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I have been extremely excited to share with you all the next edition of Moi-Meme’s quarterly subscription box. This is the Autumn 2018 box and the theme is The Tranquility Box. This couldn’t have come at a better time!! My wellbeing this month has been abit all over the place so I was relieved and over the moon when this came through the door as it was exactly what I needed. For anybody who has never come across this quarterly subscription box before do check out some of my other review posts on this box (some past posts give you more detail about the brand itself if your interested.)  Just click on the posts below to take you there. 

Summer 2018

Spring 2018

Winter 2018

PA211102.JPGThe Tranquility Box has been chosen for this season to allow us to create some quiet and peace in our life. With the days getting shorter and the build up to Christmas just around the corner this time of year can be quite busy. “The lazy days of summer already feel like a long time ago.” So the contents inside of this box have been chosen to fit in with the theme of bringing a moment of peace and relaxation during all the chaos. This theme is right up my street and is actually one of my favourites that Moi-Meme have done since I have subscribed to them.


LOLA’S APOTHECARY DELICATE ROMANCE CANDLE £42 – PA211148.JPGWhen I first opened the box this product was the stand out one for me! I LOVE Lola’s Apothecary, they have a variety of products that are so luxurious and beautiful. So I was so thrilled but also extremely surprised (as their products aren’t cheap – but extremely good quality!) to see something from them inside. As you can see from the picture I lit this the first day I received it and have used it daily since…I’m that excited about it! It is there Naturally Fragrant Candle in Delicate Romance. Delicate Romance is my favourite scent they have as I have owned a couple of other products in that scent from them so I was over the moon to of received this one! (It’s like Moi-Meme are mind readers…seriously they get it spot on all the time.) This is a plant wax candle (so no nasties in here), It retails for £42 and has a burn time of 45 hours. PA211150.JPG Delicate Romance is a blend of floral roses, warm spices and citrus scents. It is one of the most beautiful and feminine scents that I have ever smelt. It has Rose, Geranium, Vanilla, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Sweet Orange, Lemon, Camomile and Ylang Ylang included. All of these have their own job with either being the top notes to the fragrance, the main heart of the fragrance or giving the candle a warmer scent of spice and sweetness. it all comes together stunningly. What an absolute treat to of received this gem in a subscription box.

MYROO GERANIUM HAND TREAT £20 – PA211122.JPGI have not come across this brand before but MYROO is a skincare brand based in Harrogate that are 100% plant based, organic, vegan and natural. Autumn and Winter for me is usually a time that my hands will be in need of some extra TLC due to the cold weather so this hand cream will be much appreciated! Geranium Hand Treat deeply nourishes hands as it is a rich and intensive treatment. I love that you can also use this just before bed and waking up in the morning with ‘baby soft’ hydrated and nourished hands. This hand treat has a blend of Grapeseed Oil (Maintains skin’s elastin and high in Omega 6 for nourishment), Avocado Butter (Perfect for skin restoration as packed with Vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E) and Geranium essential oil (Which regenerates, soothes and aids circulation.) This is a concentrated formula (contains no water) so this will last ages as you only need a small amount. PA211126.JPG

BLOOMTOWN NOURISHING BODY & BATH OIL £10 – PA211145.JPGThis is a gorgeous product. It retails for just £10 for 100ml and is a Bath and Body Oil. Bloomtown have six signature scents to choose from but Moi-Meme gave a selection of four for their box. I received The Rose Garden. This oil is Musk Rose and White Flowers. I love that this is a multi-purpose oil, you can either use daily on your skin as a moisturiser which is gorgeously scented, add to warm bath water or even use as an overnight hair treatment (shampoo in the morning after treatment.) The oil is antioxidant rich in Sesame, Sweet Almond Oils, Meadowfoam and has Vitamin E and fragrant essential oils to give each one their delicious scent. I love the smell of The Rose Garden it really smells of strong florals.

STEPHIEANN SILK EYE MASK £23 – PA211107.JPGI am in love with this eye mask. It retails for £23 and is made by a textile designer called Stephie. She has a gorgeous range of alpaca bed socks, clothing, silk eye masks and silk scarves. She digitally prints her paintings and photographs onto silk to make gorgeous styles. I received the Elderflower one which I just adore. I know that silk is the best material for pillows and eyemasks for sleeping on and with, as it is a delicate material that won’t cause wrinkles unlike cotton and polyester materials can. Elderflower has a beautiful design of flowers ontop of snow which is stunning.

NIGHT NAVY LEATHER BOOKMARK £5 – PA211110.JPGVery pleased with this item too! It is a leather bookmark that has a gorgeous little quote picked out by Moi-Meme from the author Thomas Wharton. It reads, “An hour spent reading is one stolen from paradise.”PA211115.JPG They wrote in their booklet that they wanted to send everyone a personalised name on it instead however the practicalities of foil printing meant that it couldn’t happen this time. (See how sweet and thoughtful Moi-Meme team are.) I love this quote and it’s a perfect way to sum up escaping to a different world through a good book. I received the white leather with rose gold print which was my favourite! They also do a navy leather one with silver print. If you prefer not to receive leather then Moi-Meme replaced this product with Bloomtown Lip Balm.

LOVE COCOA BAR £4 – PA211134.JPGA perfect end treat to this box is the Love Cocoa chocolate bar. I love bars of chocolate like this as they look luxurious and are a perfect treat for yourself and also make lovely extra little gifts for someone special. Moi-Meme chose a mix of dark and milk chocolate flavours for their box and I received my favourite one out of the selection again… Honey and Honeycomb 37% Milk Chocolate.PA211139.JPG I couldn’t resist eating some whilst my candle was burning and I had just put on the body oil and got myself a warming cup of tea. It was seriously delicious chocolate. There was so much honeycomb on the top and it looks just as good as it tastes! Will definitely be buying some more for myself and others!

Overall, this box is PERFECT! All the contents inside fits the tranquility theme wonderfully. I cannot believe for only £49.95, I received a box containing 6 gifts that came to a total of £104!! My favourite product was definitely the Lola’s Apothecary candle! In all honesty Moi-Meme is a subscription box worth every penny. The products they include in every box is spot on and perfect. This is the best subscription box I would say on the market by far! They always contain a variety of products and always of high quality. You seriously won’t be dissapointed by subscribing to them if you love the products in their past boxes. Their subscription cost has slightly gone up now for new subscribers, it’s now £54.95 but honestly it is worth it. I would love to know below what you think of the Tranquility Box and Moi-Meme, feel free to leave a comment!




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