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(This post is sponsored by Femme Luxe)

For my regular readers you will know that I have been given the opportunity to collaborate with Femme Luxe and I have been choosing a few items each time to try on and give my honest review about them on my blog. It’s been such a wonderful opportunity to work alongside a clothing company and I feel very lucky to be doing this. I hope you are enjoying the clothing hauls also. Like always my sponsored posts are always 100% my honest opinion and I will share the link to each item below each picture so you can go check it out if you love the look. Lastly, thank you to FemmeLuxe for sending me these lovely pieces!

This review is abit different to my other two hauls that I have previously done with FemmeLuxe before, as I saw an item that I really loved so I chose the same one but picked it in a variety of different shades instead of having a few different items. This item is from their Knit Jumper Collection range.

This time of year when the weather is still very chilly I love to throw on a big chunky knit jumper to keep me warm so this jumper is just perfect for this season and right up my street. I got it in the shade Stone, Rose and Black. 

Stone Bardot Cable Knit Oversized Jumper – Melanie

P2030937.JPGStone Bardot Cable Knit Oversized Jumper – Melanie

Rose Bardot Cable Knit Oversized Jumper – MelanieP2030929.JPG

Rose Bardot Cable Knit Oversized Jumper – Melanie

Black Bardot Cable Knit Oversized Jumper – Melanie

P2030946.JPGBlack Bardot Cable Knit Oversized Jumper – Melanie

The jumpers are extremely soft and I love all the different colours that I picked out. The stone shade is probably my favourite one, the rose shade is such a gorgeous babydoll pink and the black shade is perfect to match with anything really. The design of the cable knit is very simple yet effective, it looks so pretty. The jumper itself is oversized with arm sleeves that are very oversized and I love this as it gives some style to a basic cable knit jumper and gives it a more trendy look. They are very comfortable to wear and look lovely styled with leggings and jeans. To me they give off a laid back, stylish look and the outfit looks very nicely put together with some winter boots and a scarf. 

I know this review was of just one item of clothing so hope it wasn’t too much of a boring read. However, I hope you like the style and look of this cable knit jumper, I know that I personally love love love it! Femme Luxe do a massive range of knit jumpers and other jumpers so definitely take a look at their website for more like this.

I hadn’t come across Femme Luxe brand before until they contacted me with a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with them. I have loved working together, being able to show some of their clothing available and giving you all my honest opinion on my reviews for anybody who stumbles upon my site. I know that I don’t usually do clothing hauls as my blog mainly covers Beauty and Wellbeing however it’s been exciting to be able to write something different too like a clothing haul for you all. Do let me know if you are enjoying these clothing hauls yourself! 




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