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It’s time for Moi-Meme Spring 2019 box review! This Spring theme is called The Refresh Box. This theme is perfect for the Spring season, everything is starting to feel abit more fresher and brighter and Moi-Meme have included products that are all to do with freshening things up. Their selection of products that they have chosen are absolutely spot on in my opinion!P4071426.JPG


ELIE BEAUMONT London Watch (£59-£69) P4071460.JPGOh wow! Oh wow! Oh wow! I had to start with this item first as for me this is the star piece! I could not believe it when I saw this item in the box…we are incredibly lucky to of received such a beautiful gift. This is a stunning watch by Elie Beaumont London. They come in a variety of colours and the one I got given would of definitely been the one I would of personally chosen! Its Pink with Rose Gold!! It is absolutely stunning. The watch looks classy, elegant and simplistic with a lovely big clock face. I still am in total shock that Moi-Meme included this watch in their subscription box, it is my favourite item by far that they have ever added to their boxes. There are loads of different watch selections and colours to choose from on their website and they retail for about £59 to £69. The strap is so soft and is genuine leather and it comes in a lovely little pouch to keep it protected when not wearing.

Seriously Gorgeous!! XO


UpCircle Coffee Face Scrub (£13) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have not heard of this brand before but they have apparently been featured in Vogue, Elle, Grazia, The Telegraph and more. They are a brand with a difference. Uniquely they use 100% natural ingredients and also reused ingredients too! Their range of scrubs, serums, soaps etc…are made from used coffee grounds and brewed Chai tea spices which have been collected from over 80 artisan coffee shops around London. I think that is absolutely amazing! I received their affordable £13 Coffee Face Scrub (100ml) in the Herbal formula. They have 3 different ranges…Citrus for normal to dry skin, Floral for sensitive skin and Herbal for Oily to combination. My skin is a combination of dry and oily depending on the weather I would say so the Herbal one I received suits my skin type well. It has Rosemary, Thyme, Petitgrain and Tea Tree Essential Oils included. The Arabica coffee grounds and Shea Butter help to buff away dead skin cells and leave the skin feeling smooth and soft and refreshed. I am excited to try this out.

Moi-Meme Votive Candle (Up to 30 hour burn time) (£8)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis must be such an exciting release for Moi-Meme they have introduced a new range of Moi-Meme candles. They are testing it out with two votive size candles. One fragrance is Stargazer Lily and Hibiscus and the other is Limeleaf and Ginger. I received the Limeleaf and Ginger scent. It is a very gorgeous fragrance which smells super crisp and clean. I think I will burn mine after my tidy house sessions as it smells extremely refreshing and cleansing. The candle itself is made from Natural Plant based Soy Wax and has no petroleum or animal wax content and most importantly no nasty chemicals, these are the main things that I look for in scented candles…So they get a big thumbs up from me! The candle itself is such a cute small travel size so I am surprised it claims to burn for up to 30 hours…so that is incredible if it really does! I would love to try out the other scent too so I may have to buy it from their shop very soon. They retail for £8 each. 

Moi-Meme A5 Notebook (£5) P4071432.JPGI love that this box has included some personal items made by Moi-Meme. The second Moi-Meme product is this A5 notebook. It’s just your standard plain paged notebook perfect for doodling, to do lists or note taking. They have 4 designs and I received the Warm Marble one which I love. They each retail for £5.

MIA Cosmetics Paris Lip Balm (£15) P4071439.JPGMIA Cosmetics Paris do a range of lip and nail products that have respect for animal welfare and the environment. They use natural botanical extracts and vitamins and include their own innovative formulations that eliminate toxic and harmful ingredients usually found in cosmetics. They are also always cruelty free. So by all of this already are such a wonderful brand to support and buy from.

We received their cruelty free and vegan Lip Balm which retails for £15. It nourishes and hydrates dry lips just like any other good branded lip balm. It is blended with Shea Butter, Monoi Butter, Argan Oil and is also packed with Omega 6, Omega 3 and Vitamin E. I hadn’t heard of Monoi Butter before so I did some research and it contains the essence of the tropical Tiare flower which provides alot of nourishment but also gives this lip balm a delicious exotic fragrance. Honestly, this is the best smelling lip balm that I have ever smelt. I think this Lip balm has converted me to use this daily already. Aswell as it’s incredible exotic smell it is so moisturising for your lips. I put this on and my lips are so smooth and soft already just after one coat and not sticky or tacky at all! P4071441.JPGIt also has a very unique looking lip balm stick. It’s so hard to describe but my best description of it would be: It’s a sort of transparent neon pinky/red/orange hued lip balm. Once on the lips it subtly gives your lips a subtle pink sheen which I love. I’m not sure if it’s designed to do that but it did on my lips, it looked lovely anyway. Seriously though the smell is incredible and I may just pull this out of my bag every now and again for a little delicious sniff….(not sounding too weird haha.)

Lavolio Nutty Mini Eggs (£6)  P4071446.JPGLavolio has a boutique confectionery store in Parsons Green in London and also their products are available to buy online too. This is probably the cutest box of chocolates that I have ever seen. This is a box of their Nutty Mini Eggs (perfect for Easter) which retail for £6. Sadly, I am not a fan of nuts so I will be giving this away as a small gift however, they are so much more than just a box of chocolates as they are handmade by Artisan Italian Confectioners using traditional methods and all natural ingredients. Their range are made in Italy using different types of nuts, coffee, real fruit, spices and vegetarian jellies. I love the little pretty keepsake tin that it is presented in and this is a more sophisticated Easter gift. P4071443.JPG

Overall, this Spring Box is incredible! I think this is my favourite Moi-Meme box that I have received. Having such a beautiful watch included in the box was just such a treat and an amazing surprise! Moi-Meme include products from unique brands and every box they dispatch has a lovely variety of items included, if you love the contents of this box and their previous boxes I highly recommend subscribing to them. The box retails for £54.95 and it is so worth it! The total worth of this box added up to a massive £116. And as it’s quarterly why not put £18.31 aside each month…then it kind of ends up being like a monthly more affordable box which gets delivered to you every 3 months.

If you are thinking about subscribing to Moi-Meme or want to try out a box then I have a personal code that will give you £5 off your first box! BEYOUCHAR5-2(Please Note – This is NOT a sponsored post I buy these boxes with my own money as I fell in love with the box itself…Moi-Meme gave me the chance to give others £5 off their first box so gave me this personal code to share with all of you lovely readers if your interested in subscribing yourself.)Love, Charlotte





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