(Guest Post from Commercial Palm Trees) Sponsored – 8 Painstaking Lessons That Elevate the Beauty of Home Bars

This Guest Post has been sponsored by Commercial Palm Trees.

Enjoying a night out with a few drinks is getting more and more expensive these days. This is why home bars have evolved as essential additions to the modern homes. This lets you relax after a tiring day and enjoy the weekends with friends. Creating a nice home bar is not easy. Here are 8 lessons that will help you create an attractive home bar.

1. The location should be the first priority

The home bar symbolizes merriment. It could be a nice gathering place for entertaining friends. The location should, therefore, be carefully selected. For that, you must decide the maximum number of people you want to accommodate there.

In case you are for a seated home bar, there should be a separate place for that. Basement is a good idea for this. This can act as a nice bohemian retreat. Or you can also blend the home bar into the living room area. Whatever you may do, do not forget to have plumbing to run the bar. An outside bar can also be considered if you are in a great weather area.

2. Displaying the wine collection is essential

The home bars are for weekend parties and holiday celebrations. It should, therefore, reflect your lifestyle. Like other collectibles, displaying wine collections is a great way to make the place charming.

Built-in cabinets with glass doors are perfect for such purposes. They also make the home bar distinguished. Better use the space under the staircase for creating your home bar in the living room. You can also create a man cave look in the basement home bar. Repurpose an old wooden barrel for showcasing your liquor collection. This will add depth and character to the home bar decor.

3. Never ignore the lighting

Among the home bar elements, lighting is very vital. It creates a nice ambiance and lifts up the moods as well. LED lights are perfect for using in the home bars.

Maybe you have the home bar in the basement or have a dedicated room for it. Use old beer bottles to make a beautiful chandelier. Used beer cans are also great for using as a bar lights. With their varying colors and print, they create a magical ambiance. If your home bar space is in some other rooms, use these as zonal lights for the bar.

4. Use a customized countertop for personalization

A customized countertop is perfect when you want to make your home bar different. Design it to fit the décor theme. You may also turn an old piano into a countertop. This can also serve as a cute wine storage.

There are other ways of coming out of the boring wooden countertops. These are very simple to create. Get sufficient copper pennies and glue them on the countertop. This does not cost very much but makes a wonderful penny bar.

5. Never forget the furniture

You should make everyone comfortable for passing quality times in the home bar. The painted bar stools are great for this. Coming in bold colors and having foot rests, they deliver a nice boozing environment. Either procure this or get those made by spray painting some bar stools in bold colors.

Additionally, there should be a comfortable lounge sitting arrangement. Include a sofa or vintage lounge chairs based on the space available. This will, no doubt, impart a beautiful look to your home bar.

6. Upgrading the appliance and drinkware helps

It is likely that, as the host, you will play the role of the bartender. Arrange to have a small refrigerator included. This will meet your requirements for ice and cold beverages. You can also add a wine cooler as well.

Having cute glasses and mugs uplift the bar. Have a wide range of drinkware for all types of drinks. This should include sleek contemporary, cut-glass, and antique glasses in the collection. You must also have provisions for varieties of napkins, shakers, and other necessities.

7. Have a bar cart

In case you love to party frequently, a bar cart is a right thing for you. This is a brilliant way to show your style. It also elevates the ambiance of the home bar instantly. Coming on wheels this can be moved to different places in the home bar. Thus the guests need not go to the bar counter for a fill.

Using this you can also have a moving display your specialty wines. This allows the guests to choose what they like, and they would love that very much.

8. Embrace with greeneries

Greeneries have the power to create an amazing ambiance. People have a psychological bonding with nature. Thus, greeneries create a relaxing atmosphere. But the live plants are not easy to handle because of their maintenance demands. So, using the artificial indoor trees is the only way out.

The artificial palm trees offer a brilliant décor solution for the home bar. Manufactured from the top-notch quality foliage and color pigments, they look absolutely realistic. As such, there is no compromise on aesthetics.

With their lush green frond and a stately trunk, the indoor silk palm trees enliven the home bar. You can pick from the many varieties available. As these have no light requirement, they can be placed anywhere.

Coming in standard bases, they offer easy installation. If you like a Mediterranean environment, the artificial tropical plants are great for this. Have them in the home bar and they will jazz up the place up instantly.

Maintenance is not an issue with the artificial interior trees. They do not shed leaves and needs no mess clearing. These do not cause any allergy and do not attract any insect. Thus, you get a safe boozing environment. 

Permission to use picture from https://www.commercialpalmtrees.com/
Permission to use picture from https://www.commercialpalmtrees.com/


With these steps it’s easy to build a home bar anywhere you would like! 




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