10 Immune Boosting Tips For The Cold and Flu Season

Afternoon Lovelies,

When Autumn has arrived and Winter is getting closer many of us will experience symptoms of something during the cold/flu season. But i wanted to share a few of my own tips with you all that I think will help boost your immune system’s to help you avoid the germs as much as possible this year. It’s worth experimenting with what works for you so definitely put some of these tips into practice if your planning on boosting your immune system for this wintertime coming up. young-woman-2239269_1920The best way to stay cold and flu free this season is to avoid anyone who is already infected by these germs and stay clear of anything they may have touched. Cold and Flu viruses are spread with physical contact with someone who is infected or by touching a contaminated surface/object (Laptops, TV Remote, Door handle etc…) and then touching your own face, mouth and nose. Giving the advice to avoid the people who are infected is much harder than it sounds as colds also spread through infected droplets in the air by sneezing or coughing. So it would be impossible to be able to avoid this completely…unless your planning on hibernating all winter! So that’s why I wanted to write this post to give some tips that i’ve heard or picked up along the way about boosting your immune system. 

  1. Vitamin A and C and Zinc – Getting enough Vitamin A is a good start in boosting your immune system as it plays a key role in supporting the health of your mucosal surfaces, gastrointestinal tract and the inside of your nose. Eat lots of brightly coloured root vegetables in warming soups to add more Vitamin A into your diet. Vitamin C is also important as that helps fight off your colds. Dark leafy greens are perfect for Vitamin C consumption. Lastly, Zinc also plays an important role as it interferes with viruses having full access to our cells. Nuts, Eggs and Cacao powder are great for upping our Zinc intake, there are also lots of other foods high in Zinc too so do some research.
  2. Spices – Add Turmeric into your diet! Add to soups, curries or enjoy some turmeric milk daily. This spice is brilliant as you are less susceptible to coughs, colds and congestion when you consume this.  
  3. Oats – This Winter why not eat a warming bowl of porridge oats to kick start your day each morning. Porridge Oats are rich in Beta-Glucans which are essential for fighting disease. You can even add nuts and seeds to the top of it for an extra Vitamin E protein boost. Bee Propolis has natural antiviral and antibacterial properties so it’s great for helping avoid flu and colds also, maybe sprinkle some ontop too. 
  4. Garlic – This is one of the best advice I can give you as it always works for me. Add garlic to your meals. Garlic is well known for helping to strengthen your immune system as it supports your body’s natural defence mechanisms against foreign bodies. It also supports gut health as it promotes the growth of healthy bacteria. You may of heard the saying “When our gut is healthy, then we are healthy.” Garlic can really help you to avoid colds and signs of the flu. Raw or semi-cooked is the best form when eating garlic to enjoy the benefits completely.
  5. Look after your gut – Nourishing your gut is so important when it comes to our health. Our guts have been found to have 70% of the cells that make up our immune system, the majority of cells being in the form of good bacteria. There is lots of advice on how to nourish your gut so get reading and follow some of the tips out there. Brown Rice, Oats, Prebiotic Foods, Kefir and Yoghurts and Linseeds and Flaxseeds are some good food sources to help nourish your gut. 
  6. Change your shower routine – I have heard before that changing the temperature of your shower water to either hot or cold every two minutes is a great way to boost your immune system. (If your willing to be brave enough to give this a go…it might be abit chilly!) This process increases two types of white blood cells. 1) Monocytes 2) Lymphocytes. Your immune system will be stimulated when it tries to warm itself up from the cold water and then switching back to hot water every two minutes will stimulate your detoxification system in your body. Your immune system will be able to deal with the viruses and bacteria better due to having fewer toxins in your body. 
  7. In the bedroom – I thought I would add this one into the list as there has been studies shown that having regular sex increases the number of IgA immune cells in the body. These help your body to keep colds and the flu in check. So simply put have more sex! (But safely obviously.)
  8. Have a Positive Mental Attitude – There has been studies to show that having a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) can help you in many ways. Obviously in your life in general that helps but it also helps to prevent illness. Our own outlook on things release different hormones. If we think positively we release an immune boosting hormone called the DHEA. Thinking negatively causes us to release an immune suppressing hormone called cortisol. So try to have a more positive outlook on things as it could also benefit you health wise too. 
  9. Exercise – You’ve probably heard it alot of times before but doing exercise is another important factor for boosting your immune system. Exercise improves your immune cells circulation and stimulates white blood cell production. These are the cells that attack bacteria. Varying your exercise is the best way for immune boosting. This is because if you consistently exercised at high intensity everytime it can cause a rise in cortisol and adrenaline levels which is a sign to your body that your under stress, which in turn weakens your immune system and can give you poor recovery. Having a good balance of moderate and high intensity exercise is a great way to have a mixed exercise routine. 
  10. Natural Light – I am a huge believer in the importance of getting lots of natural light into your day, everyday! Natural light really helps you to stay positive as it stimulates your Vitamin D production in the skin which increases your immunity and mood. 30 minutes of natural daylight each day when it’s at it’s brightest is a good way to ensure your skin is seeping in that sunlight. You could incorporate this into your day by taking a sunny walk during your lunch break. This will also give you other benefits like getting some exercise, clearing your head and preparing you for the next part of your day. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my 10 tips that may help you to boost your own immune system. There are probably many other ways also but I wanted to share a few that I do and also a few that I have heard about and people have recommended. I would highly recommend the garlic one and especially when you have a cold having that daily can really shorten the length of your cold I have found. Do let me and others know down below in the comments what immune boosting tips you have too. I would love to hear from you all!






10 thoughts on “10 Immune Boosting Tips For The Cold and Flu Season

  1. Surprised to see zinc missing from the list. Apparently vitamin c is significantly less effective than we originally believed and in fact zinc is way better. As with everything, there is lots of research “proving” one thing or the opposite but thought I’d mention it so you can find out for yourself 😋🙏

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