Femme Luxe Clothing Haul Review – Sponsored

Evening Lovelies!

(This post is sponsored by Femme Luxe)

On the 16th of December I wrote my first clothing collaboration haul with FemmeLuxe. I loved the clothes that I got to choose and was very impressed with this brand. If you haven’t yet seen what items I received the first time then you can find the post here.

I have chosen a few more outfits to review, this time I picked out three items of my choice from their website and like in my first post I will be sharing my opinions on each piece. Like always my sponsored posts are always 100% my honest opinion and I will share the link to each item below each picture so you can go check it out if you love the look. Lastly, thank you to FemmeLuxe for sending me these lovely pieces!

The category I am reviewing is https://femmeluxefinery.co.uk/collections/blogger-picks

Khaki Crop Jumper Loungewear Set – DeannaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Khaki Crop Jumper Loungewear Set – Deanna 

I love two piece sets so I couldn’t resist picking this. The material is very impressive it was nice and thick and not flimsy like some two piece tracksuits can be. I love khaki so the colour was perfect for me. The ribbed elastic detailing underneath the crop top is a very stylish touch which makes this tracksuit not only loungewear but also you could get away with wearing it out too as it looks stylish and fitted. With the length I’m 5ft9 in height and alot of the time it can be tricky to find bottoms in a set that are a good length however, this one is perfect in length so it is a lovely tracksuit suited for taller women too which I personally love. The bottoms are lovely as you can wear them either just above waist or as high waisted tracksuit bottoms. FemmeLuxe got everything in sizing perfect even down to the little touches like arm length… The length of the arms are nice and long which I love and the neckline of the cropped jumper is beautiful. This is one of the nicest tracksuits I have ever owned and I highly recommend this piece for anyone who loves a good tracksuit. The only thing is that the drawstring on the bottoms is a decorative piece to tie up in a bow. It doesn’t adjust the bottoms on the waist however this wasn’t a problem for me as they fit nice and snug and the bottoms have elastic in the top part so they stretch and fit perfectly to the figure anyway. 

Black With White Stripe Off Shoulder Loungewear Set – ShaniOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Black With White Stripe Off Shoulder Loungewear Set – Shani

I know another tracksuit but I had to get this one also! This tracksuit has a stunning design with the white stripe down both the arms and both sides of the bottoms. Again the length of the tracksuit fitted perfectly like the Khaki one and went all the way down to my feet which is exactly what a taller girl looks for! The cropped jumper isn’t ribbed like the Khaki one around the bottom so the style is it falls comfortably down instead of being as fitted. The arm length as you can see is perfect also. I would say these bottoms were slightly tighter and more fitted than the Khaki ones so if you do get these just bear that in mind. But again they fit lovely and are very flattering on the figure. The top you can also wear off shoulder but in the picture I have shown how you can wear it not off shoulder too. I love love love FemmeLuxe tracksuit range and they have a good selection of different ones. They are very comfortable and look stylish and flattering so I definitely recommend.  

Rose Knit Long Sleeve Tie Front Wrap Dress – Star

Sorry for the label on the right shoulder slightly poking out I had forgotten to take off.

Rose Knit Long Sleeve Tie Front Wrap Dress – Star

This rose shade tie front wrap dress is very very pretty. The colour is just stunning and reminds me of a lovely ballet pink shade. The style of this knit dress is fitted but with batwings on the arms which gives it a lovely touch. Before you tie up the dress it is fitted to your body and the tie just gives it a lovely bow finish. The knit material itself is very soft and this dress is perfect in length, again I am very impressed with this arm length too. If you go on their website for this item you can see a picture of how the back looks (I forgot to take one myself.) It is sort of an open v-neck back with a fabric strip detailing across the shoulder blades. It looks very pretty. This dress is very pretty for a casual day out however, it’s not really my style of dress to wear out so I may just end up wearing this one on my comfy lounge days at home as it’s very soft. 

I hope you loved the items I selected for this FemmeLuxe Clothing Haul. I highly recommend this clothing brand for new in trend, stylish and flattering clothes. They are very affordable in price and constantly have deals going on. Delivery was super speedy and it was all packaged up well in individual bags. All of their sizes match their size guide online and the items are exactly the same in real life as they are on the models. Each item was of brilliant quality too!

Let me know down below in the comments if you have shopped at FemmeLuxe before or write which out of the three was your favourite piece! I hope you enjoyed this clothing haul post and it’s been amazing having this opportunity to work with a clothing brand like FemmeLuxe to give some honest reviews and I feel very grateful. 




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