Afternoon Lovelies, 

Last week I wrote a post about things that I have been doing recently that have helped me with my overall mental wellbeing. If you missed it you can read it here. In the post I wrote about a new daily diary that I have been filling out called My Thoughtful Diary by AabeCreative. I briefly went into detail about the diary but because I have found it so useful and very helpful I wanted to write a more in depth review about it. So here goes…P5051504.JPG


In a nutshell, My Thoughtful Diary is a 12 month, undated diary where you can track your moods, sleep, thoughts and feelings. If you experience anxiety, depression, physical pain, mood changes or stress it is a brilliant way to help you to understand yourself abit better by tracking how you are feeling and also being able to see what your possible triggers are. It’s a brilliant little book to keep track of yourself in a positive way and it’s a place where you can also see your progression so far. 

The actual diary is handmade and has been made with such good quality, very professional overall. There are a range of different covers available for the diary. I chose the front cover called ‘Cutie Stars'(which is just so adorable.) The diary is priced at £13.25 however, some covers cost slightly more which then makes the diary price £15.95 (but in my opinion it’s worth it if you love a certain cover.) You can also get the diary personalised for another added extra little fee.

The size of the diary is A5, which is a handy size if you want to carry it around or take it anywhere with you. It has 142 pages (71 sheets) altogether. Like I said before, the diary is very professional looking. The front cover is made of a lovely thick, smooth glossy piece of card which has a thick protective plastic cover infront. The back cover is an extra thick piece of white card with a lovely little ‘Handmade in Sunny Wales’ Sign. The inside paper is very good quality also, each full with lovely colours.

When the diary arrived in the post is was packaged beautifully. Each item was wrapped in a stripey colourful tissue paper and it is very obvious that the creators put lots of care into everything, even down to the way they package their items.

They also create a couple of accessories for their planners and diaries too. I looked in their sale section and they had a lovely pink star bookmark….and because it matched the diary I was getting I thought why not! The accessories are a decent price…I got the star bookmark for just £2 (in sale.) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

AabeCreative do lots of other diaries and planners so if you are interested they are definitely a site to check out what products they offer. 


MY THOUGHTFUL DIARY OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is the daily place that you capture what has happened that day. At the top of each day you rate your general mood. Then there is a box space for you to record any feelings, thoughts or what you did that day. Below that is a My Plans section where you write what your plan is for the day and there is a little check box to tick if you managed to achieve what you set out to do. Below that is a ‘smiley face’ icon, there is space for you to write a positive thing that happened to you that day and then below that is a ‘4 U’ box where you write about what time out for yourself you had that day. 

Here is an example page that is included in the diary of what you can write about in each box.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

At the end of every week there is also a Weekly Reflection type box where you can write down how your week was and what your plans are for the next week. 

MY MOOD CHARTP5051513.JPG This is just 2 pages of the diary but covers January to December. Here you can daily track your mood. There is a Key Section at the top where you can write your moods and below is the Colour section where you can use a highlighter and chose which colour you are having for each individual mood. Then below you can just highlight how you were feeling that day. You can choose whatever mood you want to track for your own individual needs. 

MY SLEEP MONITOR P5051509.JPGThis is a place where you can track how much sleep you had and how you felt in the morning upon waking. There is a space for the Date, Nap hours, Bedtime hours and (rate) Morning mood. 

MY HEALTH, MY MINDFULNESS, MY SCRIBBLES – (I haven’t photographed these as I had already filled out with personal stuff, so i’ll describe as best I can.)

These pages have 4 big boxes on each. For the My Health pages there is a box to jot down your; Medication, Vitamins, Supplements and then an empty box for anything you want to write that hasn’t been covered. For the My Mindfulness pages there is; What helps me relax, What I should avoid, Ideas to push out of my comfort zone and again an empty box for anything else you want to write down. My scribbles is at the back of the book and is just a few empty pages of anything you want to write or maybe doodle down. 


For me I struggle with anxiety and panic attacks and I came across this diary recently when I had been going through abit of a bad patch again with it all. I wanted a place where I could write down how I was feeling and my thoughts and see how I could help myself. I also wanted a place where I could track down my daily general moods as it’s very easy to think everyday feels the same and everyday isn’t a good one when your feeling your lowest. It’s been a wonderful way to show myself that I don’t feel my anxiety and panic attacks everday and I do have many good days where I feel mentally stronger. Writing daily in this diary has been a great way to reflect positively on each day and to set myself little plans for the next week ahead which I can stick to and achieve. 

I feel that this diary has boosted my overall mental wellbeing as I can see my progression and also the amount of good days I have compared to the more wobbly days. This has made me look at my anxiety in a more positive way and I now have a place where I can jot down anything that comes to mind or rate how I feel without any judgement. I would highly recommend to anybody, for me it’s money well spent. Love, Charlotte



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