changes.bazaar-bottles-business-15964.jpg

  1. Use Glass Jars Instead Of Tinned Foods – BPA which is Bisphenol A is a chemical that is found in plastics and metal food tins. You’ve probably all heard of the dangers of BPA and have probably noticed more BPA free packaging around (although be careful with BPA-free also because they can be just as harmful.) France has banned BPA in all their food packaging, containers and utensils which shows how dangerous this chemical can be for a ban to take place. BPA has evidence that it is an oestrogen like substance and is thought of as a potent reproductive toxin. To reduce BPA in your packaging why not choose vegetables and pulses that are in glass jars rather than metal tins. A big one to watch out for is tinned tomatoes…Buying tomatoes in tins maybe convenient to you when your cooking a spag bowl…but the acidity in tomatoes can actually increase the risk of BPA leaking from the lining of the tin. So be careful and try to pick alternative packaging whenever possible!
  2. Ban Cooking With Vegetable Oil – Try to stop using vegetable oils whilst cooking and use olive oil, butter, coconut oil or goosefat as an alternative. With vegetable oil it quickly oxidises when it is exposed to heat and light, this causes a production of aldehydes which is connected with increased cancer risk. It is obviously just a risk but if you can buy a different oil i would say opt for that one as it will probably have better benefits for you anyway. My personal favourite is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Although this oil has a lower smoke point than the regular Olive Oil you can still cook with it just be more careful to cook before it reaches smoking point. The reason this is my favourite oil is because the fatty acids and antioxidants it contains has some powerful health benefits…like reducing the risk of heart disease.
  3. Swap Foil For Parchment Paper During Cooking – A newer tip that i found out about recently was this one…using aluminium foil in the kitchen. Aluminium exposure can increase your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and is known for lower sperm counts and reduced male fertility. Our bodies do excrete small amounts of aluminium and the WHO (World Health Organisation) has said a daily safe intake of aluminium would be 40mg per kilogram of body weight per day. However we are already exposed to aluminium through utensils and pans but if these haven’t been damaged then the protective layer will prevent the aluminium from leaching into the food when heated. If you cook with aluminium foil it can get into the food and is a high risk of being over the safe daily intake. The risk is also increased if acidic seasoning is being used too like lemons and tomatoes. Wrapping food in parchment paper is a much safer alternative. 
  4. Get Rid Of Your Diet Books – If there is one thing i am super against it would definitely be fad diets and just diets in general…for me they are unnecessary and you can achieve your personal desired weight by a much healthier, less harmful and less restrictive approach to food. There is so much focus on what we eat but why we eat is just as important to be worthy of attention. Alot of approaches to eating are based on denial and suffering from a lack of simply just thinking. Instead of reading those diet books you might have on your shelf spend some more time in appreciation of food and think more about the nourishment of food to help make wiser choices when eating. 
  5. Keep Away From Foods Containing Artificial Sweeteners, Emulsifiers and Stabilisers – If you really want to spring clean your kitchen this is a must! Foods containing artificial sweeteners, emulsifiers and stabilisers can alter the diversity of your gut microbes and give you potentially harmful effects like inflammation and metabolic syndrome (increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, higher cholesterol etc…) They can also cause you to feel bloated, more gas, cramping and diarrhoea. This is because they can cause gastrointestinal side effects. They can also reduce your ability to absorb nutrients properly from the foods that you eat. Artificial Sweeteners also encourage sugar cravings so watch out! Fizzy drinks and soft drinks. sweets. chewing gum, some medicines and protein shakes should be where you should look out for artificial sweeteners the most. 

I hope that these 5 simple changes to your kitchen that i have just shared will have some impact on your health and wellbeing. These are just my top 5 tips for Spring Cleaning your kitchen so it is down to personal preference which ones you would want to try out…and obviously isn’t set in stone rules. It’s just simple changes to your kitchen equipment or foods that can have a big impact on your health. I would be very interested to know if anyone of you have any relevant spring cleaning your kitchen tips to share also, feel free to leave in the comments! Thank you for stopping by and i really hope this inspires you to make simple changes 🙂 



3 thoughts on “Spring Clean Your Kitchen!

  1. Love using glass jars! Most of my stuff is actually in mason jars, they’re such space savers and look so much better! We always transer things like vinegar and olive oil into glass containers too!

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