Morning Lovelies, 

I love essential oils. The healing properties of plants and their added bonus of gorgeous scents are just incredible. I have slowly been discovering more about them myself and I know that when you first delve into the world of essential oils it can be very daunting at first. There is a huge array of different ones to choose from and each essential oil has a variety of different properties and uses so it can be tricky to know where to start. I wanted to write a sort of beginners guide to discovering essential oils in the hope that it becomes a little bit more easier for you when your trying to choose what essential oils that your own individual need will benefit most from. In the guide I have written what each essential oil is best used for and their other uses and qualities.  aromatherapy-bottles-close-up-672051.jpgThe healing benefits of essential oils have been recognised for centuries and using them correctly and safely can have an extremely beneficial impact to your overall health holistically. From muscle pain, headaches to relief from stress and anxiety different essential oils can help with different issues. You can use essential oils for creating a gorgeous aroma or find one that has specific medicinal properties for your own individual need, hopefully this starter guide will help you to discover a variety of essential oils and their characteristics and what they can be used for. 

Please Note – There is safety information about using essential oils, so make sure to do your own research into the safety precautions before you use them.aromatherapy-aromatic-beauty-260405

Best Essential Oil For…

Mood Boosting – Ylang Ylang (Uplifting + Calming)

Also Use For…

  • Mind – Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Irritability
  • Skin – All skin types, Acne
  • Other – Heart Palpitations, Stress Related Hypertension
  • Note – If sensitive to strong odours it can cause headaches. 


Relaxing – Chamomile Roman (Relaxing + Anti-inflammatory + Antispasmodic)  

Also Use For…

  • Mind – Anxiety, Irritability, Insomnia 
  • Skin – Inflamed, Itchy
  • Other – Muscle Aches/Pains/Inflammation, Digestive Cramps and Spasms, IBS, PMS or Menstrual Cramps 


Soothing – Mandarin (Soothing + Antispasmodic)

Also Use For…

  • Mind – Anxiety, Stress, Mood Swings, Irritability, Insomnia 
  • Skin – Stretch Marks, Oily 
  • Other – Sluggish Digestion, Stress Related Gut Issues, Sluggish Lymphatic System 


Refreshing – Neroli (Refreshing + Uplifting + Relaxing)

Also Use For…

  • Mind – Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Tension, Insomnia
  • Skin – All Types, Scars, Stretch Marks 
  • Other – Stress Related Digestive Issues, IBS


Cleansing – Lemon (Cleansing + Refreshing + Uplifting)

Also Use For…

  • Mind – Depression, Lethargy, Irritability
  • Skin – Oily, Acne 
  • Other – Sluggish Digestion or Lymphatic System, Low Immunity
  • Note – Do not use above 2%


Detoxifying – Juniper (Detoxifying + Warming + Stimulating) 

Also Use For…

  • Mind – Lethargy, Tension
  • Skin – Acne, Oily
  • Other – Poor Circulation, Cold Extremities, Muscle and Joint Pain, Arthritis, Water Retention, Sluggish Lymphatic System


Energising – Ginger (Warming + Stimulating) 

Also Use For…

  • Mind – Chronic Fatigue, Exhaustion
  • Other – Painful Periods, Poor Circulation, Cold Extremities, Digestive Cramps and Spasms, Indigestion, Arthritis, Muscle and Joint Pain


Stimulating – Eucalyptus (Stimulating + Antimicrobial + Antiseptic)

Also Use For…

  • Mind – Fatigue, Sinus Related Headaches, ‘Brain Fog’, Poor Focus
  • Other – Respiratory Tracy Infections, Sinus Congestion, Arthritis, Muscle and Joint Pain


Invigorating – Bergamot (Uplifting + Balancing) 

Also Use For…

  • Mind – Mood Swings, Anxiety, Depression
  • Skin – Dry or Oily
  • Other – Supports Immunity, Wind, Indigestion
  • Note – To avoid problems with sunlight exposure use Bergapten instead. 


Balancing – Cedarwood Atlas (Balancing + Tonifying + Warming) 

Also Use For…

  • Mind – Anxiety, Depression, Exhaustion, Nervous Tension
  • Skin – Oily, Acne
  • Other – Asthma, Chronic Catarrh, Fatigue, Lowered Immunity, Sluggish Lymphatic System


Toning – Palmarosa (Toning +Cooling + Balancing)

Also Use For…

  • Mind – Anxiety, Exhaustion, Tension Headaches, Stress Irritability
  • Skin – All Types, Inflamed, Acne
  • Other – Palpitations, Digestive Cramps and Spasms, Indigestion


Inflamed Skin – Rose (Cooling + Tonifying + Relaxing) 

Also Use For…

  • Mind – Anxiety, Stress, Depression
  • Skin – Mature, Dry, Inflamed, Sensitive
  • Other – PMS, menopausal Symptoms, Stress Related Gut Issues, Sluggish Digestion


Stability – Geranium (Balancing + Moistening + Cooling)

Also Use For…

  • Mind – Depression, Anxiety, Mood Swings 
  • Skin – All Types, Acne
  • Other – Menopausal Symptoms, PMS, Stress Related Digestive Issues

Love, Charlotte


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