GLOSSYBOX SEPTEMBER 2019 – What’s Inside?

Afternoon Lovelies, 

It’s time for September’s Glossybox review, this month the theme was ‘Delicious Beauty.’ Glossybox packed this months box with 6 products that were all along the theme of food-inspired beauty…plus they included an extra yummy edible treat to top it off.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



MITCHELL AND PEACH Flora No.1 Fine Edition Eau De ParfumOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWow…I love Glossybox’s choice of perfumes when they include one in their box. For me they always chose scents that I absolutely adore. This perfume certainly didn’t disappoint. This is by Mitchell And Peach and it is their Flora No.1 Fine Edition Eau De Parfum, which smells absolutely divine. The fragrance is a gorgeous floral scent…not too overpowering, just right in my opinion. It includes the herb sweet fennel in it and honestly I wouldn’t of thought it would smell so good but this fragrance along with that herb is blended with larkspur and it also has a mix of; notes of rose, ylang-ylang, lavender and peony. The fragrance itself has been hand-blended and the pure essential oils included have been grown on their own estate. It does smell lovely in the bottle and for me it is a very elegant and classy fragrance. We received the deluxe mini size which is 17.5ml and worth £29.75. The full size is 50ml which retails for £85. 

MAYY Banana Setting PowderP9220868.JPGGlossybox have included in their previous boxes a couple of banana setting powders before. This is a different brand however from the one they usually include so that’s nice to see. However, I don’t really use a banana setting powder as sometimes I find them too yellow toned. But with all that aside this banana setting powder is by MAYY. It retails for £15 and can be used during the makeup ‘baking’ technique. It’s an ultra-fine and mineral based powder that can be placed over areas that have just been concealed, you only need to leave it for about 5 minutes then brush it off. It will be interesting to see if it leaves a brighter and more flawless complexion. Not too excited about this product but it’s worth a test. 


DELHICIOUS BODY Original Black Tea Body ScrubOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis was the sneak peek product from last months Glossybox and I was very excited to see this as I love a good nourishing body scrub. This one is filled with antioxidants and essential oils and is a caffeine-based scrub with black assam tea which is 100% natural. This body scrub is a Ayurvedic body exfoliator which will buff away dry cells and it apparently also has a lovely almond and orange scent which is a nice added touch. I adore the packaging look of this product and think it’s very pretty and eye-catching with the pastel pink and gold and pretty golden tea leaves at the top. This packet is full size and retails for £7.95. I’m super looking forward to trying out this product and can’t wait to see if it leaves my skin silky smooth and well exfoliated. 

CAREX Hand Gel

Packaging of label looks slightly damaged sorry, this is because I was off on holiday the day my Glossybox arrived and thought this would be a useful product to take with me (and it was.) So it has slightly been banged around inside my handbag…oops.

This is a cheap and cheerful product that retails for just £1.55. It is a carex hand gel which is perfect for travelling with. There were too scents that you could of received. Either Love Hearts or (the one I got) Strawberry Laces. I have brought the Love Hearts Carex Hand Soap before so it’s nice to of received a different scent to try, but I would of been happy with either. These hand gels are good enough to eat and really do smell like the sweeties themselves. I remember back in the day most hand gels left a weird cucumber scent which I absolutely hated but it’s lovely that hand gels have a variety of scents now available, so a sweetie smelling hand gel I love! I’ve always loved Carex products, they don’t break the bank and they leave your hands feeling clean and moisturised. Some soaps and hand gels can dry my hands out however I have never had that problem with the Carex brand, so it’s a cheaper brand that I love and trust.

COLGATE MAX WHITE Charcoal Whitening ToothpasteP9220874.JPGThis is a recently new release from Colgate toothpaste and is their Charcoal Whitening Max White. We received a full size worth £4. If you didn’t know Charcoal has been a big trending and much loved ingredient recently because of it’s amazing benefits so quite alot of brands have included charcoal in some products now. This toothpaste is formulated with activated charcoal and mineral micro-particles to gently remove surface stains. It claims to remove 100% of surface stains so it’ll be interesting to try this out and put it to the test. You don’t usually expect toothpaste in a beauty subscription box and although it’s not exciting it is a useful product and saves me from buying a new toothpaste this month.


PALMER’S Coconut Oil Formula Deep Conditioning Protein PackP9220856.JPGI love hair masks and I have found that recently Glossybox have been including a hair mask in most of their boxes so my hair has been getting a hair mask treat monthly. This is Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Deep Conditioning Protein Pack and it retails for just £2.49. It is formulated with raw and natural ingredients and has keratin and silk proteins too. The mask will nourish and hydrate hair leaving it with a natural shine. It just needs to be left on for 10 to 20 minutes and then rinsed thoroughly out. I’m looking forward to using this one. 


Very yummy, I have actually eaten mine whilst writing this with a lovely warm cup of tea. Glossybox included an edible yummy extra in their box this month and this is a Godiva Belgian Dark Chocolate and Ganache Filling chocolate bar. It was extremely yummy, rich and velvety and I felt very luxurious enjoying this bar. The heart pieces are such an adorable touch…Thank you Glossybox for including in the ‘Delicious Beauty’ box.P9220876.JPG

Overall, I loved this months ‘Delicious Beauty’ theme. The total worth of the box (without the added extra chocolate bar) came to £60.74. This month had a wonderful variety of various products from toothpaste to perfume to skincare to makeup. My favourite two items are the Mitchell And Peach Perfume and Delhicious Beauty Body Scrub. I think those two items are totally perfect! In my opinion the choices of products in this box are fabulous and although 3 of the items were pretty cheap and under £5 the box still came to a decent total worth which is well worth the money.

What products do you love the most from this selection? Did you receive September’s Glossybox yourself? I am interested and would love to know what your thoughts and opinions are on the box so leave your comments below and I will respond to them all. 

Love, Charlotte

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