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It’s the height of Summertime at the moment and as the hot weather kicks in the layers of clothes that usually cover our various body areas up are now put on show. I once read somewhere that people most feared the Summer season…The reason was what I just wrote in the previous sentence. They were worried about going on their holidays and showing off most parts of their bodies that would usually be covered up. How many of you reading this can relate to that? I remember after I read that I felt pretty shocked and felt quite sad that that’s how a big majority of people felt. Summer and holidays should be a time to kick back, soak up the sunshine, release any tension and worries and just to relax and enjoy. 

I read that a few years back now and luckily since then there have been inspirational body positive speakers, some brands embracing the love of all different sizes and shaped bodies and more acceptance and confidence in loving our own bodies. Although we have come a good way in body positivity so far, there is still a long way to go. There’s still plenty of body shaming going on whether it be in magazines, social media platforms, newspapers or adverts etc…so the worries of getting into our summer outfits, swimsuits or bikinis are still felt by many. 

I’ve always had a massive passion for loving yourself and feeling comfortable in your own body. I do understand how hard it can be though especially if you’ve had negativity around your own body in the past or present. But if we learn to be body positive towards ourselves it can really make a huge difference.

How Could I Become More Body Positive?

Alot of body positivity I think comes from what we ourselves believe. If you start to realise that it doesn’t matter what other people think of you (but believe me it’s not a quick overnight change of thought) and the most important thing is how you feel about yourself, then you are already allowing yourself to love your own body and feel more comfortable in your own skin. Having a strong sense of self has a big impact on the way that other people see you and has a positive impact on your inner confidence too. You could start to introduce a meditation session into your daily routine to re-balance the relationship with yourself and reconnect with your inner self. I have done this myself and if your a total beginner to meditation I find Headspace Self Esteem Course super helpful and supportive to introduce this into your life. 

Getting Older And Embracing Body Positivity

I’m only 23 myself but obviously I am fully aware that our bodies go through many changes in our lives and getting older may bring it’s own body confidence issues too. I’ve spoken to women who are older than me, in their 40s and have always worn a bikini on the beach but started to wonder whether it’s the right thing to do now. They think should I be changing into a more acceptable one piece swimsuit (perhaps society tells us to do so with certain products aimed at certain ages.) However, they told me that although their bodies are certainly not the same as they were 20 years ago they actually feel more confidence and more happy in their own skin than ever before. So maybe they decide to wear their bikini this year or maybe they won’t…whatever they decide it will be because that’s how they feel comfortable and not because of what society tells them. Which is a great example of embracing your own body. 

It’s a fact of life that both women and men do store fat in certain areas and our bodies do change as we get older…we are all going to journey through this circle of life. So instead of criticising and shaming each other we should be teaming together to help one another to love ourselves. Be encouraging and supportive and inspire others whatever their shape, size or age. Motivation is such a powerful thing. 

The main point is that you have to love yourself and your beautiful body that you are in. We all have to accept where we are in our lives and we will all end up experiencing similar body changes, so we should be supporting and encouraging others daily. And always remember that; The most important relationship in your life is the one that you personally have with yourself. Love, Charlotte



  1. Hi. Great post and I agree with most of what you have said. Yes, we live in a society that places importance on body image. However, we also live in a society where people are letting themselves go and not focused on good health throught their life. People eat what they want when they want and gain weight then feel shame.

    The movement to except people as they are for who they are is only looking at one side of the story. We have clothing lines dedicated to making large size clothes, but no one is looking at the health aspect. I am 55 years old and 25 pounds over weight. How did this happpen? I got lazy. I like junk food. My doctor has given me my last warning. So far i am down ten pounds. Love the new energy, and how much better i feel in my clothes. I felt ashamed of how i neglected my health.

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    1. Thank you lovely for stopping by and for reading my post. I’m glad that you also commented your own opinions too as it’s great to get an insight into another persons view.

      I agree with you too for the health aspect also. But I feel like the majority of people do know that if you neglect your own body and don’t look after yourself health wise then it will affect your overall health in some way, so I didn’t feel that I needed to touch on that part. I didn’t want to touch too personally in my post or delve into the health aspects as for me the main point with body positivity is having the confidence to love the body you are presently in and not shame eachothers or be negative and judgemental but to support others instead. Like I mentioned before I totally understand your health aspect point and that’s a good addition to body positivity but I don’t want people to think they can only love their own body when they fit into ‘society standard’ or when they have a more ‘healthy body type.’

      Thank you for sharing your experience, that’s brilliant you’ve become motivated and lost some weight for health reasons. That’s a great achievement! And thank you for being honest in your comment too that takes alot of courage. All the best Xx


    2. P.S I forgot to mention in my above comment that I wasn’t just focusing on weight gain for body negativity, I was also involving all changes of our body…natural ageing, skin issues/problems like stretch marks, acne etc… Changes to the body that might make people feel very self conscious, upset and having feelings of negativity towards what they see as a ‘flaw’ on their body. Xx


  2. Woohooooo love this post! I’m now 30 (yikes!) and I’ve had issues with food, weight and body confidence… I can only say that it can ruin your life and you can miss out on a heck of a lot. It’s just not worth it. It’s a lot easier said than done but you’re so right in focusing on how we feel ourselves, realising that others don’t care (and if they do, we need the confidence to not give a rats ass). I’ve not checked out the Headspace Self Esteem Course but that’s a great tip as a little extra encouragement could go a long way for people!
    Caz xx

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