Morning Lovelies!!

It’s July Glossybox time and it is a real treat! It is a box that is right up my street with it’s theme being Under The Sea. What a perfect time to have this theme during the summer. This box has been filled with all of your beach essentials with a sixth extra gift!



Before we delve into the box contents more i just wanted to say how beautiful the box packaging itself was. This box design is absolutely gorgeous! Its a glossy feel box with a beautiful water scene. There is a foil mermaid tail on one side of the box and foil fishes all over it. This is my favourite Glossybox design that has been produced so far! P7150323.JPG

Loving this quote! XO


INUWET Cheek Shell Brush – How could Glossybox put a beach/sea theme together without including a shell design! This is a unique shell brush that you can use for precision bronzing, highlighting and contouring. It costs £13.20 usually and is by a Korean brand called INUWET. I love the mermaid colour of deep green which is super shiny so will not get lost in your makeup case! The bristles are a light blue shade and are short and super soft! I wouldn’t personally use this as a contour or bronzer brush as i think it may apply too harsh however, this would make a lovely highlighting brush before blending out i think. Cant wait to try it out as it is the cutest makeup brush i have ever seen! P7150354.JPG

ESSENCE I Love Extreme Volume Mascara Waterproof – When you’re by the sea you need a waterproof mascara to avoid panda eyes. So it’s nice to see a waterproof mascara included. It is a cheap mascara that retails for £2.80 and you get 12ml. I wouldn’t of personally picked this brand of mascara if i was choosing however i do love exploring different mascaras and seeing their results, as some cheap ones can be better than expensive ones! I am thrilled it is in Jet black as i only ever use black mascara and being smudge proof is a plus. I was mega surprised at the thickness of the mascara wand. I love big voluminous wands and this was big! I can imagine this would give great volume and length to lashes. This could be a budget mascara to look out for if you love the falsies look! P7150348.JPGp7150347.jpg


DERMALOGICA Special Cleansing Gel – I love the brand Dermalogica. This is a deluxe mini which is 50ml worth £11.50. The full size is 500ml for £49.50. This cleansing gel is infused with lavender and mint extracts. It claims to remove toxins and restores the skins moisture balance. It is cruelty free which is a bonus and is vegan too. I can’t wait to try this as i think it will refresh my facial skin and smell wonderful. P7150351.JPG

REGENERATE Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste – We received a deluxe mini of this product which is 14ml and would be £2.50 a full 75ml retails at £10. I haven’t come across this brand before and am quite excited to try this out. It’s a unique toothpaste that regenerates enamel and can reverse the early erosion process. It contains enamel minerals that wrap around and protect your teeth. It includes some ground breaking NR-5 technology. This toothpaste seems very modern and full of science. I am excited to see if this really lives up to what it claims.P7150352.JPG


SENHOR DO BONFIM Sea Water Hair Spray – I have not come across this brand before but i am so pleased a sea salt spray was included, as these can style your hair into gorgeous beachy waves. This product will really help your hair turn to mermaid waves. This is a full size 50ml for £16. I love the bottle packaging very pretty and the shell design on it is gorgeous. It’s a great heat free alternative if you love curling your hair. I was after a sea salt spray for my hair as i love the beach waves tousled look during the summer season and this is a perfect brand to try out. P7150349.JPG

Extra Treat – This is an SPF 30 sun lotion sachet by Hawaiian Tropic. I am quite surpsied by this one as at first glance i thought it was just a sun lotion but it actually protects your skin from pollution aswell! Its a ‘duo defence.’ The full size of this Hawaiian Tropic Duo Defence Sun Lotion SPF 30 is £14.99. A pretty decent price for what this can protect you from! I wouldn’t necessarily class this as a sixth product but it is an extra sample treat. P7150353.JPG

Overall, this July Glossybox was full of products that i would definitely use. The theme for the water and beach was a lovely little touch and i loved the unique items inside. The toothpaste, sea salt spray and shell brush were in my top 3 favourites. I would love to know if you received this months box, if your products varied or your opinions on this box. Please leave a comment as i always read and respond to them. 



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