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It’s time for a review of June’s Glossybox. This month is a Summer Soiree edit. Summer is full of different events from casual barbecues to formal weddings and garden parties, so this month Glossybox have included products that will help keep you looking stunning no matter what your getting up to. I do like the idea of a box theme like this as there’s a good variety of products included…there’s something for skincare, haircare and beauty this month. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



MODELCO Lip Creme MatteP6221648.JPGThis is a lip creme by ModelCo in Peachy Nude. The lip creme has a matte finish and claims to be long lasting and highly pigmented. It is the latest edition to ModelCo’s lipstick range so it’s pretty cool to have a new product included. Unfortunately for me I’m not too keen on the shade. It looks like a super pretty nude in the packaging but it’s actually got a coral tone to it once applied. However if you do like the sound of this shade it would flatter all skin types I would say. It retails for £15.

In my personal opinion Glossybox can sometimes be a hit and miss with lip products, because there isn’t a choice in what shade would be a preference and often I receive shades I wouldn’t like to personally wear. Unfortunately this time for me this product was a miss.

SLEEK MAKEUP Face Form Contouring PaletteP6221649.JPGThis is a full size contour palette from Sleek. It retails for £9.99 and there are a few shades available. Glossybox included two palettes either the Fair or the Light one I received the Fair palette. I personally wouldn’t use this as a contour palette as it’s a tad too light for my skintone as I do love my fake tan however, they would make gorgeous eyeshadows I think. It’s a three in one contour kit with one contour shade, a highlighter shade and a blusher. The shades are gorgeous and they are pigmented nicely too. P6221652.JPG

MEECH N MIA Eyeshadow Chubby P6221655.JPGThis is a gold eyeshadow pencil from a brand I haven’t come across before Meech and Mia. I have honestly never used an eyeshadow pencil so it’ll be interesting to see how this works and how long lasting it is once applied. It apparently has a creamy formula and can be used alone or blended into other shadows aswell. It’ll be interesting to try this one out! It retails for £12.99. The shade itself is gorgeous and looks like a sun ready shade for the summertime. 


AVANT Pro Perfecting Collagen Touche Eclat Primer P6221646.JPGI love Avant products and recently have been getting a couple in beauty boxes so i’m thrilled to have another Avant product to try out again. This is a high end primer that is lightweight and has a silky texture to it. It claims to soften and mattify complexion whilst reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It retails for £85…so pretty pricey and Glossybox was so so generous and included a full size version of it! Each application you only need a pea sized amount so it looks like it might last a good amount of time. I can’t wait to see if this makes a difference to the staying power of my makeup! 


HASK Deep Conditioning TreatmentP6221643.JPGWe received a HASK hair treatment in a previous Glossybox and they are back by apparently popular demand. This time I received the Macadamia Oil hair mask which is perfect for dry and damaged hair…not something I need at the moment but it maybe useful in the future. It’s a very moisturising deep conditioner which retails for £2.49. The hair masks claim to nourish, purify and replenish your locks and will leave them with a shine and frizz free too. I do love treating myself to a good hair mask so I’m happy to of received another one.  

Overall, this box was a good one. There was a great variety of different products like a primer, different makeup items and something for the hair. However, I’m not too keen on the lip creme shade and am not too keen on having an eyeshadow which is applied like a pencil. My favourite item was of course the AVANT primer and I love how generous Glossybox are with giving full sizes and high end products are included too. This June box came to a big total worth of £125.47! Which is brilliant value for money as I paid just over £10 for this box! 

I would love to know down in the comments if you received this box and what your thoughts on this month’s Glossybox was? Or if you didn’t personally receive a box which product from my review looks the best to you and something that you would love to try out? I would love to know! Love, Charlotte  

2 thoughts on “GLOSSYBOX (UK REVIEW) JUNE 2019

  1. OMG I’d love to get the AVANT Pro Perfecting Collagen Touche Eclat Primer but £85 is insane! I’m not saying I wouldn’t get it, but it would have to be out of this world lol. I’ve not seen another blogger review the brand actually, so it was intriguing to hear your thoughts. Thanks for sharing your post x

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