Need a Getaway/Mini Break? Try a Micro Adventure!

Evening Lovelies!

What gorgeous weather we are having at the moment in the UK summer is definitely on it’s way! I have been soaking up the suns rays today and it got me thinking about people who are lucky to be on holiday right now! That’s why i want to write this post…Everyone is in need of some ‘me time’ and a nice getaway somewhere but not everyone can book a holiday or some might have a holiday booked but still feel that they need some more escape. That’s where Micro Adventures come in!

adventure-camping-feet-6757Just a mention of the word ‘Adventure’ can spark panic mode for some people. With an adventure comes preparation, planning, training and possible failure. Sometimes it’s easier to just stay in the comfort of our own homes, gardens or parks/woodland we visit frequently and leave the adventuring to the adventurers we watch on TV. But before any of you start to float into ‘panic mode’ i’m not talking about massive adventures…this is a micro one. A fun, achievable and affordable way to bring some excitement into your life. All you need to do is plan some free time perhaps a part of the day or maybe a nice whole weekend…Whatever you feel you need! And let the adventure begin. 

Micro adventures are wonderful as it doesn’t mean you have to go scaling Mount Everest or sail around the world, you can still feel a sense of achievement by doing something abit more easy-going. I love the idea that excitement can be right outside your doorstep or much closer to your home. A micro adventure can be done in many different ways and allows you to enjoy a mini adventure. They have many benefits as they allow us to connect with our emotional side and physical side, reconnect with nature and tune in more to our surroundings. After a micro adventure you really will feel like you’ve had a break without having to leave ‘real life’ for too long. I love to plan micro adventures whenever possible because making the most of the free time you have really transforms how you view life and how you overall live it. 

Everybody knows about the struggles and busyness we face in our daily lives, we constantly hear about meditation, yoga and other ways to bring more balance into our lives and give ourselves a chance to slow down and focus on ourselves. So now more than ever we need time to rest and just switch off from all the pressure of everyday life. So instead of doing your usual and spending an evening curled up in-front of the T.V (although that is a wonderful idea to still do when you feel the need to), why not jump into your car and go somewhere totally new. I have a couple of easy adventure ideas to get you started if a micro adventure sounds like something you need. 

  • Sleep Outside adventure-camp-camping-699558.jpgTent and den-making isn’t just for children! Go camping even if it’s just in your own garden and just enjoy the sensation of sleeping somewhere different, it’s also a great way to get yourself outdoors! Maybe even go camping on a ‘work night’ and notice how in the morning when you go to work you will have a sense of enjoyment that you’ve done something different.
  • Light A Fire activity-adult-adventure-344100.jpg Make your camping night even more exciting by gathering around your own made campfire. Or perhaps just get a few family and friends together on a different night, not only will you have teamwork to build the campfire together but you can also enjoy the company of each-other by the side of a warm glow and crackling sounds. It is the perfect setting for a magical and story sharing night! 
  • Watch The Stars dark-night-person-32237.jpgWhen it starts to get dark most of us retreat to our cosy homes and don’t think about heading outside. But become adventurous and change that! Setting off when it gets dark can be quite exciting as everybody else is tucking away in their bed you could go for a small hike, grab a torch and be guided by the stars. What a wonderful way to connect with the wonders of the night and perhaps you may even be lucky enough to see a shooting star. 
  • Wake Early For A Sunrisedawn-dust-evening-5192.jpg You can enjoy the beauty of the night but why not also wake bright and early one morning to enjoy a sunrise. Pick a perfect spot ontop of a hill and get cosy with a blanket and a flask of something warming whilst you watch the early morning light break through. I can guarantee that you will feel calm and in awe of the rising morning sun, also take some time to appreciate the stillness of the world before the day begins!
  • Train Ride And A Cycle ancient-arch-arch-bridge-507410.jpgGetting more active your thing? Why not plan to take a train somewhere and then cycle back to where you started. This is a great way to get some exercise in whilst you still enjoy the scenery around you.
  • Go Fishingboat-fisherman-fishing-102730.jpg Fishing is a great way to enjoy the simpler things in life. Giving up modern life for just abit. If your up for it you could even take a camp stove and cook your own supper for that extra sense of achievement. 
  • A walkadult-beach-beautiful-1034859.jpg This probably seems like a simple title ‘a walk’ but it doesn’t have to be your normal walk. Why not plan to go on a walk and then go for a wild swim. Or why not plan to go for a walk and then get a steam train back to give your walk a touch of magic. Add anything to a walk to change it up abit!

As you can see from these ideas just a simple adventure can bring so much enjoyment and variety to your daily routine. It’s a brilliant way to reconnect to yourself and I would highly recommend to anybody who is stuck in that ‘day to day’ rut or anybody looking for a getaway but doesn’t have a whole week to spare or the money to do so. I would love to know what you all think of these ideas and if you’ve ever taken a micro adventure comment below what you did! Thank you for reading and i hope this inspires you to take an opportunity doing something different at one point this summer. 



8 thoughts on “Need a Getaway/Mini Break? Try a Micro Adventure!

  1. AHHHH MICRO ADVENTURE!! I love this! I desperately need these every once in a while! Such a good word for it. I loveee camping! Are you an outdoors person because you definitely seem like it:) I’m loving your blog!

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