NuMe Octowand 8-In-1 Curling Wand Review – SPONSORED

Evening Lovelies,

(This post is sponsored by NuMe)

I have a super exciting post for you all today. I recently got contacted by the hair styling company NuMe. If i’m totally honest I had never heard of this company before but when they messaged me I straight away checked out their website and was very interested in what products they create. You can search their website yourself by clicking here.

For those of you who don’t know NuMe sell a big selection of heat styling tools, from hairdryers, curling wands and straighteners to different hair accessories too. All of their ranges look so stylish and high-end. I loved seeing that all of NuMe styling tools feature 100% Tourmaline & Stone Ceramic components (unlike some heat styling tools that use low quality components.) After I checked out the whole of the NuMe website I fell in love with what they sell so I felt honoured that they wanted to collaborate together… of course I agreed!

I actually was in need of a new curling wand and I have been super lucky as NuMe were so generous to let me try out their NuMe Octowand – 8-in-1 Curling Wand Set. Basically this is not just 1 curling wand… this creates 8 different curling styles!! So this is my review on the NuMe Octowand 8-In-1 Curling Wand.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJust a little note – This is a sponsored post however, like always when writing a sponsored post I am being totally honest whilst reviewing. All my reviews featured on my blog are 100% genuine and are my own honest opinion which will be based from my experience of trying out and using the product. If I recommend any product it is only ones that I love and I would NEVER promote products to my readers that I didn’t love myself.


P5121507.JPGIf you love beautiful voluminous curled hair…this mega set is definitely what your hair styling tool collection needs. The Octowand is a curling wand with so many different curling styles to choose from! One day you can create tight ringlets and the next loose, sexy beachy waves. With a interchangeable 8 in 1 wand it is so quick and easy to create the curls that you desire. What I love about this wand is that is uses far infrared heat and negative ions which means that the curler eliminates any frizzy hair and locks in moisture keeping it in a healthy condition. The set retails for $199.00. That may seem like quite a big price tag however you get so much for your money! You get a travel/carry case with a heat resistant glove and 8 different curling wands to choose from. You literally wouldn’t need another curling wand because you have a huge variety of curling styles to choose from just from this one bag!

This set is packaged in a beautiful travel case which is extremely convenient (surprisingly lightweight) and is a good travel friendly size. The case has a zip closure so all the set is locked in securely. P5121500.JPG

The set contains eight 100% tourmaline ceramic barrels which creates curls that are long-lasting with a beautiful end shine. Each barrel is rather impressive as the Octowand is the only set that NuMe do currently which have a cool tip on each barrel. The cool tip is a very well thought of idea. The end of each barrel doesn’t get hot and is cool to touch so you can hold the barrel in place to give more control whilst using. The eight different barrels in the set are; 13mm, 19mm, 19mm Cone, 25mm, 25mm Cone, 32mm, Pearl and Reverse. 

Below are the eight different barrels included – From Left (being 1) to Right (being 8) they are;P5121520.JPG

  1. Pearl
  2. 19mm Cone
  3. 13mm
  4. Reverse
  5. 25mm Cone
  6. 32mm
  7. 25mm
  8. 19mm

The set also comes with a very handy heat resistant glove. So you can safely use the curling wand without any worries about being burnt.P5121516.JPG

The wand is so quick and easy to change. The ends on each barrel fit nice and snug into the wand itself and on the wand there is an unlock and lock sign. To put a barrel in you keep it on the unlock sign and as soon as it’s slotted into place you can turn the dial to lock and it keeps the barrel in tight and secure, it’s not wobbly at all. Then once your done with the barrel leave it to cool and then switch the dial to unlock again to pull the barrel out. Easy as that!

NuMe Octowand
Left Octowand wand… Right Barrel fitting.
Unlock and Lock Dial
Wand fix completed.

The wand has temperature control buttons too. So you can pick your desired temperature, this ranges from 170°F to 450°F. Which is 76°C to 232°C. It heats up very fast and you don’t have to spend much time waiting around for it to reach the temperature you want. The blue light will change to green once it has been heated to desired temperature.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Temperature reached

NuMe is an American company so it has the standard american plug fitting.P5121585.JPG However, as i’m from the UK I needed to get an adaptor to use it. That wasn’t a problem to find though. So if you are buying internationally I suggest purchasing your country’s adaptor so you can use upon arrival. P5121583.JPG


  • This set is safe for all hair types.
  • The Octowand is an 11 piece set… Travel/Carry Case, Heat Resistant Glove, wand base and 8 different sized barrels. (Like mentioned above; Pearl, 19mm Cone, 13mm, Reverse, 25mm Cone, 32mm, 25mm and 19mm.)
  • Uses Far infrared heat – which directly moves into hair follicle and out to cuticle to give protection to the hair overtime.
  • Uses Negative Ion Conditioning Technology – which helps maintain moisture and eliminates any frizzy hair by closing the hair’s cuticle.
  • The barrels are made from 100% Tourmaline Ceramic- which allows a friction-free and smooth surface which reduces hair breakage and evenly conducts the Far Infrared heat.
  • Heat temperature control. Between 170°F to 450°F. (76°C to 232°C.)
  • Digital display and LCD screen transition colours. Blue to Green once temperature has been reached.
  • On and Off Switch button and temperature control buttons too. 10 to 60 minute automatic shutoff for safety is also included.
  • Unlock and Lock wand dial for securing each barrel.
  • Full rotating swivel power cord. (easy to use at any angle of the head without cable interference.)


I tried the different curling barrels out on my 100% human hair extensions (Hair extensions by Hair Rehab London.), so you could see what curls each barrel makes. I also added a picture of a single curl so the difference in curl was more noticeable. After I curled the whole of the bigger weft piece I also ran my fingers slightly through the curls (some may look a little fly away as I used no product to tame it down afterwards.) 

Each barrel length is 6 inches.


The Pearl barrel creates bouncy natural waves.


The 19mm Cone barrel creates ringlets to spirals.


The 13mm barrel creates spiral curls.

REVERSE4. Revese (tight ringlets to beach waves).JPGWand 4.JPG

The reverse barrel creates tight ringlets to beach waves.


The 25mm Cone barrel creates soft curls to tighter ringlets.


The 32mm barrel creates beach waves.

32mm Barrel in Natural Hair (no extensions.) 


The 25mm barrel creates glam curls.


The 19mm barrel creates tight ringlets.


I have fallen completely in love with this set!! I highly recommend to anybody who is searching for the best curling wand out on the market! For me this is the best one as it creates eight different curls so it’s the only wand you would need in your curl hair styling tool collection. I feel incredibly grateful to of been able to try this amazing curling wand out and I am so happy I got to review this product for you all. I really hope that if you’ve been on the look out for a curling wand then this post helps you to decide if it’s right for you.

Honestly, I would buy this one myself (even from my own money.) Everything about this wand is perfect and the end results of the curls are just gorgeous! I haven’t had any problems with this wand since receiving and the delivery was quite fast seem as though it was internationally sent. NuMe customer service is also wonderful, they are quick and efficient with replies if you have any enquiries or queries. So a trusted company for sure.

I love absolutely everything about this Octowand Set. Every piece included is of high quality and every little detail has been thought about…from the cool tips at the end of each barrel to the automatic shut off and to the different barrel sizes. As i’m being totally honest whilst writing this review I really wanted to think of a con with all of these pros I have (to make the review fair on both sides.) I racked my brain and the only thing I could honestly think of would be if NuMe actually labelled each barrel so you know which size is which. I think that would help alot of people actually know which barrel they are using. After finding out for myself which size was which I decided to write on a piece of paper and keep it in the case and i’ll make sure that the barrels stay in the order that I wrote them down (if that makes sense haha), then I will always know which one is which. But apart from that I can’t think of anything else which needs improvement! It’s an overall wonderful and super easy to use hair styling tool! 

I have truly loved writing this blog post for you all. I really hope this helps anybody out there looking for a new curling wand or if your wanting to purchase the Octowand already but wanting to look at a few reviews first before making a final decision I also hope this helps you. It has been an absolute pleasure working with NuMe and I wanted to end the post by saying a massive thank you for choosing to collaborate with me at beyoutifulinsideout. Love, Charlotte




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