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This is very exciting as this Glossybox review is the first of 2019…Welcome the January 2019 Glossybox! Out with the old and in with the new is Glossybox’s box theme for this month. They have kicked off the New Year with 5 products ranging from Skincare, Beauty and Haircare to help us achieve a fabulous new chapter in our beauty journey’s for the start of this year.




AVANT SKINCARE Deluxe Hyaluronic Acid Vivifying Face & Eye Night Cream OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOh wow, I had to put this product first on the list as Glossybox have been super generous. They have included in every box this amazing and very luxurious Face & Eye Night Cream. It retails for £98 for 50ml!!! And yes this is full size! I was so so excited to see this in the box as I love any good skincare products. Avant Skincare is a well known brand that produces some amazing products. This cream is an anti-ageing moisturiser which is formulated with hyaluronic acid which is deeply hydrating. I love that you can use this night cream under your eyes too and it claims to rejuvenate tired eyes, minimise appearance of fine lines and pores and promotes an even skintone. The smell is incredible a very fresh scent which is lovely and not too heavy to sleep in. The ingredients in this cream are wonderful with no added alcohol nasties. The packaging I am in love with…Simple, eye catching, elegant and sleek looking…Looks beautiful on my bedroom nightstand. This was definitely a treat to have and I cannot wait to try it out tonight!  

-417 Facial Micro Luffa Foaming Gel OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have previously heard great reviews about this product before and have wanted to try this foaming gel out. I have heard that it melts off makeup so excited again to try this out for myself. It’s a refreshing cleansing foaming gel which also exfoliates too. It is formulated with minerals from the Dead Sea (which most of -417 products include) and it also contains vitamins and rare plant extracts. I am looking forward to seeing how well this removes makeup and how well it leaves my skin feeling cleansed and soft. This retails for £22.71 for 200ml, we received a deluxe mini of 100ml worth £13.31.


MAYBELLINE Dream Beauty Foundation Sponge OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a brand new product release from Maybelline. It’s a latex free foundation blending sponge. I never use sponges to apply my makeup with so I will give this one a go but I just don’t think I will work with it. However, I love pressing in any excess setting spray on my face and this tool looks like it may be useful for that so I may just use this sponge as a setting spray pusher (don’t think that’s a real thing but it’s what I’m calling it haha.) The design of the sponge applicator looks beautiful though I love the colour of the handle and the tapered pointed end if you use this for the foundation application purpose will come in handy for applying to harder areas like the nose and underneath the eyes. This retails for £4.99 and it’s lovely of Glossybox to include a new released product.


BATISTE Rethink Dry Shampoo (Hydrate) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABatiste has brought out a new dry shampoo range that are infused either with Keratin (strengthening), Coconut (smoothing), Avocado (moisturising) or Collagen (plumping.) I received the dry shampoo in Hydrate which includes moisturising Avocado to try out. This is a deluxe mini of 50ml for £1.50, the full size product is 200ml for £4.25. I like that batiste has a range of dry shampoo to meet different people’s individual hair needs and what’s even better is the spray is an invisible formula so no white residue left on your locks. Perfect!

HASK Repairing Deep Conditioning Treatment (Bamboo Oil) P1200885.JPGI haven’t heard of this brand before so this was a lovely item to receive. There are four different types in Hask’s Repairing Deep Conditioning Treatment range products. Argan Oil, Keratin Protein, Kalahari Melon Oil or Bamboo Oil. I got the Bamboo Oil treatment. All the formulas will keep your hair cuticles nourished and hydrated. You only need to keep the hair mask on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing. I love a good hair mask so I can’t wait to try this one out. We received a full size 50ml packet which retails for £2.49. 

Overall, this box is an incredible start to Glossybox 2019! The whole contents of the box cost me only £13.25 (inc. postage) however with all the products added up the total amount was worth a massive £120.29!! What an absolute bargain!! My favourite product was of course the Avant Skincare Night Cream…such a luxurious treat to receive. I think this is one of the best Glossybox’s I have ever received. Did you love this month’s Glossybox? What was your favourite item if you got your hands on one too? I’d love to know in the comments below. Glossybox is well worth the money so if you haven’t subscribed to them yet definitely don’t hold back as I think 2019 is going to be a wonderful year packed full of goodies.



4 thoughts on “GLOSSYBOX (UK REVIEW) JANUARY 2019

  1. The Avant night cream sounds likely but my eyes popped at the price – £98 for 50ml!!! It’s incredibly it’s full size in the Glossybox, but jeeees, is the stuff infused with gold?
    I hadn’t realised there was a new Batiste range with different bits and pieces mixed in. I’ll have to check these out. xx

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    1. 😂 yes £98 is very pricey but the ingredients really are full of goodness so I’m not surprised…some skincare is very expensive. Lucky I got it in a box I paid £13.25 for eh 😉 neither had I 😊 yeah definitely check it out! Xx

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  2. I’ve never tried Glossybox before, but I’m impressed by the product selection and how they’ve even color-coordinated the items included in the box! Curious to see how the 417 Foaming Gel performs since it looks like it will be super nice.

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