Evening Lovelies,

Before I begin with the regular monthly Glossybox Review, I just wanted to say a little sorry for not uploading a post last Sunday. If you follow my Twitter you will know that we have welcomed a new member to our family, this little girl is called Minnie and she is a beautiful and adorable Chorkie. So as you can probably imagine we have had our whole focus on her making sure she settles in well, so didn’t have much time for blogging. But i’m back this week! 

This September Glossybox has 6 products that will help to organise and prep us all for the start of the new ‘beauty’ school year. Glossybox have gathered perfect handbag essentials for a quick fix before rushing out the door!P9160850.JPG



BeautyPro Detoxifying Bubbling Mask With Activated Charcoal – I love trying out new face masks and always happy to see Glossybox provide me with more. This is an award-winning sheet mask that retails for £4.95. It has activated charcoal inside which helps with blemish prone skin. It also includes extracts of Lime, Apple, Lemon, Grapefruit and Orange! It claims to refine pores, reduce oil and is just overall a wonderful detox for your face. Can’t wait to try this out! P9160853.JPG

Wet Ones Be Fresh Antibacterial Wipes – This isn’t the most exciting product to find in a surprise box however they are extremely useful to include. I’ve used these wipes before to kill 99.9% of bacteria, They are handy to pop into your bag when on the go and very compact and thin so don’t take up much space. They have a pH balance so are suitable for hand and body use and for children too. A pack retails for £1.19.P9160857.JPG


Bang Beauty Eyebrow Cream – This eyebrow cream is definitely one to try for me. I haven’t ever used one before and my go to eyebrow product is an eyebrow pencil so it would be nice to try out. The shade they have given is pretty spot on a nice warm toned brown. This eyebrow cream retails for £16.80 and yes we have generously been given the full size product! It has a velvety consistency that is smooth to apply. It comes with an angled makeup brush also if you want to use. Not sure if I will be any good at using eyebrow cream but i’ll definitely be giving it a good go! After all #eyebrowgoals are what everyone is after right?P9160859.JPG

Karl Lagerfeld + ModelCo Lip Liner Rosewood – Oh wow, what a beautiful shade this lip liner is. I absolutely love it! I love a good lip liner and this one is a lovely one. It costs £25 and again we got given a full size. It is a wax pencil that when applied creates the perfect pout and and illusion of fuller lips…basically what any good lip liner does. It has a lovely creamy formula and is a beautiful pinky mauve shade. Cannot wait to find a lipstick to pair nicely with it. P9160858.JPG

Wild Garden Pure & Fabulous Body Mist – I love when Glossybox include a fragrance as they always get fragrance choices spot on for scent I find. This is a gorgeous smelling body mist that has notes of water-lily, pear and amber. It mists evenly and smells divine. It reminds me of a Spring/Summer scent so whenever in need of refreshing my Autumn to a more floral summery scent, I will be sure to give this one a spritz. This body mist retails for £14.85.P9160856.JPG


Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox – I love a good scalp TLC session as it can be an area of ourselves that we neglect more than others. I have actually tried this out before and overall loved this product, but if i’m giving my honest opinion (which I always do), I find that this leaves the little exfoliating balls in your hair…so you really have to keep washing it well to get them out! From my experience before in the past it exfoliates the scalp very well and really detoxifies it. It has pomegranate enzymes and natural castor oil beads and these remove any impurities that block your roots. It should be used as a pre-wash treatment and is Vegan friendly and most importantly Cruelty-Free. We received the deluxe mini bottle that is 50ml for £7.37 and the Full size one is 190ml for £28. P9160854.JPG

Overall, I loved this September box. My favourite items were the Lip-liner and Body mist. It’s so lovely to see a good variety of products included in this Glossybox and I cannot wait for the October boxes to be released! This one came to £70.16 in total. Did any of you receive this box too? If so what products did you like the most from it? Let me know down below and thank you all for reading! Take Care xx





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