Hello Autumn! Reasons I Love This Season

Evening Lovelies,autumn-colorful-colourful-33109.jpgIt’s officially the first day of Autumn! So it would only be right to write a post relevant to the season change (and it may help you get in the Autumn spirit if you are not feeling it just yet.) Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year and there are so many reasons why I love it so this post I’m going to list some of the main reasons Autumn is a wonderful and magical time of the year for me. 

  1. The Leaves and Autumnal Colours autumn-autumn-colours-autumn-leaves-355302.jpgWhen I think of Autumn I picture gorgeous trees ablaze with all sorts of woody/earthy colours. Leaves in the Autumn are one of my favourite things. I love the way that they turn many different shades of Red, Orange and Yellow and the glorious crunch they make underfoot. Leaves are a display of beauty in the Autumn season, they are lovely on the trees, scattered on the ground and even when they are raked into a pile (ready to be jumped into.) Leaves in the Autumn are magnificent. 
  2. Fall Events/Gatherings agriculture-autumn-farm-164158.jpgThis time of year is a lovely time to start wrapping up and venturing out to any Autumn themed events near you. I love Autumnal festivals/events at this time of the year. The music, the hearty comfort food, Autumn themed activities and the candlelit lights/pumpkin decorations… If you attend one you will know how lovely and exciting the atmosphere is when everyone is gathered enjoying Autumn together, Harvest festivals are particularly my favourite. 
  3. Autumn Clothes adult-beautiful-christmas-254123.jpgThe start of Autumn marks the start of wearing comfy worn in boots! I love Autumn clothing and oversized comfy sweaters are on the top of my list! Autumn/Winter clothing are by far my favourite style. Chunky scarfs, Big cosy sweaters/Jumpers, Cable-Knit, Boots…It’s hard to beat all of that in my opinion!
  4. Hot Drinks autumn-autumn-leaf-autumn-leaves-239584.jpgThe Autumn weather makes it a perfect time to get your favourite mug out and pour yourself a soothing hot drink. My favourites are of course hot tea but in the Autumn I love warm spiced apple punch…YUM! Nothing beats an evening cosied up by a crackling fire, with a hot drink, scented candles burning and having a good long read of a book you can get totally lost in. 
  5. Autumn Scented Candles autumn-autumn-decoration-bright-207102.jpg Using scented candles in your home really gives your safe space an Autumnal feel. A delicious scented candle with fragrant notes that compliment the Fall season really gives your home the perfect atmosphere for the season. Pumpkin, Gingerbread, Amber, Fig & Blackberry…are some amazing scents to give you the Autumn feels.  
  6. Autumn Activities art-autumn-colorful-33577.jpgAutumn is packed full of wonderful activites. Pumpkin carving, Long walks through crisp and crunchy leaves, Apple picking, Hayrides, Collect Autumn objects like conkers/leaves and make own centre pieces or put inside vases for decorations, Visit a pumpkin farm, Bake an Autumnal treat (caramel apples or Apple pies or Soups etc…), Host a bonfire night, Get lost in a corn-maze, Decorate home with seasonal touches…there are endless activities to enjoy in the Autumn! 
  7. The Weather autumn-branch-bright-589816.jpgAutumn weather is a breath of fresh air, it is so crisp and has a slight chill…after the summer weather it really is refreshing. I love opening up the windows and letting the Autumn breeze wash into the house, it’s great to get fresh air in. The foggy mornings in the Autumn are so peaceful and the rainy days are a perfect excuse to stay in for a cosy spot of reading under the blankets. Autumn weather feels amazing on your face when your all wrapped up but have that cold nose feeling and then walking into a warm home is the best feeling after a long cold walk. So try not to moan about the cold weather and go and just enjoy it while it lasts! 
  8. Christmas is coming beverage-blur-candy-260485.jpgChristmas stuff starts popping up around this time of the year. And while I know alot of people think when it comes into the stores or adverts on TV it is far too early…I would like to politely disagree. I love Christmas it is my favourite occassion of the year, so I am more than happy to see the shops starting to fill with christmas goodies and decorations. I bring out the Christmas songs when the Autumn season is nearing to an end. It’s the perfect time to fill some Christmas cheer into the world. Autumn for me is a sign that Christmas isn’t too far away and of course I am super excited about that!!

Thank you for reading 8 reasons why I love the Autumn Season and I would love to hear any reasons that you can relate too or maybe you have other reasons why you love this time of year…Do feel free to share below in the comments. I hope you all enjoy the Autumn Season and try and do at least one Autumnal activity. I can guarantee it will instantly fill you with some Autumn spirit. autumn-autumn-colors-autumn-colours-1389460.jpg





18 thoughts on “Hello Autumn! Reasons I Love This Season

  1. I completely agree–fall is one of the best times of the year! Everything about fall is just wonderful, the chillier weather, cozy clothes, brisk air, the hot beverages, cute decorations, everything smells AMAZING, and the anticipation of Christmas!! I’m definitely one of those people who doesn’t mind the decorations coming out early, in fact, I love it. Christmas goes by too fast anyway so it’s nice to start getting excited for it. ❤

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