Make-Up And It’s Powers!

Hiya Lovelies!

This post I have written this week is slightly different to my usual ones. It’s more about me writing my opinion and own personal view. I feel very passionate about this topic! The power of Make-Up. I think alot of you will be able to relate to this post and I would love you to comment your thoughts on it or even your views too. So grab yourself a cuppa and I hope you will enjoy the (long) read! 


I remember the exact moment i started to fall in love with makeup, I was probably about 7 and putting make-up on my dolls head toy (you know the one where she’s just a head and you style her hair and put her makeup on…pretty sure most girls owned one of those!) So since i was young i have loved make-up. I always loved the glitter and sparkle of it all, my love for make-up just grew massively from then on. But when your young you just see make-up as alot of fun, it’s not until your older that you start to realise and notice the massive impact it can have on your confidence and sense of wellbeing.

My regular readers will know that i’m a full coverage type of girl when it comes to makeup. For me it’s like all or nothing haha. It’s just a personal preference, i really don’t think there is a right or wrong way to do it, whatever you feel suits you the best or you want to do go for it…after all it is your life and your face! But each morning as I have put my make-up on I have noticed the benefits i feel whilst wearing make-up. Make-up isn’t really a modern thing it goes way way back, even in the long past we have found ways to paint our bodies for identity, attraction or culturally belonging.

It isn’t rocket science to know that the make-up industry has boomed into a multi-billion one. Make-up and ‘beautifying’ yourself is almost everywhere you look… in shops, on billboards and in adverts. You hear lots of people’s opinions about it, from people who really embrace the power of make-up (like me), to people who suggest that it only feeds our insecurities and makes us feel low about our ‘real’ selves. And that’s exactly why i wanted to write this post. Not to say that if you have a different opinion it’s wrong and i’m right but to just share my own belief about it and share why I think using cosmetics can really help build inner confidence. I can see why some people would feel the opposite way from how I do but, as a girl who wears alot of make-up and has done since the age of 14 here’s my thoughts on it. 

adult-attractive-beautiful-457701Make-up for alot of people is considered a vital step in our morning routines…I know it is in mine, it’s just as vital for my daily look as is putting on my clothes (haha.) This obviously doesn’t apply to all women but, there have been studies to show that women feel less positive and less confident than normal if they aren’t wearing make-up and alot of women say that wearing make-up gives them inner strength so they prefer to wear it rather than not. I’m sure you have come across people who say that people wear make-up to impress men or other women and there is alot of negative views on why we choose to ‘apparently’ wear make-up. Although i can only speak for myself here, there have been a number of studies and surveys done that backs up how i feel about this. Alot of women whether they are single, married, young or older say they wear make-up as they feel it’s a part of who they are. And i totally agree! Personally i don’t wear it to impress anyone else or compete with anyone else…I do it for me and I know alot of others feel the same! So in a simple sentence…We buy into make-up not because we feel insecure but because it makes us feel good!! And if something that isn’t harming our bodies makes us feel good and we can wipe it off at the end of each day then whose to say it’s wrong or damaging for us? 

I’m sure many other make-up lovers who are out there reading this can agree with me on this…We can absolutely can see the bigger picture of the whole ‘make-up debate.’ The positive effects that a great make-up transformation can have on someone is incredible. Alot of women can lose their confidence what with everything that social media throws at us, the natural ageing process or even some testing life experiences that life throws at us. I’ve heard some incredible and powerful stories of different women who use their make-up as ‘war paint’ ready to face the world once more, giving them the strength they need to move forward. Sometimes make-up really can have powers that allow somebody to feel like themselves again or just feel stronger mentally. I really do strongly believe that make-up is more than just ‘covering up’ and hiding yourself or slapping some stuff on your face. Like others probably have too, I have had bad days made better knowing that with all the things life can throw at me at least I have continued to feel empowered with my best made-up face on. 

To sum this super long post up, Make-up to me is many things. It is fun, creative and can give you an incredible transformation. But it isn’t just visually pleasing and really can offer support and armoury to those who feel they need it. Make-up is part of our emotional identity and can give you the inner confidence you need to find strength in yourself once again. It has allowed me to grow into a more confident and stronger person despite people saying make-up can make you unhappy with your natural self. So I guess my words to spread to you is if you are a make-up lover then you should just do you and i really hope this post has given you at least some inspiration to do that! Stop listening to the negative opinions and comments about make-up (as believe me i’ve received a fair few so i know what can be said if you enjoy wearing alot of make-up) and start listening to YOURSELF. If you feel that make-up can empower you to get you through things then noone should ever tell you that it shouldn’t be used or enjoyed to how you like.

You’ve probably heard this before but i wanted to leave you with a simple yet powerful and so true quote…”You Only Live Once, So Don’t Care About What People Think About You. Live The Life You Want To Live.”



A Last Little Note – I don’t want anyone to take this post the wrong way. I am not trying to push my view on others just sharing how i feel to people who are interested in reading my opinion on this. You are beautiful if you don’t wear make-up and if you wear lots of make-up…there is no right or wrong way to look. Do You! XOXO “You’re just as beautiful without makeup as you are with it.” 

“Makeup is not a tool meant to make an ugly thing beautiful , it is meant only to magnify the beauty that already exists.” (Who decides what is apparently ‘ugly’? Never think your ugly because you decide to wear make-up.)

“I believe that all women are pretty without makeup, and can be pretty powerful with makeup.”lipstick-2543256_1920.jpg

12 thoughts on “Make-Up And It’s Powers!

  1. I agree with you makeup is many things to me! I can be creative & express myself & I can also feel empowered. During the week I normally do not wear makeup or if I do I just wear some powder since I drop off/pick up my daughter at daycare then stay at home working on my course. On the weekends I go full out though & I love it!

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  2. I completely agree that makeup transforms people and can give them the confidence to go out and face the day. I wear some form of makeup everyday, even if it is just mascara, blush and eyebrows. I don’t even deliverate about it, I just put it on! I’m not a very creative person otherwise, but I feel makeup brings out that out in me. Great post!

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    1. I am so happy to hear you agree aswell! It’s great you feel makeup brings out your creative side too! Thank you for reading it means so much to me honestly and for sending through a comment! Have a wonderful evening! XO


  3. Lovely post and well worded. I definitely agree, I sometimes wear no make up or make up and I think you can feel more confident in yourself and feel more ready for the day. I think it is like putting on a favourite outfit, you feel more confident and happy but not to say I am not happy without make up but I wear what I am comfortable with depending on the day and that can be make up or no make up. And I 100% agree that I wear make up for myself and not to impress other people. Lovely post, thanks for sharing. xx
    Also I had one of those doll head to put make on and do their hair- it was great haha 😂

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    1. Thank you very much, i tried to word it as best as possible. Thank you for reading it means alot! I am so glad to hear you agree too 🙂 I totally agree with you on that point about it’s like putting on a favourite outfit! haha i knew i wasn’t the only one 😉 XO Have a wonderful day!

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  4. I love this post and agree! When I had really bad acne, makeup was a type of armour and made me feel like I could go about my day without having to worry about my skin. Even now, it’s nice to know that however tired I am, I can always put on concealer and look refreshed. I associate makeup now with part of my morning routine. It makes me feel like I’m dressed up and ready. Thank you for sharing!! 🙂

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    1. It’s so lovely to hear you agree and love the post aswell! Thank you 🙂 That’s brilliant it helped you out like that! Thanks for sharing…I totally agree with looking refreshed hehe I have the exact same feelings! Yes ready for whatever the day brings!! XO

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  5. Love this post! I definitely agree with you. I’ve always felt that makeup is a fun way to express how you feel. Plus, it does boost your confidence when you’re feeling and looking your best. 💛

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