Jelly Foot Soak – GelSpa Just For Feet Review

Hello Lovelies,

This week I’m back with a product review. I’ve recently tried out a product that is super worthy of having a review on my blog so I’ve got to share my experience with using this as it’s one of my favourite relaxing products I’ve ever tried out. The product i’m reviewing as you can tell from the title is GelSpa’s Just For Feet – Jelly Foot Soak. 

If you are a weekly reader of my blog you will probably already know that I love taking time to pamper my feet and to show them some much needed weekly love and care (after all, they do carry us everyday and they can be an area that we easily forget about during pampering.) I usually use my foot spa weekly but this week I thought I would change up my foot pampering session and try out a new product.


I have never used a Jelly based product before for anything to do with bodycare so I was super intrigued to try this out. I received this Jelly foot soak in one of my past Glossybox’s but because this is a unique product I thought I would review this one. GelSpa have a selection of 3 fragrant soaks to choose from and they retail for £9.99 for a pack containing three packets inside. The range to choose from are;

  1. Refresh – Tea Tree and Grapefruit
  2. Soothe – Lavender and Lemongrass
  3. Cool – Peppermint and Menthol 

I tried out their Soothe foot soak. This one smelt divine, a combination of Lavender and Lemongrass made the whole experience smell and feel like a luxury spa session. There are many benefits to the soothe foot soak – It soothes aching and tired feet, Reduces foot odour, Help’s with athletes foot and Combats any fungal issues. This is also a natural Eczema treatment, Safe for diabetics and also Vegan Friendly. 

P9220962.JPGThe overall experience of this was incredible! A Jelly based product is a very unique idea and was actually surprisingly super relaxing. It’s a hard sensation to describe perfectly and give it the credit it deserves but in easier words it felt wonderfully soothing, refreshing, calming and fully relaxing. My whole legs were feeling the benefits of this foot soak because my feet were so relaxed that my whole legs were feeling relaxed too. It was an amazing 30 minutes of soothing me time. There is no time limit for this product and to be honest I could of enjoyed this soak for hours! But I felt 30 minutes was a perfect time to feel relaxed and get the most out of the soak. My feet got a pampering session that they really deserved! After I took my feet out they felt very soft which is a bonus. I couldn’t tell you if it really helps athlete’s foot, foot odour or fungal issues as i don’t suffer from those myself but I will be buying this product again just solely for the sensation of the jelly and how relaxing that was!


P9220979.JPGThe Foot Soak has two sachet packets. One is a Jelly former Crystal Pack and the other is a Jelly Dissolver Pack. When you buy this it will come with an instruction leaflet but briefly to actually turn the water into jelly. You fill up a bowl with warm water and then pour the Step 1 sachet packet into the water. You use your hands to swirl the water around and mix, this will create a smooth and rich gel (which is your jelly.) The Foot Soak mixture itself contains thousands of moisturising gel beads that gently massage all the areas of your feet. The beads aren’t micro-beads so is thankfully environmentally safe. They also contain no preservatives or parabens and are non-irritant too.P9220967.JPG When you’ve relaxed and finished with your session you then pour the Step 2 packet into the mixture and again swirl around but with your feet to turn the Jelly back into water. It’s that simple but works like MAGIC! It’s not only relaxing but also very fun and entertaining too!P9220970.JPGThe only con to this if i’m being totally honest is that it doesn’t dissolve every single gel bead. So you may still be left with a couple on your feet. But for me this wasn’t a problem because all you need to do is give them a quick rinse to ensure it’s all off. Simple and problem solved. 

As you can tell from this review I absolutely loved my Jelly Foot Soak experience. The uniqueness of the Jelly made it such a fun experience aswell as being one of the most soothing and relaxing foot soaks I have ever tried out in my life! I would highly recommend to everybody because I think you will all love this! If you are pregnant though it isn’t suitable for use (just a little note.) If you have used a product from GelSpa’s range I would love to know what your opinion and thoughts were on it too. I think I will be also trying out in the future their Exfoliating Jelly Bath Soak to give my whole body that relaxing feeling with Jelly, and for sure I will be using this Foot Soak as a regular in my pampering sessions.










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