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A quick post today but hopefully still a worthy read. I wanted to write a more easy to read post today explaining 3 ways in which you can get back in control when stressful situations arise in your life. I think writing a simple post is best for this ‘how to de-stress’ topic as it’ll be a quick read but still hopefully useful in some way and won’t be a long winded type of post, more just straight to the point.

Stress is a very common feeling of emotion. It can pop up whenever you feel frustrated, nervous, angry and from experiencing other low emotions too. Stress is our natural body’s reaction to a demand or a challenge so stress is natural and isn’t always negative. It can be positive when felt in a short burst for example; helping you to avoid danger or to meet a deadline but it can become negative when your feeling stressed often and the negative type of stress is the one we need to learn to reduce and alleviate. For most people stress often arises during times of uncertainty, when we feel in a lack of control and through changes in our lives. So if you feel burnt out with stress at the moment keep reading to discover 3 simple ways in which you can reclaim your calm during stressful times…

  1. Evaluate Your Stress Levels – Stress can reduce your energy levels and when they become reduced our body’s mechanism for coping with the world around us becomes more fragile. So it’s incredibly important to learn how to pinpoint and deal with sources of stress and take a more positive action when we do run into a stressful situation. Learning to do this will help to reduce the risk of stress from harming your long-term mental health. These following questions are worth thinking about when evaluating your stress levels and pinpointing the issue; Where are you experiencing the most stress (home/work etc..)?, Are your issues more short or long-term?, Have there been any big life changes in the last 12 months? 
  2. Recognise What You Can Change – When you have evaluated your stress levels the next thing to do is to identify what you can change, even if it’s just a small change. You’ll probably be surprised to know that after spending some time thinking about it there is actually at least one thing you can do to change the situation and invite more calm instead. (Take your time whilst thinking about this, as this is the part in which you may find the answer you have been looking for to help you gain more control back during the stressful situation.) For example ask yourself; Are you overthinking situations or viewing them in a more exaggerated way?, What’s logically more likely to be the outcome compared to what’s the worst that can happen in your opinion?, Is there anybody you can talk to? (You’ve probably at least once come across the popular saying “A problem shared is a problem halved.”) Can you shorten your exposure to the stress? Are you expecting to please everyone? etc…
  3. Relieve/ Take The Edge Off Of Stress –In the meantime there are ways in which you can alleviate some of the stress that your feeling. (It’s also important to keep incorporating stress relief techniques into your daily routine even on the days that your not feeling stressed as practise will make it easier to handle when a stressful issue does strike.) Deep breathing exercises are a great way to moderate your physical reaction to stress. I also find positive affirmations everyday a great way to keep the mind focused and in a more positive space. You can build up your physical reserves through enjoyable exercise, perhaps some walking, swimming, jogging or cycling. Eating good, nutritious and well-balanced meals have also been proven to reduce surges of stress hormones and just overall help you to feel at your best. Avoid nicotine or any other stimulants and reduce your caffeine intake too. Try to get a good nights sleep as this does help ease tension and stress levels. Ensure you take some breaks during each day for abit of self time and to reconnect with yourself throughout the day. Connect with your loved ones and friends. Meditate. Try daily journaling so you can jot down any thoughts and feelings to get them out of your head and onto paper instead and each day also reflect on a positive that happened no matter how small the positive might seem (something like – the sun was shining or treated myself at the cafe etc…) There are so many different ways in which you can take the edge off of stress, (you can research alot more ideas too.) I would recommend trying different ways out and seeing what works best for you though. As what works best for one person might not work as much for another…it’s not a one size fits all approach. But I promise after trying various ways out you will discover what your best techniques and strategies for reducing stress levels are.Love, Charlotte



  1. I’m a stress monster, and my mother says that I’d even stress if I have nothing to stress about! 😂 Great tips, and I think those ways to soothe ourselves or distract or nourish are all really important, no matter how small. Good point that we’re all different and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, too.
    Caz xx

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