5 Tips To Help You Stay Well And Look Your Best During Wintertime

Evening Lovelies,

I hope you’ve all had a relaxing weekend. This week I really have noticed a big drop in temperature and the cold weather has arrived, winter truely is on it’s way! I love Winter but the season itself can be challenging in many ways for us physically and emotionally. This is the time that we really need to take a step back and give ourselves that extra little bit of care. So I have thought of 5 winter tips that have helped me in the past to stay looking and feeling the best now the temperature has dropped. I hope you enjoy this read and some of these work for you too!

  1. Extra Care For Your Skin – When winter comes around skin problems usually start to arise. Chapped, Dry and Itchy can be a few of those problems. So here are a couple of tips to keep your skin in tip top condition. When you shower remember to shower in lukewarm water, tempting as it is to get into a hot water stream when it’s cold outside you really should stick to that lukewarm or warm water. Exposure to hot water will strip your hair and skin’s moisture causing it to dry out really fast. Dry skin can be soothed with any good body lotion (always check the ingredients list to ensure your putting the best ingredients onto your skin) you can also make your own home remedies too, try out a moisturising face treatment using avocado or bananas (they are known to be very moisturising.) If you get chapped skin from exposure to cold weather always use a protective lip balm and try out an emollient cream. Bath Oils are also very wonderful to add to your baths for an all over skin home treatment, you can make your own with any plant oil like almond, jojoba or coconut then add just a few drops of your favourite essential oil. You can even eat certain things to promote skin elasticity. Add lots of wholegrains to meals and use garlic and onions as much as possible as these contain selenium which is great for skin elasticity. 
  2. Get Rid Of That Red Nose – When you are exposed to cold weather you will probably notice you are more likely to get a red nose. To get rid of this you can simply apply a warm (not hot) compress to the area for a few minutes when you come back inside from the cold. You will notice that the redness will lessen quickly. I have to admit I don’t often use this tip as I usually leave the house with foundation on so that covers up the redness thankfully! But it’s still a handy tip to know to stop you from looking like Rudolph.  
  3. Proper Hair care – Everyone’s hair needs different things to keep it looking it’s best and everyone’s frequency of washing their hair also differs too. But during the winter months maybe try and wash your hair less often. When it’s cold and windy your hair is in it’s most vulnerable state so try to avoid brushing it or blow-drying your hair when it’s wet as when it’s soaking that’s when it’s at it’s most delicate and more breakage can occur. Your scalp in this weather also produces fewer oils and this can increase scalp dryness and increases static electricity too. Make sure you use a SLS free shampoo as this helps massively soothe your scalp during washing and always use a conditioner to help combat static hair. If you find your hair goes crazy with static electricity making it stick up in every direction then a quick fix is to rub a dryer sheet over it gently. You will quickly get well behaved hair again! 
  4. Don’t Skip The Vitamin C – Vitamin C is a very important nutrient to ensure your having over the wintertime. Vitamin C rich produce like dark leafy greens and citrus fruit can help to boost your body’s production of Collagen. Collagen is a protein that helps to maintain your skin and your other connective tissues. Not only is Vitamin C important for that but you’ve probably heard before that it’s essential for your health too. Unlike in the summer, in the winter alot of use tend to not eat as much fruit and vegetables but getting as many fruit and vegetables in your diet daily will ensure you stay as well as possible during the winter. You will be hitting your daily Vitamin C intake if you do and you will also find your immune system is stronger. There has also been scientifically proven evidence that adding beta carotene-rich red and orange produce into your diet will help you to look even ‘more attractive’ naturally. This is because the research showed that they subtly give you a healthy tanned glow just after only two weeks of eating!  
  5. Combat SAD – During winter so many people suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) due to the cold and dark winter months. But there are some ways to combat this. When winter hits alot of us don’t venture out as much but getting out as much as possible and walking in the daylight will give you that much needed bit of sun (no matter how weak it is.) Exposure to daylight helps combat SAD as it has higher levels of the blue light spectrum which will help to heighten your mood. This is from knowledge that I have picked up before; even on a cloudy day it is important to get outside as it provides you with exposure of around 8000-10000 LUX, but indoor lighting provides us with only 25-50 LUX. (LUX is the scale in which light is measured if you were wondering what that meant.)This shows the importance of getting out of the house even when it’s a cloudy day. Exposure to daylight will also help you to sleep properly during the night. Walking is also very good for us mentally. It does us good to leave our phones at home and take a peaceful and mindful walk amongst nature. When your out take the time to really take in your surroundings, take in a mental note of the sounds you hear, the colours you see, the quality of light, the temperature you feel from the air on your skin etc…Focusing on this will help to relax you naturally and will also connect you to nature better. There have been so many studies to show that spending time with nature is very healing (it has also been proven to reduce inflammation too!) I am no doctor but I am very interested in well-being and wellness and have read before that our Vitamin D levels can also become very low in winter so you could try a Vitamin D supplement to take also if you are in need of it. There are also anti-SAD blue or white spectrum lights available to buy if you suffer from SAD which can be very effective if you struggle to get outside (for personal reasons or even because of the shorter days of light) so do look into this if you struggle with SAD. 

These tips were covering just a few problems that winter can bring us. I tried to pick out ones that most people will likely have so I hope at least one has been useful to you! Do let me know below in the comments if you have any other winter tips to share as I find them very interesting and am sure others will too! Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this and hope it helps you this winter. 



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