A beneficial way to consume your daily Water…

Afternoon Lovelies, 

This week I decided to write a simple post, one that is simple yet effective. I wanted to share a mindful and beneficial way in which we all can consume our daily water for the best balance, health and reflection.    

Water has always been celebrated and almost all civilisations have flourished by rivers. Water is vital to our living and has been in the past too (long before we imported it from beautiful islands in bottles.) Our moon and water are intimately linked, it delivers coolness, calmness and just overall refreshes us. 

Most people would ask the question of, How much water should we drink? However perhaps the question we should be asking is, How should we drink it?

bottle-drink-glass-113734 (1)

Ayurveda suggests that the best way for us to store water is in glass or copper and that water is actually in it’s best state when it is served warm. A glass of fresh water first thing in the morning (with an optional slice of lemon or slice of fresh ginger) not only hydrates and refreshes our body after our sleep but it also cleanses and prepares our body to digest. Warm water is also usually recommended by most health professionals for the optimal way to drink it as it increases your blood circulation aswell as protects your internal organs from damage.

As much as cold or ice water seems refreshing whilst drinking it, it is actually tough on our systems. This is because it hinders our digestion, reduces our bodily resistance and leads to over mucus production. Despite this cold water however is best to drink on a hot day as it cools your body temperature down quickly. 

The best way to consume our warm water is to sip it throughout the day (before you feel the state of thirsty as being thirsty may indicate you are already possibly dehydrated) and drink during mealtimes as it combines with the food to ease it’s path.

I’ve heard before the quote of “Water is the very breath of people” and this is so true as water really is a true life force. Hydrate gently, hydrate gratefully and you can find the ‘river’ (pause to reflect and smoothly flow.)Love, Charlotte



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