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(This post is sponsored by Femme Luxe)

For my regular readers you will know that in the past I had been given the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with a UK clothing brand called Femme Luxe. I have been choosing a few items each time to try on and give my honest review about them on my blog. I have done a couple of these clothing haul reviews in the past and Femme Luxe asked if I wanted to collaborate again and review some new pieces so of course I said yes as my experience with them before was great in every way. It’s been such a wonderful opportunity to work alongside a clothing company and I feel very lucky to be doing this. (I hope you enjoy the clothing haul also as I don’t often write about fashion on my blog.) All of the Femme Luxe items I have received so far have been wonderful and exceeded my expectations in quality! You can view my other outfit pieces in my previous posts if your interested. They are all under the title of ‘FEMME LUXE CLOTHING HAUL REVIEW – SPONSORED.’

Like always my sponsored posts are always 100% my honest opinion and I will share the link to each item below each picture so you can go check it out if you love the look. Lastly, thank you to Femme Luxe for sending me these lovely pieces!

White Rainbow Stripe Oversized T-Shirt Dress – Nova

White Rainbow Stripe Oversized T-Shirt Dress – Nova

White Rainbow Stripe Oversized T-Shirt Dress – Nova

I love an oversized t-shirt style dress and this one is gorgeous. I wouldn’t usually pick an item that had multi colours in it but I thought this rainbow style stripe t-shirt was so cute! It’s lovely and baggy and super comfortable to lounge around in. The material itself is lightweight and so soft. It’s just your standard oversized t-shirt dress with a lovely pattern and made from good quality. I personally wouldn’t wear this out although some people might but I definitely will wear this as a cute lounge mini casual dress.

Beige Loungewear Tracksuit Set – Maria

Beige Loungewear Tracksuit Set – Maria

Beige Loungewear Tracksuit Set – Maria

I love Femme Luxe tracksuit/loungewear sets. They are just so comfy. This one is a lovely beige marl shade and the material is super soft. It surprised me at how wonderful the quality of this loungewear set was… The top fitted lovely with a very comfortable fit…not too tight and the sleeve length was perfect. The bottoms fit lovely too and the length of the bottoms was perfect aswell. I’m 5 ft 9 so sometimes things come up short on the leg area however, these went right down to the bottom of my ankle which was fab! Finally a tracksuit/loungwear set with a decent size leg length for us taller girls. I love everything about this loungewear set, I have a feeling I will be wearing this alot and it’s definitely in my top favourites. 

White This Is My Day Off Sweat Shirt Print Sweater – Aubree

White This Is My Day Off Sweat Shirt Print Sweater – Aubree

White This Is My Day Off Sweat Shirt Print Sweater – Aubree

This is their white slogan sweater, the majority of my oversized sweatshirts have slogans on them and this one is a much appreciated new edition to my collection. Probably one of the softest sweaters that I have ever felt and it is a lovely quality. Not too thick but not thin either. It’s a white sweatshirt that says “This Is My Day Off Sweatshirt” a perfect item of clothing just to slip on when it’s a casual day and be styled instantly and effortlessly. On a lounge day inside this is perfect as it’s a lovely length where you can get away with wearing it as a sweater type dress (maybe with a slight cheeky show…which isn’t too bad if your not going outside and just lounging around the house in.) Again totally in love with this item!

Overall, this has been a very successful clothing haul. All of the items I chose fitted perfectly, looked exactly like they did in the pictures online and the quality was great for each product. I couldn’t really choose a favourite as I loved each piece! Do you have a favourite outfit out of these choices? I would love to know so let me know down in the comments below.

I highly recommend that you check Femme Luxe out if you loved these items as on their website they offer amazing sales and deals everyday and it is so affordable! They have a massive selection of gorgeous and stylish clothing items so I know that you would find at least one thing that you fall in love with on their site. I hope you have loved seeing the new pieces that I have picked out from Femme Luxe this time and I love writing these clothing hauls and showing you the items available to purchase.

Love, Charlotte


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