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I often find that the atmosphere I am in really contributes to the mood that I am feeling. I have always loved and been interested in home interior designing as I strongly believe your home and the way you choose to design it can support your wellbeing and how you overall feel. After all, we wake up in our homes each day and always finish the day with being inside them too. When I am away on a holiday or a short getaway I often fall in love with the decor, the simplicity and luxury feel of the spacious rooms etc… Places I have stayed at become my inspiration for my personally perfect ‘home-to-be.’ architecture-bed-brown-1838554.jpgI truly believe that our homes shouldn’t just be ‘look good’ places they should engage all of our different senses. I have been away before a couple of times to a lovely retreat where you are in a cabin in the middle of a forest. It was pure bliss for me. It engaged all of my senses. The cabin room looked cosy, calming, warm and wonderful, it smelt delightful from various candles placed in the rooms, it sounded relaxing but also full of life from the birdsong right on the doorstep, the wind gently rustling the leaves and gentle rainfall….And all of this felt like home. My mood was incredibly peaceful and relaxed after I left the place. You may be thinking okay, but you were on a holiday in the middle of a forest of course all of it would be peaceful and serene but can we really bring that feeling into a simple city house. My answer is YES. OF COURSE.chairs-contemporary-cosy-930004

Realistically I could not change my house into a log cabin however I could match the simple colour scheme of different types of wood and brown and neutrals. Same as if you love the design interior of a luxury hotel with marble floors and precious stones for splashes of colour again you can match the simple colour scheme. If your not sure where to start why not simply paint your walls white, this is a perfect plain canvas colour that will match any colour from pictures or objects that you decide to put into your home.   

The next thing to think about it possessions. When you go into a getaway place or holiday home remember how simple it all is? And how that makes you feel relaxed from the amount of space…I feel light and airy looking at a room with a nice amount of uncluttered space. I think the majority of us have clutter in our homes that we need a good sort out of…I know I do! So taking a good long hard look at all of my possessions I started to space clear. It’s surprising how much stuff we actually own but don’t really need. A good place to start is from the corners of the room as keeping the corners clutter free allows more energy to flow through and around the home. 

The next sense to engage in is scent. The scent of your home can have an impact on your mental wellbeing so I highly recommend you get rid of any diffusers and candles that include cheap synthetic room fragrances and opt for essential oil ones instead. Essential oils have a big effect on our minds, bodies and spirits. My favourite diffusers for the home are from Neom. They have a whole range of products that are designed specifically for different wellbeing needs. For example, Energy, Sleep, De-Stress and Make You Happy. I love the Neom Organic Complete Bliss Calm and Relax Diffuser I use this one in my home and it really does create a subtle but still noticeable calming scent to the air. If money is a slight issue why not create your own blends, experiment with Mandarin, Bergamot, Geranium and Chamomile. It won’t break the bank but your home space will smell good. 

I know that sound from birdsong in real life compared to on a speaker does sound different but it still fills the home with a calming sound. So I will often switch up the sounds I play, sometimes I feel like; Gentle rainfall, A log fire crackling, Birdsong, Gentle chanting or Spa music. I feel like listening to different things in the background each day but this is a good way to add serene sound into your home. 

Lastly, add some personal character into your home. Your home should reflect your personality and your likes and possibly experiences you’ve had. If you have treasured items from places you have visited add them to your home decor in a simple but effective looking way. Don’t clutter up the sides with tons of ornaments but tastefully add a few here and there. Perhaps you have some pictures that mean alot to you add them to your wall space etc…Think about what is meaningful to you that you want on display to see daily. This will make your house feel like a home to you and will give it some personality. 

I hope you liked this post about creating your own sanctuary. You don’t need alot of money to kit your home out to make it feel how you want, peaceful or luxury etc…You just need abit of time to create the space you feel you want your home’s atmosphere to feel and be like. As always I love hearing from you all with your thoughts about this post or anything else related to Creating Your Own Sanctuary. 




  1. I love this and have often thought how do I make my home relaxing …you make it sound so easy with your tips, I am definitely going to be making my own diffusers…well I’ll try. I do LOVE Neom. I’ve just finished a bath/shower oil from their range and oooohh is was heaven and a great way to start the day. Great blog! x

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