Morning Lovelies, 

Let’s talk coconut oil! I have always loved coconut oil ever since I read a brilliant article a while back all about the versatile ingredient. I know that coconut oil has a big fan base too now that it’s benefits have been shared with so many people and people have become more aware about how wonderful this ingredient really is. I remember not long ago when we were told that saturated fats were bad for us…clogging up our arteries and more. But since then there have been new studies undertaken which actually is bringing to light that they may not be all that bad (obviously all in moderation.)food-3062139_1920.jpgCoconut Oil is a saturated fat. But it’s very good for your health despite this. The brilliant thing about coconuts is that we can eat the meat, drink the water and also squeeze out the oil and turn it into milk. We can use up every part of a coconut and every part is also a wonderful source of nutrition. Not only is it nutritious is also has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal qualities too. Aswell as all of this it can also promote weight loss and raise your metabolism and balance out cholesterol. There are many ways in which coconut oil can be used and below are some of my favourite ones. 

  • Hair – You’ve probably heard already that coconut oil is great for the hair, all you need to do it rub it into any dry ends and leave it to settle and work it’s magic for a few hours.
  • Skincare – Plain coconut oil is a wonderful moisturiser as it’s great for the skin. It has claims that it can help to even prevent stretchmarks and lighten up any dark spots. It’s also wonderful to use on chapped lips as it soothes instantly and tastes good too. And it’s a wonderful make-up remover and can even get rid of the most stubborn of mascaras.
  • Oral Health – You can even put about a tablespoon of coconut oil into your mouth, give it a swish around for about 15 minutes…it’s a great natural way of improving oral health.
  • Deodorant or Shaving Cream – Coconut oil can even be used as a replacement for shaving cream or used as a natural deodorant. 
  • Skin/Nail Problems – It can also be used on cracked heels or dry areas on the skin as it deeply moisturises well or if you suffer from nail fungus you can add a few drops of tea tree oil to one tablespoon of coconut oil and rub into the nails to help. coconut-oil-2535395_1920.jpgAs you can see there are many great benefits that can be gained from coconut oil. I just wanted to share a few of my favourite ways in which you can incorporate it into some of your daily routines. I would love to know if you use coconut oil, how you use it and why you love it yourself. Share down in the comments below.Love, Charlotte



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