Winter Proof Your Hair

Afternoon Lovelies, 

With all this cold weather approaching it’s time to give our hair that extra TLC that it deserves. Hair goes through alot during the wintertime what with heating, hat wearing and winter showers which in turn often leads to flat and dull looking hair. I’m not a hairdresser myself however over the years I have picked up a few winter hair tips that I wanted to share for those of you who need it. Here are some winter bad hair triggers and ways to help combat them to keep everyday looking and feeling like a good hair day. beautiful-beauty-blur-839778

  1. Frizz From Central Heating – Central heating is a major bad hair trigger. It expels moisture from the hair causing it to frizz and dry out faster due to the dry atmosphere inside your home or workplace. If you didn’t know hair is ‘hygroscopic’ this means that your hair adjusts it’s moisture content to match the atmosphere it is in. So a dry atmosphere will leave hair to expel its moisture (there’s abit of science for you!) Using a room humidifier is a good way to combat this, it will make the room and your hair less dry. 
  2. Cold Weather Causing Brittle and Weaker Hair – During the colder months your hair may feel more brittle and weaker. Limiting your hair washing sessions each week is a good place to start. I wash mine twice a week if you can get away with just once a week that’s even better. When you eventually do wash it you can add a few drops of hair oil to keep it nourished. You can even apply a little more hair oil  through the ends of your damp hair for an extra nourishment boost. Also an extra tip is to avoid using excessively hot water. I know how tempting that can be when it’s so cold outside but rinsing your hair in warm or cold water is a simple way to keep is looking smooth and shiny too. 
  3. Hat Wearing and Heating Causing Flat and Lifeless Hair – Winter is one of those times that can interfere with the volume of your hair. So to keep your hair looking bouncy and voluminous why not try out a volumising supplement. Look for ones with extracts of zinc and copper as these contribute to hair growth and will help to maintain the pigmentation in your hair. Hair Volume Supplements help supply your scalp with nutrients whilst nourishing and activating the follicle cells. So you should get bouncy hair back in no time. 
  4. Winter Showers – Frizzy and puffed up hair is usually from winter showers if you have forgotten your umbrella. When the hair dries naturally after a winter downpour this is what can cause it to frizz and puff up. If you do happen to be in a winter shower try rubbing a few drops of hair serum into your palms and then smoothing through the legnth of your hair afterwards. This will add control to your hair when it starts to naturally dry. Any split ends will also thank you as serum is great for them too! 
  5. Itchy, Dry Scalp From Heating – This is one bad hair trigger that I actually suffer from myself. When the central heating starts being turned on that’s when my scalp likes to play up and become dry in areas. Heating really can negatively affect not only your hair and it’s moisture but also your scalp and skin. We often find that in the winter we need an intensive moisturiser to counterbalance the dry skin on our face or body and it’s the same with the scalp (after all scalp is skin too.) What has helped me is switching my shampoo to a really moisturising one and one free of SLS. These ingredients do not help when it comes to soothing your dry scalp instead they irritate it more. When I use a shampoo with no SLS in the formula my scalp calms down alot more and is alot more healthier in general. You could also try drinking more water if you don’t already. We generally drink less water during the winter but this can cause dehydration of the skin and scalp so keep drinking that water to combat this and to stay hydrated. 
  6. Damaged Hair From Blustery Winds – Hair can become damaged and knotty from those winter gales and can also be worse after a night’s sleep. Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase can dry out your scalp and hair as it takes away the moisture. The rough texture of cotton cause also cause all sorts of other problems. So opt for a natural silk pillowcase instead. They are often designed to maintain moisture levels in your hair and skin while you sleep and it will combat the frizz, dryness and even hair loss.
  7. Never Leave The House With Wet Hair In Cold Weather!! –  This is one hair winter rule to really remember. If you leave the house when your hair is wet then the cold will make your locks freeze which results in hair breakage!! Noone wants that. Also when drying your hair try and opt for an old t-shirt as it is alot softer on your fragile wet hair, if you still want to use a towel then make sure you just use a gentle squeezing motion to avoid cuticle damage. 
  8. Just Overall Dull Hair – During winter months your hair can loose it’s soft and silky texture. Add an extra step into your haircare…. A deep conditioning hair mask. Use this when your hair is looking like it needs a real boost due to dullness. Moisturising hair masks work best when you keep them on for as long as possible. 20 minutes is great however using overnight is perfect. 

If you suffer from any of these hair problems during the winter season I really hope some of these tips work for you! If you know any more that you can add to this list that I may of accidentally left out then do share with everyone down below. Thank you! 




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