Improve your skin with 9 simple ways

Hello lovelies!

Hope you are all enjoying the beginning of September! This week I wanted to write a post about improving your skin. As summer is close to ending and we will be welcoming Autumn soon, it’s the perfect time to look after your skin during season changes. Here are my 9 ways to improve your skin! In this post I won’t be recommending products but I will be giving some handy tips that I think are essential in skincare. bath-beauty-cucumber-3192.jpg

  1. Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse – Cleansing is such an important step to begin looking after your skin. Removing your day’s make-up is a MUST, it is crucial for letting skin recover and unblocking your pores. Cleansing also helps to remove the day’s pollution too! When you leave your make-up on over night it is one of the biggest ageing causes as it affects your skin’s tissue. We need to cleanse before we sleep so we can get oxygen to our skin at night. To get that super clean finish first cleanse with a cream cleanser then use a water-based cleanser. 
  2. Add a Toner – Using a toner in your skincare routine after you cleanse your skin can really improve the overall look. A good toner can tighten pores, give you bright and nourished looking skin and also removes oil and make-up by deep cleaning your skin. But ensure that you do your research before just picking up any toner. Alcohol based toners give off a refreshing tingly, fresh feeling after you tone but this can cause irritation to some people’s skin. Try looking out for more natural ingredients in a toner’s formula instead to avoid irritation. 
  3. Moisturise Always –  Your skin will massively thank you later on for taking the time out of your day to moisturise it. I have a day moisturiser and a separate night time one. For your day moisturiser look for one that contains SPF, I personally love SPF 50 ones as more protection from the sun the better. If you have specific skincare issues that you want to tackle (for example; fine lines, acne, wrinkles, dry skin…) then invest in a moisturiser that is designed to tackle these issues. Do your research on what ingredients you want included…The ones where your skin will benefit from more and which ingredients are nasties and not needed. Really take your time to study this as you are putting it directly onto your skin each-day! For your overnight moisturiser find one that increases collagen production. This will ensure that you wake up with firmer and plumper skin! 
  4. Include a Facial Oil – Many people would step far away from a facial oil as they think the outcome will be greasy looking or cause break outs. But before you shy away from them know that there is nothing to fear. Facial oils don’t penetrate skin like moisturisers do but they do protect your skin, can help to even out your skin tone and can reduce scarring and pigmentation. You should think of a facial oil as the seal for your moisturiser that keeps all the moisture locked in!
  5. Invest in that eye cream! – I love a good eye cream and whilst it’s not a necessary step in most people’s skincare routine I do think it is important. I know you don’t necessarily need a cream that is specifically for your eyes only as a moisturiser people argue you can use for your eye area too aswell as the rest of your face. But I do love a cream specifically designed for the eye area. Our eye area is the most delicate skin on our face and it is one of the first areas you’ll notice misbehaving first if you’ve had a bad nights sleep, or been more laid back with your healthy eating. Pesky dark areas under your eyes or under-eye bags will start appearing. A soothing eye cream will refresh, re-enegerise and firm the eye area so it stays looking bright, awake and fresh.  
  6. Try a Facial Massager – Taking time out of your day to give yourself a relaxing facial massage may also be an important step to improving your skins condition. Facial massagers can improve your circulation, tone your skin and reduce puffiness by eliminating toxins and promoting lymphatic drainage. It is also very relaxing and calming running the cool stone over your skin. So it’s a pamper session too! 
  7. Face Mask Pamper Session – Oooo I love a good face mask. Using a face mask is a real luxury treat, never a step to be rushed in a skincare pamper session! They make even the simplest of skincare routines feel more spa-like and luxurious. There are so many face masks on the market and again like your moisturiser look out for the ones with beneficial ingredients. Face masks can cater to your skin’s every need…For example; clay muds, exfoliating creams, toxin-clearing charcoal, moisturising/hydrating sheet masks etc…Choose face masks based on what your personal skincare needs maybe to get the most out of a face mask pamper session. It can also be another relaxing moment if you light your candles, run a bath and make your face mask a weekly ritual. 
  8. Stay Hydrated – You’ve probably heard it alot but consuming plenty of water is an easy way to improve your skin. Keeping hydrated has a huge impact on our complexions. Drinking Green Tea is great too as it has anti-inflammatory properties so if you find your skin suffers from blotchy or red areas this may help you. I have found that a good water-intake gives your skin a more radiant plumper glow and helps flush out toxins. 
  9. Ensure Enough Beauty Sleep – Beauty sleep is a real thing!!! Ensuring that you get about 7-8 hours of sleep each night is another easy way to improve your skin’s condition. There has been lots of research and studies done showing that poor sleepers have a higher chance of developing pigmentation, fine lines and having less elastin in then skin. Setting yourself a calming night-time routine is a great way to settle down peacefully into sleep, ready to wake up refreshed in the morning. My night-time routine consists of…Lighting a few candles for a serene atmosphere, some light reading before bed and a NO SCREENS in the bedroom rule, drinking a mug of Chamomile Tea, taking a couple drops of Bach Rescue Sleep Drops and putting some sleep balm on my wrists before snuggling down in the covers and sleeping. 

wellness-589770_1920.jpgI hope you found some of these ways to improve your skin helpful. They are 9 ways that I personally really feel work to keep your skin in tip top condition. If you have any other suggestions for how you keep your skin in lovely condition then feel free to share with me and everyone below in the comments! Thank you again for taking the time out of your day to read this and have a lovely rest of your day whatever you may be doing!



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    1. Thank you lovely! Yes definitely 🙂 but i’ll admit even my skincare slacks from time to time! We are only human after all and sometimes other priorities comes first but if you can make time for skincare it’s great! XO


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