Celebrate the 21st of June!

Morning Lovelies! 

This is a post to definitely read before Thursday this week! I wanted to write about it as it may inspire some of you to join in and celebrate it too. The longest day of the year is coming up this Thursday. It falls on the 21st of June and signals Summer Solstice (known as midsummer too.) There is so much magic on the longest day of the year as there is the most daylight that we will see all year (this year there will be 16 hours and 38 minutes of daylight!)

back-view-backlit-city-847483.jpgThere are so many celebrations that take place during the longest day. People traditionally would celebrate their inner and outer fire by dancing around an actual, Some Native American Tribes would hold ritual dances that honoured the sun and in Ancient China there were ceremony’s to celebrate the Earth, Femininity and ‘Yin’ forces. They would also celebrate the Winter Solstice that was for the Heavens, Masculinity and ‘Yang’ forces. 

In the UK we have a place called Stonehenge which is a prehistoric monument. I’ve been lucky to have been there before and it is a breathtaking sight.  ancient-cloudy-daylight-460648.jpgSome Historians say that Stonehenge is evidence that Ancient humans used Summer Solstice as a way to organise their calendars. This is because Stonehenge is a unique circle of stones that some believe was created around 2500 BCE to be able to know the date of the Summer Solstice. A couple of theories suggest that the Stonehenge builders might of used this longest day as a starting point to count the number of days in a year. There is a festival that takes place each year at Stonehenge that allows people to experience celebratory solstice and peace. If you go you will see the rising sun reach the middle of the stones and shine down on the central alter. This only happens on the longest day of the year and would be an incredible thing to watch and experience. ancient-archaeology-architecture-248218.jpgIf you don’t live close to Stonehenge to take part in this wonderful experience why not light your own candles as the sun sets in a way to honour the tradition. Or if your garden is big enough for a bonfire why not follow the tradition and celebrate it that way. It’s also the perfect day to meditate outdoors and really connect with Mother Nature. There are many ways to celebrate the light and nature and honour the sun. 

I would love to know if any of you celebrate Summer Solstice please leave a comment down below if you do and what you do each year! I love traditions and days like this because it allows us to reconnect with nature, celebrate and have gratitude, remember important parts of the past and present and step out of our modern day lives and reconnect with simplicity again. 






5 thoughts on “Celebrate the 21st of June!

  1. Thanks so much for the follow! Looking forward to reading more of your posts:)
    I had NO idea that this Thursday was going to be this eventful! That is so cool! Cannot believe you have been to Stonehenge! I would love to go there someday! You actually live near it? 💕

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    1. Your so welcome your blog is wonderful and worth a follow! Haha yes pretty eventful! I hope you had a lovely long day and the weather was gorgeous where you were! Yes I do live close to it just over an hour’s drive away…very lucky XO

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