The Rose…

Morning Lovelies, 

Roses are my favourite flower. They not only looks stunningly beautiful in bloom but they also have so many beautiful qualities too. In Ayurveda the rose is linked to the heart it is said to be the ‘queen of flowers’ as it is healing, nurturing and heart-opening. If you are into Chakras then you would be interested to know that the scent of rose essential oil is known to allow our Heart Chakra to open more widely, supporting us in loving ourselves better and others too. There have been clinical studies done that show the relaxation benefits of rose oil psychologically and physiologically too.bloom-blooming-blossom-1231265.jpgRose has three main qualities; Cooling, Soothing and Moisturising. And there are so many ways to include this beautiful flower into your self care routine…

I love a rose facial water spray, it’s not only a wonderful tonic but a lovely way to refresh and cool your face with just a few spritzes. If you are into DIY and homemade skincare you can also make a rose facial water yourself. Just buy any dried rose petals or buds and add it to distilled water and heat very gently in a copper pan. When you notice it turn to a vibrant golden green shade then allow it to cool down and pour into a sterilised glass bottle. Literally as simple as that and you’ve got your own homemade rose facial spray.

Soaking in a warming and relaxing bath after a long day to wind down for the evening is another love of mine. So when I run a bath I want to be relaxing in something luxurious to feel lovely and pampered whilst my body is just soaking all the goodness up. I love adding Queen of Rose Bath Milk by Lola’s Apothecary into my bath (£70.) The rose scent just fills the whole of my bathroom and creates a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere, after I leave the bath I have nourished and super soft skin too due to the rest of the blend in the bath milk. It also looks very pretty and picturesque as the rose petals just float on the top of the warming water. So although abit pricey it totally makes me feel like a spa pampered princess. Treating myself to one bath pamper session per week made my jar last for about 6/7 months.

You can also buy rose massaging oil and I love to take some time out to massage rose oil into the heart area (around the breasts and into the chest.) This is a deeply loving act and really makes me feel that I’ve given attention and self care to an extremely important part of my body. 

If you are into crystals then you can also buy a rose quartz. Why not hold the rose quartz close to your heart area and visualise any low emotions just melting away and your heart accepting and being filled with love.

If you are a lover of drinking tea then for your self care time why not make yourself a pot of rose tea and let the aroma of rose soothe all of your senses with each sip. beautiful-bloom-blooming-460088As you can see there are many ways to enjoy the beautiful rose in your own self-care time out. It is such a beautiful flower that should be appreciated and celebrated for it’s nurturing and healing qualities. I would love to know if you include rose in any of your own me time sessions, as always leave a comment down below as I love reading them and interacting with you all. Have a wonderful rest of the day.

Love, Charlotte



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