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This week I wanted to write about a very beneficial but super simple technique that has become more and more popular and well known. It’s called; Dry Brushing. You have probably already heard of this before and over the past few months I decided to try this out for myself and add it into my weekly skincare routine to see if it really does work. And my final thoughts are yes it honestly does, I would say that you and your skin will gain all kinds of benefits from it. After experiencing and trying out dry brushing myself and absolutely loving it I feel that it deserves a more in depth post on my blog about it’s big variety of benefits. 

Importance And Benefits Of Dry Brushing

Our skin is our largest organ so it is important to take care of it, doing so will also help us to look and feel good too and dry brushing is one of the ways in which we can take care of our skin.

Dry brushing as a regular routine will give your skin a type of gentle ‘detox.’ There are alot of ‘detox’ products out there on the market, from detox teas to diets and beauty products. There is also alot of controversy on whether we even need these products or if it is just another marketing idea to make more money. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion but I personally believe that our bodies naturally detox by themselves, if they didn’t then we would feel very ill with all of this toxic waste building up inside of us. That’s why for me taking care of our bodies inside and out is extremely important because when our bodies are at their healthiest they can perform at their best. So I don’t personally buy into the ‘detox’ products out there as I feel that my body does the job just fine. However with that being said, i’m all for trying out products that can stimulate the body and support it naturally. And it is known that dry brushing is a natural way to stimulate our Lymphatic System which will help our own bodies to remove the toxic waste at a faster rate naturally. 

As your brushing the skin it’s also a way of exfoliation. We are continually shedding skin cells but sometimes they don’t shed fast enough so can cause skin irritations like psoriasis, eczema and acne. Dry brushing can be a brilliant natural alternative treatment for these as it helps to release the toxins and get rid of the dead skin cells faster. 

There has also been evidence and research done that suggests dry brushing can even prevent and reduce cellulite. The research found that it can reduce the bumps and clumps that cellulite can cause. This hasn’t been scientifically backed up yet but I have personally known a couple of people who have tried dry brushing to smooth out the appearance of their more dimpled and lumpy skin areas and by dry brushing regularly they have seen a big improvement and reduction to their cellulite overall…which is incredible. 

Like mentioned at the start dry brushing stimulates the Lymphatic System. (The Lymphatic System is a network of tissues and organs which transports metabolic waste out of the body.) Alot of Lymph Nodes are positioned just under the skins surface so brushing is an effective way to stimulate them. When you become older the Lymphatic System becomes slower and this in turn compromises the Immune System. Obviously there are a variety of things you can do to improve your Immune System but you can also add dry brushing to the list aswell as it’s known to support the immune system too. 

Aswell as all of the above benefits of dry brushing it has also been known to help prevent ingrown hairs, decrease stress and increase your energy levels, help with ‘brain fog’ and boost blood circulation which gives your skin an overall healthy glow and can bring necessary nutrients to the skins surface. So as you can see there is a big variety of benefits with Dry Brushing.

The Type Of Brush Used

If you haven’t come across this before no don’t just grab any brush and start brushing your body like you would your hair…that will most likely become rather painful. Dry brushing is actually a very pleasant sensation and you need to purchase a specially designed brush made for body brushing these are soft but with dense and flexible hairs. If you feel you get too used to the soft types after body brushing for a while you can always change your brush to a slightly firmer one if you want (still designed for body brushing.) But either way you will still get the same benefits of body brushing whether you opt for a body brush that’s softer or slightly firmer. You can also purchase dry brushes with longer handles that are easier for harder to reach areas like your back which comes in handy. 

5 Simple But Useful Tips 

  1. Use a specially designed brush for body brushing (like stated above.) The best ones are made from natural fibres rather than synthetic and the bristles should be strong and dense but with flexibility and never use a regular dry brush on your face only ever use a specially designed facial brush.
  2. Always brush your skin before you shower. Never dry brush on wet skin. (Hense why it’s called DRY brushing.)
  3. Start off brushing the lower part of the body and then work your way up. Always use circular and upward movements toward your heart to work with your circulation and the Lymphatic System. Focus on one side of the body then the other. 
  4. Adjust the pressure of the brush for different parts of the body. It should feel comfortable but also stimulating to increase your circulation.
  5. In general you should dry brush one to two times each week. 

I find the variety of benefits from a regular dry brushing session incredible. You can give your skin and body some important tender loving care with this simple technique that is so easy to do and just takes a few minutes of your time each week. I would highly recommend dry brushing to anybody and see if it works for you.

I would love to know if you have tried dry brushing out before and what your experience with it was? Perhaps you are a lover of dry brushing and do regularly let me and others know down below! I would love to hear all of your thoughts and opinions on Dry Brushing so feel free to leave a comment.Love, Charlotte


  1. I have tried body brushing but it’s something I always struggle to stick to regularly. I do like that it helps cellulite and I may start doing again for this reason. Thanks for sharing x


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