3 Simple Ways On How To Capture More Positive Moments And Treasure Them

Morning Lovelies, 

For my post this week I wanted to share 3 simple ways that will help you to make more happy memories whilst treasuring them too. I would say that how we live now is quite an impatient sort of era, there is alot of quick wants and instant gratification attitudes to life and in our everyday but with these simple ideas they can help you to capture and keep hold of positive moments in your life and shift your thinking to more gratitude.adult-beautiful-facial-expression-774866

  1. Explore In a ‘Tantric Travel’ Way  adventure-alpine-alps-830822When you are out and about on your outdoor adventures and travels make this time more memorable. One way you could do this is by simply delaying your arrival. For example: You were thinking of taking the 15 minute cable car to get to your destination (to the top of a peak let’s say), but instead why not make the experience greater by doing the hike to reach the top of the peak (even if it does take you 5 hours to reach the top.) The mountain hike was just an example it doesn’t have to be as out there as that with exploring, you could even incorporate this into your everyday and instead of taking the car why not just simply walk to your destination…you don’t know what wonders that you might come across and what you might see on your travels. There are also some journeys that make more sense to take a train instead of a plane. Yes you’ll get there much more slowly but you may have a more enjoyable ride, I have once heard before that ‘trains are the tantra of travel.’
  2. Pay Attention To The Little Things astronomy-dark-dawn-573238In everyday life think more about your senses and become more in tune to them. What brings you happiness? What sounds, sights, smells and tastes bring you joy? Is it the feel of the rain on your skin…the sound of a loved ones voice or their laughter…the smell of freshly ground coffee…the sound of walking through crisp autumn leaves…the view of your favourite place? Write down happiness for your senses and use this as inspiration for when you have a quiet weekend or day ahead of you. 
  3. Create Your Own Private Social Media Account Or Photo Folder beverage-browse-browsing-1542252Pictures are wonderful memory keepsakes so why not make a social media account or private photo folder for your eyes only when you want to stroll down memory lane. You may find more happiness in snapping a photo and posting it for only your eyes, there will be no need to worry about the lighting, caption or filter. You may find doing this rather liberating aswell. For a change why not be the curator of what you want to see looking back instead of being the curator of how others see you. Ask yourself what will give you the most pleasure to look at when you revisit your memories.Love, Charlotte


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