Unplug To Plug In… How To Use Your Technology More Mindfully

Morning Lovelies, 

It’s a well known complaint that our digital technology is invading our lives. People are addicted to social media’s endless source of distraction, emails are constantly popping up and bombarding us no matter where we are or what we are doing. You would probably of heard some advice on going on an intense digital detox but most of us have jobs or certain reasons in our own personal lives that mean we can’t just disconnect altogether even if we wanted too. So I wanted to write a post on a more practical way to detox from the digital world.

Just a note – I am not saying digital technology is bad (for me there is a balance of pros and cons) but we would all benefit from taking a step back from it every now and again and just use technology more mindfully in general. adolescent-adult-beautiful-618544.jpgSo what can we do that is a more practical answer than just going on a entire digital detox? We could instead flip our digital attitude… Learn to view the internet as a place where you occasionally visit, stop thinking of your digital device as something you are fixed to around the clock. By doing it this way you will be using technology instead of it using you. 


  • Use Tech Apps To Limit Your Tech Use – Install on your device an app that is designed to keep track of your device use. This may help you to actually see how much time of your day you are actually spending on your device (at first you may be shocked to see how long you are using it for.) When you see your device use data it may benefit you because you are simply being made aware of how many minutes or perhaps hours that you are spending on your technology, so it may just be your prompt to help you to cut back on that time. 
  • Decide On Your Favourites – Why not try making a list of all the devices you own, all the social networks you use regularly and all of your apps too. Then decide on which ones you really really need. Don’t fret about missing out on some minor short term pleasure or interesting diversion…the key is to be building a good life. With less apps, social media and devices you would of kept the most useful ones personally to you, and therefore you are building your good life because you aren’t being sidetracked or wasting minutes on the ‘just an interesting diversion’ ones. 
  • Stop Your Notifications! – How can anyone reduce their technology usage with a tempting pop up notification…of course anyone would naturally look ASAP to see what it was that just flashed up on the screen. So simply put…Just switch them off. Turn off your ‘push notifications’ and then you won’t be alerted to every single message pop up, email pop up, tweet pop up, like pop up and so on. 

If you are personally looking for ways to cut down on your technology usage without going on a radical digital detox then I really do hope you find these 3 ways of doing that helpful. They are pretty simple ways that anyone can really try out and see which ones work best for you…Maybe they all will. You’ll just have to try out to find out!beautiful-fashion-furnitures-1591952

Love, Charlotte



6 thoughts on “Unplug To Plug In… How To Use Your Technology More Mindfully

  1. I’m really trying to cut down the amount of time I’m spending staring at my phone. I’ve had all notifications for social media off for about a year now and I recently switched off my email notifications, and it’s really made a difference! I use the bog-standard iPhone screen time reader to see how long I spend on my phone, and recently I’ve really been cutting down.
    Great post with lots of helpful tips!

    Love, Soph x

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    1. Wow good for you! You already do all these tips then! It’s wonderful to know these small changes really make a difference! Thank you ever so much for taking the time to write this and to let me know how you have found it in the past by doing similar things. Thank you for stopping by lovely! Will check out your blog also XO


  2. I can definitely say, that cutting down is very difficult to do, especially when working from home. The other day I had finished all of my work, and with nothing to do, kept narcotically checking my phone. I mean, all the things! Twitter, FB, Insta, Snap, email. If I had it I checked it. I did this for more than an hour. I then put my phone in my room and when for a walk. So, crazy to think there was time that you actually had to wait for it to ring and hoped you were home to answer.

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    1. Thank you for reading my post and for your honest and brilliant comment. Definitely in life right now we are so used to just always having technology around us and things at the click of a button so of course it is difficult to cut back abit. It’s great that you chose to go for a walk and get out for abit, It definitely does wonders to get some time away from our screens. Haha, yes it is crazy! It’s crazy how far technology has come in such short amount of time but it’s still great to keep that balance in our lives too. Xx


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