My Winter Bucket List Ideas

Evening Lovelies,

Yesterday was a very exciting day…December the 1st, the first day of our countdown to Christmas (Today only 23 days to go!!…where is the time going?) It got me thinking what should I write about for a post today that is relevant to this time of year and then I questioned what winter themed things I would like to do before Spring 2019. So this week I wanted to share My Winter Bucket List of ideas. I’ve never made one of these before but I love the idea of Bucket Lists, as I feel writing down activities and things you want to do makes you all the more likely to get out there and actually go do them! The Autumn leaves have nearly all fallen off the trees which means Winter is definitely close and instead of just hibernating in the cosy warmth of home waiting for Spring and Summer to arrive why not get outside and embrace the beautiful season and make a bucket list yourself of all the things you would like to do! 

My Winter Bucket List 

  1. Go on a getaway to a cosy log cabin within the woods – I kind of already planned this trip during the Spring so I knew this was coming up, so I had to add this to my Winter bucket list. Winter for me is the perfect time to book a getaway…What with all the hustle and bustle of the busy Christmas period it’s lovely for a few days just to take a step back from it all and take some much needed relaxation time. I find forests a wonderful setting to explore in the Winter as they change every season and there is always something new and beautiful to see. I’m going away next week to a cosy log cabin holiday which includes a fireplace and also a luxury hot tub! (Lucky me!) The trees are beautiful in the Winter season and I am so excited to go on chilly, brisk walks within the peace of nature and then back to the cabin for a snuggle by the crackling fireplace and a dip in the warming hot tub whilst the forest surrounds me and the cold air touches my face. That luxury experience will really feel like Winter has arrived. If you can’t book to go away away then why not just take a day out to the nearest woodland areas local to you and enjoy the winter scenery…I’m sure you will get home with a sense of peace and calmness. aurora-borealis-blue-cabin-91216
  2. Candles, Hot Choccie, Gingerbread and Blankets – I’m definitely going to have to dedicate a few evenings to a cosy candlelit night in. I know i’m talking about going out and about in the Winter but it’s equally just as important to wrap up warm and take a slower approach to life in this season. After all it does get dark early now so that’s natures way of telling us to slow down and relax in the evenings. Filling my home with winter candle scents, with a hot choccie and yummy gingerbread and blankets sounds like the perfect night in for me.beverage-biscuit-breakfast-1282276.jpg
  3. Build a snowman and go out for snowy walks – Every year I keep my fingers crossed for snow as it just makes Winter that much more magical. So if we get some in the UK this year then the first thing I will be doing is going out for a wonderland walk and building snowmen and snow angels…basically just have lots of fun (like a child) in the snow!
  4. Visit some Christmas Markets – I love when Christmas markets are set up. All the lights and decorations, the music, the smells of delicious festive food and drinks, people in great spirits and unique gifts are some of the reasons why I love visiting Christmas markets. So this year I will be trying to visit at least two to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere with others. adult-blur-christmas-246731.jpg
  5. Make a gingerbread house – Christmas is not complete without making and decorating a gingerbread house. The smell of gingerbread filling the kitchen makes me just think of Christmas and it is super fun to decorate the house you made. So I will definitely be doing one this year. Also having a baking day making cookies and other festive treats is another great way to give out little homemade delights to family, friends and neighbours. cake-candy-celebration-185360.jpg
  6. Keep a gratitude journal – Whilst being inside on a cold winters night that is the perfect time for meaningful reflection, so this winter I am going to keep a gratitude journal. There have been so many studies done on the attitude of gratitude to show the positive effects that it has on us and our wellbeing. So at the end of eachday this winter I am going to write down 3 – 5 things that I have been grateful for which happened in the day. It may be something big or it may be something small and simple but equally good. Like a warming cup of tea whilst chatting with family, or watching a heartwarming movie etc… Everyday there is always something to be grateful for no matter how big or small!affection-appreciation-art-424517.jpg
  7. Make a festive wreath – I love Christmas wreaths and I’ve never actually made one myself. Some places have festive craft days like making Christmas wreaths and I definitely want to try and go to one. Being amongst other people, all being creative and making something festive will bring me some Christmas cheer. art-christmas-christmas-decoration-730611.jpg
  8. Attend a carol singing evening – Singing Christmas carols with lots of people would definitely give me that warm Christmas spirit feeling inside. Celebrating through carols with others about the true meaning of Christmas is an evening I would not want to miss out on. 
  9. See the Nutcracker Ballet – I love ballets and I have seen the Nutcracker before but it was years ago. On my bucket list I hope to see it this year. There is something magical about going to the theatre especially on a winter’s night and enjoying a Christmas themed performance. Escaping into a dreamland is a magical way to spend a winter evening. ballerina-ballet-ballet-dancer-206274.jpg
  10. Have a bonfire – So i’m not one for being in a tent all night when it’s freezing cold outside. But gathering around a bonfire/campfire in the garden or on a beach with family and loved ones seems like a lovely way to feel connected with eachother at this time of year. All huddled round a campfire keeping warm, with warming drinks and festive singing sounds perfect to me and a night to remember! Being on the beach would make this experience just that extra bit more magical for me hearing the waves come in and out. bonfire-burn-burning-1434598.jpg
  11. Make a mug of Festive Punch – Making a mug of warming spiced fruit punch is a lovely way to taste Christmas. So I will definitely be giving this a go this year, as again it’s something I’ve never made before. 
  12. Ice Skate – Around Christmas time places often have pop up Ice rinks with pretty fairy lights around to really set the magical festive scene. Ice skating in the winter is a very magical experience and I think I should be on the lookout for one this year. blades-footwear-hanging-914996.jpg
  13. Have a games night – Getting loved ones together and sharing in the ultimate games night in sounds alot of fun. Board games and other games are just so great to do together and i’m sure it will be an evening of laughter! blur-board-game-cards-776654.jpg
  14. Festive Karaoke – I love karaoke nights and I own a karaoke machine so I will definitely be getting out the mics so we all can sing our hearts out to festive tunes! Perfect! blur-bokeh-close-up-164879.jpg
  15. Try a new restaurant – If i love a restaurant I often find myself going to that one all the time. But this winter I’m going to switch it up and dine out in a place I haven’t eaten at before. Restaurants always have a festive menu on so I will be excited to try somewhere new and try out their festive food. chain-close-up-display-1036857.jpg
  16. Pyjama and Christmas movies day! – It is a luxury when you know you don’t have to go out and can spend all day snuggled up inside in your festive pyjamas. I will be doing this as I do love a pyjama day and I will lounge for a full 24 hours in them, watching christmas movies too. Sounds so festive to me!christmas-couch-feet-85842.jpg
  17. DIY snowglobe – I’ve seen people make snowglobes before and they look exciting to make. I had to add this to my list as it’s something I would want to do but haven’t done yet. So maybe this year….christmas-gift-snowglobe-21265.jpg
  18. Organise and clean out my closet – This one may sound like a chore but it is a nice feeling when your closet is all organised and refreshed at the end of the year ready for a new year ahead. It is very rewarding to decide what to keep and give away and if I have made space well I might just treat myself to some new clothes aswell for all the hardwork haha.assorted-blurred-background-boutique-994523.jpg
  19. Make an ice sculpture – I’m pretty sure I would have to go to some Ice sculpting experience to do this activity. But I have always wanted to have a go at ice sculpting and in the Wintertime it is the perfect time to try out my sculpting skills I think. ball-ball-shaped-blur-302743.jpg
  20. Create a Winter song playlist – Filling my ipod with Christmas tunes and creating a playlist that I can easily turn on at anytime when i’m chilling is a wonderful idea to make sure I have the Festive songs quick to find at anytime. 
  21. Reading by the fire – I love reading and I love fireplaces so I will have to indulge in doing this for sure! Nothing beats a night in reading by the warm, crackling fire.basket-burn-burning-688019.jpg
  22. Make homemade Soup – This time of year I love a warming bowl of delicious homemade soup. So I will buy lots of root vegetables and make a nice big batch of my own. appetizer-bowl-creamy-1277483.jpg
  23. Sleep in an ice hotel – I’m going to end my list on a more extravagant idea. But I would love to experience sleeping in an ice hotel after all how many opportunities would you get to sleep in a room made entirely out of ice! It would be such a magical experience to wake up surrounded by beautiful ice. I’d definitely have to go travel for this one so maybe I won’t be doing it this year…but one can dream. snowhotel-2071404_1920.jpg

I hope that some of my winter bucket list made you feel festive and all ready for the winter season. It was such a fun idea to settle down and think about what I would like to do this wintertime and I would highly recommend to anybody reading this post. If you do make one yourself I hope you manage to tick off at least a few of the ideas you wanted to do. I’ve never shared a bucket list before but I hope it was interesting for you to see what I would like to get up to during the Winter this year. I would love to know what you all are hoping to do, so do let me know some ideas down below in the comments if you want to share! 🙂 



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