MantraBand (Inspirational Bracelets) Review

Evening Lovelies,

This week I wanted to share with you all a review of my favourite bracelets that I own. These bracelets are not your average bracelets they are alot more special and meaningful… I truly believe they can help your thoughts and therefore in turn benefit your Wellbeing.

The bracelets are called MantraBands and for anyone who hasn’t heard of them they basically are inspiring bracelets that have different engraved positive messages on them. They are absolutely stunning and as I write about Wellbeing on my blog I had to share these as I think alot more people need to know about these gorgeous bracelets.


As you can see from the picture the packaging that the bracelets come in is simple, environmentally friendly and just overall lovely. I love that each bracelet message you pick includes a few sentences of what the meaning is in abit more depth (a gorgeous little touch.) I personally think that these bracelets would make wonderful gifts to others and also a wonderful treat for yourself. P3101232.JPG

I am in love with the simple and elegant design of the bracelets. They are available in Gold, Silver, Rose Gold and some also come in other colours too. My favourite has always been Silver and Rose Gold so they are the ones that I purchased. The bracelets are made of tarnish resistant, hypoallergenic stainless steel and the Rose Gold and Gold bracelets are stainless steel with 18K gold dipped over. The quality of these bands are perfection honestly, such high quality. Each bracelet is handcrafted and passes through a 5 step quality control process so I’m not surprised that the quality is perfect! The best thing about these bracelets is that they are made to last a lifetime!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I love what MantraBands are promoting with their inspiring bracelets; Positivity, Mindfulness and Optimism. We all know the benefits of what positive thinking and mindfulness can bring to our overall Wellbeing so these bracelets can truly support you. I wear mine everyday. Sometimes I mix and match them and wear different messages on different days or sometimes I wear them all depending on how I feel. For me what makes these bracelets so special is that they are a daily affirmation and positive reminder. I look down at my hands and notice the sparkling bracelets and catch myself reading them often throughout the day. It’s honestly a brilliant way to remind yourself and remember these wonderful positive and touching messages. P3101251 (1) cc.jpg

I have personally found that they have been very beneficial to my mental health and as a girl who has suffered with panic disorder and panic attacks for 11 years now I believe they really have supported my mental health in getting stronger. When I read the positive messages each day they are a reminder to me that; I am brave and strong, When I believe I can do something I do, To keep going no matter what hard times may come my way and also that everything is going to work out and one day at a time is enough to focus on. These little daily reminders are wonderful little pick me ups throughout my day whatever I am doing and I really do find comfort in these. I can just gently place my hand around my bracelet and really feel the message speak to me, I will repeat what the bracelet says in my head a few times over really mindfully thinking about it. I find this really helps me to continue strong through my day. 

The bracelets I chose that I feel have the most meaning for my life are;

  • She Believed She Could, So She Did
  • Nevertheless, She Persisted
  • Brave
  • One Day At A Time
  • Serenity, Courage Wisdom

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMantraBands have many more other positive messages these are just 5 of many! I am sure that everybody would be able to find a message that speaks to them on a personal level.

Not only do they have such powerful messages they look lovely on and are just so stylish, dainty, elegant and very shiny! They would fit anyone’s wrists as they are fully adjustable. You can bend the bracelets gently open and shut so they fit perfectly snug around your own wrist. They are not flimsy at all and they also feel extremely secure once placed on. I don’t have any worries about them slipping off or loosing them when wearing. Below in the picture is the back of the bracelets shown so you can see how they secure on.P3101263.JPGJust a little note – In the inside of all the authentic MantraBand bracelets there is the wording ‘mantraband.’ I would definitely say to purchase from their actual site as then you can trust and know that you have purchased a genuine authentic bracelet of the highest quality that will last a lifetime.

Details If You Are Interested 

Shipping and Postage – The bracelets are from the US and standard shipping is free for over there. However, if you place an international order like me (I live in the UK) you can also receive free postage too with a minimum order of $100 USD. I didn’t have to pay any extra custom charges upon delivery but just remember that may not be the case for all countries and order amounts so make sure you check with your country’s custom’s office or tax agent for a rough estimated amount. The delivery time was also pretty fast considering it was coming internationally. Probably took about 2 weeks to arrive for my order. 

Cost – The Gold and Silver bracelets cost me $25 USD and the Rose Gold bracelets cost $35 USD. They also have other shades available so prices of the bracelets can vary depending on what shade you pick.  

Custom Orders – What is even more special and meaningful is that you can custom your own message onto a MantraBand. The cost for this is from $38 USD, it all depends on what colour you want the bracelet to be. I purchased this type of bracelet too so I could write my most meaningful message to myself personally, “I have coped with this before.” I think that it’s wonderful you can create your own positive message on a bracelet. I am currently waiting for mine to still be delivered however production time of a custom bracelet takes 6-8 weeks and then obviously delivery time added onto that.  

I hope you loved my review of these gorgeous bracelets by MantraBand. I am incredibly happy with them and they really do give you an inspiring and positive reminder each day. If you love the idea of these bracelets MantraBand also do other Jewellery pieces like Necklaces and Rings with the same inspiring and positive messages on them. So I highly recommend that you check out their website if you are interested, I promise you won’t regret it.  Love, Charlotte


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