Settle Your Mind In 3 Simple Steps

Afternoon Lovelies,

Today I wanted to write a simple but effective mindful exercise that will hopefully help you to have a more calmer outlook during your day and lead your whirring mind to calmness instead. So as the post title says here’s how to “Settle Your Mind In 3 Simple Steps.”

  1. Recognise That Your Mind Is Unsettled (Part 1) – Just take 5 minutes out of your day to sit with your eyes open, back straight, taking in your surroundings and have the intention of doing nothing. (Use a 5 minute timer so you don’t clock watch.) When you notice any thoughts that pop up as your just sitting and being then acknowledge them but slowly bring your attention back to the here and now and being present. Continue to do this until the timer is up and afterwards write down what you noticed about your experience and how you feel. 
  2. Settle Your Mind (Part 2) – This time with your back straight and eyes open again sit for another 5 minutes. Instead of just sitting and watching your surroundings and just being this time, focus on your breathing. Count each breathe as you inhale and exhale. You can take a few deeper breathes and then exhale them or you can just notice and focus on your body’s normal breathing pattern. You don’t need to think about your breathing just notice it…Notice simple things like; Where about in your body do you feel your breathing?, Are you inhaling more deeply than normal?, Does your breathing feel longer, shorter, shallow or deeper. Thoughts will again pop into your head and that is completely natural so don’t get rid of the thoughts and push them away, just bring your attention back to your focus on the breathe. After the timer goes again write down anything that you noticed during the exercise and how you feel. 
  3. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat – Each day spend 5 minutes practising the first exercise (Recognising your unsettled mind) and then 5 minutes on the second exercise (Settling Your mind.) That’s just 10 minutes out of your day altogether…and everybody has 10 minutes to relax and take some me time out. When you engage with your thoughts then it feeds your mind energy and it gets becomes a habit which grows stronger, meaning that you daily have a whirring mind of thoughts. However when you take a simple 10 minutes aside from your day and practise these two 5 minute mindful exercises then you shift your focus onto something more neutral. Doing this will allow your attention to focus more on regulating your breathing and allows your thoughts to come and go without interfering with them. (Just noticing and acknowledging they are there but not doing anything about them and simply just bringing yourself back to the present moment and your focus on breath.)adult-adventure-daylight-290627.jpg

I hope these two simple mindful exercises combined will help your mind to become more settled and you will be able to feel more calmness throughout your day. This simple exercise I do daily works for me and settling my mind more. The good thing about this exercise is that once you have done this a few times and you feel comfortable doing this then you can literally do it anywhere, and at any time that you notice your mind is becoming more and more unsettled. The key though is to make sure that you continue to set 10 minutes of time aside each day even on days when your mind feels settled in itself because it is important to make this mindful time aside a habit and part of your daily day to day so you can find calmness within yourself no matter what thoughts are buzzing around in your mind or what kind of day your having. Love, Charlotte 

17 thoughts on “Settle Your Mind In 3 Simple Steps

  1. These are great exercises to help ground yourself & become more mindful, and I especially like that you’ve included the repetition because it’s important to try to develop a habit to make it more of your everyday life as it gets easier over time, I think, to be more mindful. Great post, Charlotte! 🙂
    Caz xx

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    1. Awww I am so glad to hear that they sound helpful! This is why I write these types of blog posts…this has honestly helped me too daily 🙂 I hope you feel more settled and calm in your thoughts too soon. Thank you for reading! XX


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