Morning Lovelies,

For August’s Beauty Box, LookFantastic chose the theme ‘Heatwave.’ They have included six summer essentials that will help you to embrace the warmer days and give your skincare and beauty collection a summer vibe feel. The box shade is perfect for the ‘Heatwave’ edition. It’s a vibrant orange which really reminds me of the sun, summer sunsets and warmth. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Just A Little Note – Every LookFantastic box comes with the latest edition of Elle Magazine which retails for £4.50. I haven’t photographed this because I want to show the products instead but wanted to let you know so you are aware that you would also receive this gift too! 


RITUALS ‘The Rituals Of Holi’ Body CreamOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love Rituals skincare, I have owned a few of their products before so I’m loving that this brand has been included. This is their body cream worth £6.90 for 100ml. It’s scent is Flamingo Flower and Pink Grapefruit which smells divine and is perfect for the summertime. I tried this out literally as soon as I had finished unboxing it and I found that it was so easy to massage into the skin, it left no sticky residue and my skin quickly soaked up the cream ensuring that my skin was moisturised and hydrated. I love it and it’s great for softening and conditioning your skin and the scent stays on for a decent amount of time.  

NATURA Herb Infused Sheet Mask OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAgain, lovely to see another face mask included also. One can never have too many face masks… I haven’t come across this one before. It’s worth £4.95 and is infused with Vitamins and Herbs which all help to brighten the skin’s complexion, rebalance it, reduce any enlarged pores and of course hydrate the skin too. I love face masks that allow you to just massage the excess serum in (no need to rinse off) after the mask treatment time has finished. You then know that the skin has really absorbed all the goodness in the mask and thankfully this one says to do that after the treatment which is perfect.


LUXIE 737 Tapered Highlighter BrushP8060172.JPG I already own a highlighting makeup brush that I love however, this brush is more on the expensive side of makeup brushes so it’ll be great to test out and see if there is a difference to the highlighter application. This tapered highlighter brush is by a brand called LUXIE and it’s number 737. Tapered highlighter brushes are perfect for precise application on the high points of the face. The brush also has super soft bristles and they are long too which will help to blend the powders in beautifully. It retails for £26.50.

BELLAPIERRE Heatwave Highlighting PaletteOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd what does anyone need when they receive a new highlighter makeup brush…yes you got it a highlighter product. So next, we have this gorgeous highlighting palette by bellapierre. It’s a LookFantastic Beauty Box exclusive and is worth £29.99. It consists of five gorgeous shimmery shades that are perfect for the summertime. There is a mixture of lighter and darker shades which I love. I bet these would also look super pretty for eyeshadow aswell. It’s nice to have a mini palette of different shaded highlighters in my vanity case.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

JAMES READ 1 Hour Glow Mask Face & BodyP8060164.JPG As I fake tan already I probably won’t be using this one as I don’t like to apply two different fake tans at once. This is an overnight gradual tan which claims to give you a sun-kissed glow. I haven’t tried this out so I can’t share my opinion on the product. But this is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Algae Extract and Aloe Vera which all helps to hydrate the skin. Hydrated skin will hopefully help the colour to last longer and fade evenly. It is apparently a colourless formula, which I don’t personally like. If I did try this out I am not a fan of fake tans with no guide colour as I never know where I have applied it and if any areas are missed (but that’s just my personal preference.) This 25ml bottle size is worth £12.50.  

DOUCCE Luscious Lip Stain (Holiday Getaway Shade)P8060173.JPGThis lip stain is by the brand DOUCCE and is in the shade ‘Holiday Getaway’ (perfect for the box theme.) It isn’t the type of shade that I personally like, it looks like a vibrant coral shade. It claims to be highly pigmented and lasts all day and this lip stain retails for £11.95. 

Overall, I liked this box. The total worth of this box came to £92.79. If i’m honest it hasn’t massively wowed me though. There is a good variety of products however for me they were abit hit and miss. I wasn’t keen on the coral Lip Stain shade and the 1 hour glow mask face & body gradual tan isn’t what I would of picked out myself. But with all negative views aside, I did love the Rituals body cream and the highlighter palette being a LookFantastic exclusive was a lovely touch.

Did you receive this months LookFantastic box? What are your thoughts on it? If you didn’t receive the August box then which products from my review do you like the look of the most? I would love to hear all of your thoughts and opinions so feel free to leave a comment below. Love, Charlotte




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