Femme Luxe Clothing Haul Review – Sponsored

Evening Lovelies, 

(This post is sponsored by Femme Luxe)

This week’s post is slightly different as I am writing my first ever clothing haul review! I was super excited the other week when I received an email from Femme Luxe (a UK based clothing brand) saying they were interested in collaborating with me and sending me some clothes to try out. I picked out four items of my choice to try on from their website and I will be sharing my opinions about each of the pieces here. I will included website links to each of the items underneath each picture. Thank you to Femme Luxe for sending me these outfits! Just a little note if your new to my blog, my sponsored posts are always 100% my own honest opinions. 

I have never come across Femme Luxe before so as with any new clothing place I try out I was abit wary of the quality of the items and how it looks in real life compared to the pictures online. However when my order arrived and I saw the clothes for the first time I had no worries anymore! All of the items are lovely quality and I had absolutely no problems with any of the products. The delivery was fast and the order and the items inside were all packaged well. Their website also has lots of discounts and sales going on so I think their products are all reasonably priced. Below are the ones I chose to review. 

The category I am reviewing is https://femmeluxefinery.co.uk/collections/dresses

Cream Ribbed Knit Button Detail Mini Dress 

Cream Ribbed Knit Button Detail Mini Dress - Kerry

Cream Ribbed Knit Button Detail Mini Dress – Kerry

The first product I picked was this beautiful knit mini dress. I just loved the style of it on the model on their website and I haven’t seen a dress like this before so I had to add to my order. The material is very well made and the fabric hugs to the body just right. It is sort of a stretchy material which I love as it allows the dress to fit over all your curves perfectly. The cream colour is gorgeous and I may have to also purchase in Black as I loved this dress alot! The button detailing down the front is simple but adds a lovely design to the dress. I love the style of this dress and it is definitely something I will wear, the model on their website paired it with a denim jacket and that looked stunning.

The only two negative comments I have about this item is that; It is a little on the short side… it only just reaches over my bottom half. I am a tall girl at 5 ft 9 so that could be why this is more shorter on me so it would of been nicer if it was slightly longer just to cover my dignity haha however, it is still wearable as going out it still looks good paired with some tights. The last negative is that on the chest area your bra may show through slightly. I only say this one as when i uploaded the pictures I took I noticed that I had been wearing a leopard print bra for these photos…A bit of a bad idea haha. So you can see ever so slightly the pattern however in real I honestly hadn’t even noticed and it’s not much of a big deal as you can either wear a cream bra with it or no bra if your feeling more free. 

Stone Ribbed Knit Bodycon Dress With Button Detail 


Stone Ribbed Knit Bodycon Dress With Button Detail – Lauryn

I love bodycon jumper dresses so I couldn’t resist adding this one to the order. This is a ribbed knit bodycon dress. This dress is the perfect length for me, it covers everything nicely and the sleeve length is also perfect. The colour I chose was in Stone and the dress has six gold buttons for detailing. The material of this dress is nice and thick so it has obviously been made very well. I love the neckline of this dress and I love how it sucks in just above your hips so it again hugs your curves just right. Wintertime can be abit too cold to wear dresses however this jumper dress will be very cosy indeed. 

Black Graphic White Print Sweater Dress 

Black Graphic White Print Sweater Dress - Charley

Black Graphic White Print Sweater Dress – Charley

This item has to be my favourite of them all! I love hoodie sweater dresses and this one is amazing! I loved what the print said on the sweater and was just expecting your standard hoodie sweater dress to arrive. However it is the softest hoodie I have ever felt! I’m not even exaggerating, it is super super cosy on and I couldn’t take it off all weekend. I had a slight surprise when I saw it as the ties that hang down from the hood are a satin ribbon which I thought was a lovely touch to add to a hoodie. The length of the dress is again a good length but it also looks good to wear with leggings and jeans too if you didn’t just want it for a sweater dress. I will definitely be buying more sweater dresses from their clothing range as this quality was fabulous. 

Cream Bodycon Long Sleeve Jumper Dress OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Cream Bodycon Long Sleeve Jumper Dress – Cara

The last piece I picked was a cream long sleeve jumper dress. The length of the dress was the same length as the Stone Ribbed Knit Bodycon Dress With Button Detailing, so perfect to wear out. The material again was the same it was lovely and thick so definitely a warm dress to wear during the winter. The sleeves on this dress was extra long. I loved that the most as I have a habit of pulling the ends of my sleeves down to cover my hands comfortably to keep them cosy, so having the longer sleeves was perfect for me. The dress also has a lovely neckline that kind of falls straight across, I like this neckline design alot for this jumper dress. I wouldn’t say this dress was tight fitting but it didn’t just hang off my body either. I think this style of jumper dress is a casual cute baggy…not oversized at all but not too tight to the body fitting either…a perfect inbetween. 

Femme Luxe is a clothing brand that I would highly recommend you check out if you are into current and classy outfits. Their website has a huge range of clothing that has on trend styles at very affordable prices. My whole order was a breeze with no difficulties or problems and the delivery was fast. All of the items were exactly like they were shown on the models on their site. They all fitted perfectly so their size guide is definitely true to size. I will be shopping there again as I love their style of outfits and they were all of a brilliant quality. 

I hope you all loved my first ever clothing haul and let me know in the comments below what your favourite piece from the four I chose was. And feel free to leave a comment if you have shopped at Femme Luxe before too. I would also love to know about your opinions on the brand also. 



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