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A really exciting subscription box post for this week! My third Moi-Meme box has arrived this week. If you missed my first ever Moi-Meme box review you can find it right here. If your new to Moi-Meme the post has all the details that you will want to know about this subscription box. In a simple summary though this box is a quarterly box that contains a range of lifestyle, beauty, fashion and well-being products that are based around a different theme each month. All of my Moi-Meme reviews will be up January, April, July and October. Not many people know about this Moi-Meme Subscription box but it is definitely one to spread the word about and check out! And unlike other subscription boxes you can usually swap your item that was chosen for you with another one of their selection if you prefer the other item in the range. So you always know you will love all the items in your box as you can always switch them if unhappy. But Moi-Meme usually get it spot on for your personal preferences.

P7210494.JPGSummer 2018 theme is Tropical. This Tropical Box edition has been filled with lots of goodies that will ‘bring a taste of the Tropics to your home this summer.’ So let’s delve straight in and see what incredible products have been chosen. 


ELIZABETH SCARLETT JUNGLE LEAF ROSE POUCH (£20) P7210472.JPGWhat a perfect item to start this box off. All of the items were carefully tissue paper wrapped individually inside this beautiful pouch, so this was the first item I saw when opening. This Jungle Leaf bag that has been chosen for me immediately gives me the tropical vibes. Elizabeth Scarlett is a global fashion accessories and homeware brand that is stocked in many best retail stores. The pouch range is stunning. The quality of this pouch is the finest for sure. It’s made with 100% Cotton Linen. It has the loveliest design embroidery on it. There was a selection in her range but my favourite was definitely the Jungle Leaves that was picked out for me. The pouch shade itself is in a gorgeous light rose and some of the jungle leaves have gold thread in them which shows the brand thought about all the little details! It retails for £20 and is a perfect bag to take all your holiday essentials along with you. 

WEATHERED PENNY ELPIS NECKLACE IN STERLING SILVER (£23) P7210475.JPGThis tropical leaf necklace would look so pretty paired with a stunning sundress. It either comes in 18k gold plated steel or sterling silver. I only really wear silver or rose gold so I am so pleased to of received the silver one. I can totally see why this necklace has been chosen for the box but honestly i wouldn’t wear this pattern on my neck so I wouldn’t of personally chosen this. However that’s what all subscription boxes are about having a surprise and trying new things out! So despite that I am happy with it. The necklace is a brilliant quality and retails for a decent £23. I haven’t come across the brand before but it is a London based Jewellery Brand. They pride their range on ‘minimal design at a minimal cost.’ This brand can be found in a flagship store at Topshop Oxford Street! That’s pretty amazing! 

ISLA APOTHECARY LEMONGRASS & ROSEMARY RENEW FOOT SCRUB 200G (£21)P7210477.JPG I am thrilled to of received a foot scrub. I always take time each week to have a foot pamper session as I feel it’s so important for that area of self. I was running low on my usual foot scrub so I am over the moon with this one! You either got given the foot scrub product or Coffee & Cinnamon Body Polish 200g (£23). I would of chosen the foot scrub for myself so extra happy! This foot scrub is a handcrafted, all natural, vegan and cruelty free one. It has such a tropical and refreshing scent to it, it smells incredibly luxurious. Lemongrass is known for it’s deodorising benefits and Rosemary is very soothing. The exfoliation crystals in this is Ground Pumice and Epsom Salts which exfoliate hard skin on the feet very well. And the Baobab and Sweet Almond Oils in this soften up dried out areas. P7210478.JPG I have heard of Isla Apothecary before and think that their brand is wonderful. They use organic, natural ingredients with an aromatherapy experience. Kate Protopapas is the creator of each product and weekly she creates small batches with her team. I love this idea and you can tell that the product has been made with so much love and effort. From the luxurious packaging to the product itself everything is wonderful! 

EVOLVE ORGANIC BEAUTY MIRACLE MASK 60ML (£22)P7210483.JPGThis product is a brand new launch from the Evolve brand. This is the Miracle Mask and I am so excited to try this out! It is an AHA fruit mask that has been blended with 100% natural fruit acids. AHA’s Natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids exfoliate the skin gently and bind water into the skin which leaves is looking radiant, plumped and left feeling smooth. The mask smells too delicious, so so fruity…Good enough to eat! Although please don’t haha. It is a rich orange colour and has a lovely smooth consistency. The ingredients for this are from organic farming and all of them seem to be very beneficial. It contains Glycolic Acid from the Sugar Cane, Lactic, Malic, Tartaric and Citric Acids from Bilberry, Lemon, Sugar Maple and Orange. This mask is good for all skin types and is made right here in England. It retails at £22 for a 60ml pot. P7210484.JPGIf your interested in the brand Evolve Organic Beauty has stockists around the globe. The brand has had a growth in press coverage and despite the growth in the brand the founder Laura Rudoe still makes her beauty products by hand at her Hertfordshire small studio. There is something special about handmade products as it feels like more passion and care and love has gone into the making of it. 

NIKKI STRANGE A5 WELLNESS PLANNER (£7) P7210481.JPGThis is right up my street…I am all about organisation. I love things whirring in my mind to be jotted down on paper so I can focus on other bits and bobs. So you can imagine I was glad this was included. This Wellness planner has 50 tear off pages, is made from Eco 100% recycled paper and it’s print is made from vegetable oil ink, very Eco-friendly. It’s the perfect way to stay organised this summer. The tropical design to the pages fit perfectly into Moi-Meme’s box theme. I love that this planner isn’t dated so you can fill it out at your own pace and whenever you would like. It’s a brilliant way to make sure your putting yourself first and scheduling doing things you love to do. It has a space for; Things To Do This Week, Reflective Mood, Don’t Forget, Things To Do That Make Me Happy, Personal Goals/Me Time and This Week’s Mantra Sections. It is only £7 and Nikki Strange has her range in UK and international independent shops. She has also collaborated with Le Bon Marche, Fenwicks, Topshop, Marks and Spencer and Selfridges. This is a massive growth in brand as Nikki has been a freelance print designer for several years but set off to start her own label and business. She started off her business in a garden shed in Hampshire listing some designs on Etsy to make abit of money over one Christmas! 

EXTRA GIFT – Initial Pocket Mirror (£7)P7210479.JPG Boxes from Moi-Meme contain 5 items but usually Moi-Meme will be generous and thoughtful and give an extra little treat in each one. This month we got a Pocket Mirror that was designed by them with the help of Emerald Ivy Studios. The Tropical leaf on the mirror is the perfect way to finish off the box and adding our Initial to it is a lovely personalised touch. This retails for £7. and will be the perfect extra accessory for my bag when I go out this Summer. Thank you!!

Overall, this Tropical Box theme was perfect for summer. All the items chosen were perfect for this theme and again Moi-Meme got it spot on. I couldn’t really pick a favourite item this time as I actually loved all of them. But if I had to choose it would have to be the Pouch bag, Foot Scrub and Face Mask. Moi-Meme is so worth the money and the fantastic range of items you get is incredible. The box cost me £49.95 but the whole total of contents added up to £100 exactly!! I would definitely recommend you to go check their website out if you loved these items just as much as i did!!! I would love to hear down in the comments if any of you have come across this subscription box before and your thoughts on it…or perhaps you are already a Moi-Meme subscriber I would love to know your thoughts on the box.  Thank you to everyone who reads my blog each week it means so much to me! Have a wonderful rest of your day! 








  1. Oohh I do love a subscription box and this one looks so good! I will definitely be checking it out as I had never heard of them before!

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