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Tea drinking is loved by many people over the world and everyone has a favourite type. However there are some teas with more benefits. Green tea is consumed globally but there is a version of Green Tea which is a supercharged version that goes by the name of Matcha Tea. Some people refer to this tea as ‘the elixir of health.’ 



Matcha Tea is the powder from grinding the tips of tea bushes which have been sheltered from the sun in the last few weeks of their growth, this increases the Chlorophyll content. The Chlorophyll content is what gives the Matcha powder it’s emerald green shade. The difference between this tea is that it is not strained, the powdered leaves are also included in it. What interests me about this tea is that the dark green, very fine powder makes a cup of tea which looks abit like bright green water paint. It does look incredibly stunning for just a drink. Matcha Tea not only has a stunning colour but also has many ‘magical’ benefits. If your looking for a natural, organic, full of goodness cup of tea then I would highly recommend you try out Matcha Tea if you haven’t already. 


Some of it’s many benefits include;

  • Immune System Booster
  • Increases Endurance And Energy
  • Helps Your Focus And Memory
  • Increases Your Metabolism Which In Turn Helps To Burn More Calories. 
  • Lowers Bad Cholesterol And Improves Good Cholesterol Too (if regularly taken.)

The most interesting benefit for me is being a ‘calm enhancer.’ This is because it contains a high amount of Amino Acid called l-theanine (This is found in the leaves of the tea bush.) It helps you to feel more relaxed, you won’t feel drowsy or unable to function but instead it will just provide you with an overall sense of calmness. This is much needed in our world of stresses, illness and negativity. 

Lastly, it’s very high in antioxidants also. The main two in Matcha Powder is Catechins and EGCS’s these are known as ‘supercharged’ antioxidants. Because the Matcha Powder contains a high amount of these antioxidants it can actually be called a supercharged antioxidant itself! (See I did say that it had ‘magical’ benefits.)  


Matcha Powder creates a lovely tea drink. All you need is one teaspoon of the powder, add a little water to make a paste and then fill your cup with pre-boiling water. You can experiment slightly with changes to the flavour if you with by adding a squeeze of lemon juice, or a bit of ginger or a teaspoon of honey. Find what you like the taste of the most. You can even incorporate Matcha Powder into recipes, however for me I personally prefer it as a tea, in a smoothie or in a juice. 

Matcha Powder is so easy to find. I personally love going to a good health store and finding an organic one that comes from a good quality harvester. This tea truly is something worth trying a cup of. I love to have a cup when my mood feels abit flat or I’m personally feeling abit low. Why not take a few minutes out of your day to just enjoy this tea fully. Visualise it really boosting your energy with every sip you take and concentrate on the calmness you feel within yourself with each sip too. Once you’ve finished the cup of tea not only will you be feeling more grounded and refreshed you can have a comforting thought that it has helped your body in some way too with all it’s benefits it can give.

Just a little note it’s important to consult your health professional if you are pregnant or breast feeding before taking any supplements or herbs (even if it is natural.) Love, Charlotte














    1. Thank you for your question and interest in this… Nutritionists usually suggest 1 to 2 cups per day if your looking to see results. Even if you just have one cup of matcha tea you can usually feel the stimulative effects for up to 2 – 6 hours! It is important though to not over drink this tea as there can be possible side effects (it is a herbal tea after all) but it is generally considered safe in small amounts as a beverage. Moderation is key! But if you consumed 1 to 2 cups daily then I am sure you will notice the effects of this tea 🙂 Hoped this helped! XO


  1. I found this post really interesting thanks. I love tea so I’m going to experiment with Matcha as I struggle with tiredness so willing to try anything if it helps x

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