Afternoon Lovelies, 

April’s Glossybox is a special edition one. This month Glossybox was celebrating the start of Spring with their Fruity or Floral box editions. I was hoping for the Floral one however I received Fruity. Here is my review of what was inside the Fruity themed box!

In love with the box design! XO




DR. BOTANICALS Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping MaskP4131475.JPGThis sleeping mask is by DR. BOTANICALS. It’s rich in pomegranate which is super moisturising for the skin and has a vegan formula that nourishes and hydrates. You literally leave this mask on your face before bed and as your asleep just let the mask work it’s magic so you wake up with a refreshed and energised complexion. We received their Deluxe Mini size which retails at £14 for 30ml. I’ve not tried a sleep mask before so i’ll be curious to see how my skin looks and feels upon waking. 

DR. PAW PAW Hot Pink Balm P4131482.JPGThis is a lip balm which includes the pawpaw fruit in it’s formula…this is extremely moisturising. If you have tried the Dr. Paw Paw Original Balm you will know that it contains a fruity formula, this one has the same formula but it also has the added bonus of including an on-trend pink tint. Perfect for a lip balm. The lip balm itself is nourishing and hydrating for lips. This retails for £6.95. 

ORIGINAL SOURCE Apple & Melon Shower GelP4131478.JPGThis is a delicious smelling shower gel by Original Source. It’s fragrance is Apple & Melon and it is so yummy. It contains vitamins, antioxidants and other moisturising ingredients that will nourish your body whilst showering. It only retails for £2.30 so is super affordable and it’s also paraben free and vegan. Can’t wait to use this in my next shower, my bathroom and I will both smell amazing!


JEANNE ARTHES You’re One In A Melon Eau De Parfum P4131484.JPGI remember when Glossybox included Jeanne Arthes before in the past and they gave us a beautiful fragrance to try out quite awhile back. So i was delighted to see another Jeanne Arthes perfume in the box! It’s definitely a fruity one! It has a lovely fruity packaging design that also matches the design on the Glossybox lid! P4131485.JPGThis perfume is a blend of Tangerine, Blackcurrant and Passion fruit with other notes of Raspberry, Peach and Apple. It retails for £20.99 and although it smells lovely it isn’t really the type of scent that I would personally wear myself. It would of been nice to try out the Floral one (which was in the Floral Edition box.)


HAIRFLICK Hair VitaminsP4131477.JPGThese are some blue, raspberry flavoured hair vitamins that are scientifically formulated to support hair growth. They contain a complex blend of vitamins and biotin. You take two of these gummies a day and apparently it will promote healthy locks. These are in the travel size pack which lasts 1 week and retails for £4.99. The full size lasts 1 month and are £19.99. Not too sure I will use these however, it’s nice to see something like this included in a Glossybox!

PALMER’S Natural Fusions Chia Seed & Argan Oil Hair MaskP4131480.JPGI love a hair mask so I am excited about this product! This is an intensive and deeply conditioning hair mask that nourishes. It contains Argan Oil which is perfect for hydrating and rejuvenating dull hair and has Chia Seeds which help protect it. We received a Deluxe Mini (30g) worth £1.99 and the full size is 60g for £2.99. So super affordable again! I love the packaging design and this was Glossybox’s extra little treat for the box. 

Overall, I liked this box but I didn’t love it. I’m more floral than fruity so it would of been nice to have the option to pick your favourite box however, the product variety had a good selection which I was pleased about. There was a perfume, and a couple of products for your hair and skin too! The total box’s worth came to £51.22. Hopefully I will love next month’s box a little more. Love, Charlotte


  1. Ooo I love fruity health & beauty stuff so this would have been perfect for me.
    I’ve not tried a sleep mask before either.. wouldn’t that be messy? I have a feeling I’d wake up & my face would be stuck to the pillow. It’ll be interesting to hear how you find that one!
    Pawpaw isn’t something I’d come across before in a balm, I quite like the sound of that as it has a tint to it while also being really moisturising.
    Yay an Original Source I’ve not tried yet! Apple & melon sounds lovely, will have to pick one of those up if I see it! 🙂
    Great review, the selection in this box sounds fab =]
    Caz xx

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    1. Glad you liked the look of this box!
      Haha *my face would be stuck to the pillow* So funny! Yes I totally agree with you on the sleep mask I thought that too…I haven’t tried it out yet but I can imagine it would seep into your skin abit probably…can’t imagine anyone would want to buy a product that makes you have a sticky face all night!
      I had a look at Boots and they have the Original Source on offer atm so definitely pick some up while it’s even more of a bargain!
      Thanks for the comment and thank you for reading the post lovely! Take Care XO

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