Welcome Summer! Time For A Routine Change?

Afternoon Lovelies!

What a beautiful sunny weekend it’s been in the UK. It definitely marks that the start of summer is on it’s way! It’s time to start embracing the longer days and boost your well-being so you can enjoy summer this year to it’s fullest. 


The 21st of June marks the official start of Summertime. This day is when the sun will rise and set in it’s most northern point, which causes the longer hours of daylight. It’s just the beginning of June at the moment which is the perfect time to begin getting ready and prepared for the summer that’s just around the corner. The Summer Solstice is a time that is in June (the 21st = longest day of the year), the word Solstice is from Latin words of ‘sol’ (Sun) and ‘Sistere’ (To stand still.) This for me says alot…It’s the perfect time to stop and pause and reconnect with the beauty around us and focus on the powerful effect that the sun has on everything. This time of year has so many different rituals and traditions and there are lots of festivals that take place to give thanks to nature. These all traditionally evolved around farming due to eating with the seasons, but now because food production has changed to be with global demand instead of nature the connection is less noticeable…as things are available at all times of the year. However, working alongside the seasons is a perfect way to improve our own physical and emotional well-being, it’s simple and celebrates the coming and going of each new season giving us a connection to nature.

I would highly recommend this summer choosing your own ritual or tradition to celebrate nature’s gift of summer. It could be anything from a moment of gratitude each day, signing up to a local weekly seasonal fruit and veg box, relaxing with friends or family in the lighter and longer evenings, preparation in the kitchen for lighter summer meals or taking a daily walk alongside nature. Whatever you feel connects you the most to summer that you can bring into your daily life would be a great way to embrace the longer days and boost your overall well-being. 

Below are four daily changes that i will be making now summer has arrived and i think that they are very simple for everybody to try out if your interested.

  1. Eat Seasonal Foods blackberries-blueberries-fresh-442408.jpgI already mentioned this above but this is very simple to do if you know what produce is at it’s best during the summer. This time of year there is some wonderful foods available; Strawberries, Apples, Runner Beans, Raspberries, Fennel, Rhubarb, Rocket and Cucumber…the list goes on. You will notice that you get the best flavour and nutrition from your food as eating with the seasons ensures this. Organic produce is higher in nutrition so is always the better option i feel but if it’s abit too pricey that’s okay you can always shop seasonally yourself. 
  2. Drink More Water bottle-drink-glass-113734.jpg I have always loved water and drinking lots each day has never been a problem for me. The right amount for your body can really cleanse and refresh you. In the summer there is nothing better that drinking a cool, cold refreshing glass. In the winter it is natural for our water intake to lower however during the summer and the hotter weather starts kicking in we really should be hitting our minimum and more each day. If you struggle to drink water and get enough try incorporating more hydrating foods like watermelon into your diet too. Remember you don’t have to just drink it, your water intake counts from the food you eat too!
  3. Exercise Outside active-adventure-bicycle-247445.jpgIn the summer i could not be cooped up in a four walled gym for my exercise (to be honest i can’t do that anytime but especially not in the gorgeous summer weather.) An outdoor routine would be perfect during the summer months. Being outdoors is a great way to better enhance the benefits of exercise. A simple walk through the woods or a cycle through the countryside or your local park is so uplifting, will support your mental and physical health due to being in nature and is a great stress buster. I can guarantee you will love exercising in the outdoors more than inside! 
  4. Change Up Your Skincare Routine blur-body-care-161608.jpg If your changing how you eat during the summer why not put thought into your skincare routine too. We all need different products during the winter due to dryer skin etc…so toss those heavy lotions in the summer. Having a separate winter and summer skincare routine will ensure your skin is at it’s best throughout the whole year and benefiting from the products in all weathers. There are some naturally derived ethical products that are on the market that also adjust their products to suit the seasons also if your interested in skincare with the seasons. You can even take it further and keep your cosmetics lighter too. I have to admit i’m a full face coverage type of girl so don’t think i will be doing this anytime soon but if your wanting a lighter, fresh summertime look totally embrace that! 

I hope you have loved this post and it has given you some helpful ideas of welcoming summer into your life and possibly make some changes! I would love to know if any of you have other ideas that you put in place during the summer, feel free to share them in the comments below. 



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