Morning Lovelies, 

Hands up if your a hayfever sufferer… *Me. Raises hand super high in the air.* I can relate to you if you are struggling with hayfever this season. Runny and congested nose, watery and itchy eyes, sneezing…the list goes on and symptoms of hayfever are definitely not pleasant! Suffering from hayfever really can put a downer on your days but there is good news as you can do things to help ease your symptoms. There are lots of over the counter relief products to try and help relieve some of your hayfever symptoms but for people looking for more natural alternatives I have written a list of 5 ideas where hopefully at least one will help to ease the symptoms. 

  1. HONEYCOMB – This is more effective if you take this on a daily basis during the months before hayfever season begins…one to remember for next year. Eating a piece of fresh honeycomb once or twice daily (about the size of a 10p coin) can amazingly help to decrease your sensitivity to pollen through the stimulation of blocking antibodies.
  2. FENUGREEK TEA – Tealovers out there will love this one. Drinking two to three cups of Fenugreek tea daily can actually help to prevent nasal passage and sinus congestion and irritation. 
  3. FISH OIL – Take a fish oil supplement daily. Fish oils have been known to reduce inflammation as it blocks the inflammatory pathway which causes hayfever symptoms and therefore eases or reduces them. 
  4. ROSEWATER – I love love love rosewater as it has many beneficial properties. One of them is that it is cooling and an anti-inflammatory. A facial rosewater spray is effective in relieving hayfever symptoms like inflammation and itching. Not only that but it also smells florally divine and is very refreshing in the summer months. 
  5. NASAL IRRIGATION – You can make your own natural nasal irrigation by getting a Neti pot (sort of like a small teapot), and pour into each nostril twice a day a mixture of warm water and salt (this is called a saline solution.) This helps to reduce hayfever symptoms. 

I hope you find that one or more of these natural alternatives help ease your hayfever symptoms. I find the Honeycomb, Rosewater and Fenugreek tea the most effective for me personally. Remember that everything works differently for each person and there isn’t a one remedy that fits all…It’s all about finding out what is the most effective for you. I’m sure that there are more than 5 natural alternatives out there (so do some more research into these if your interested) but, I wrote down the main ones that I have heard of. Love, Charlotte



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