Body Fantasies Body Mists Review – SPONSORED

(This post is sponsored by Body Fantasies)

Morning Lovelies, 

I’ve been incredibly lucky and have been given a wonderful opportunity to write an honest opinion review for Body Fantasies to share here on my blog and in return I got gifted with these products and these are the body mists that I will be reviewing for you all. Like always my sponsored posts are 100% my honest opinion and a big thank you to Body Fantasies for the opportunity to collaborate and for sending these body mists to try out and review. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAbout Body Fantasies – Body Fantasies is an American fragrance brand that is also available to the UK. They have a good variety of different perfume body sprays that you can pick and choose which ones to use to suit the occasion or your mood. In a 94ml bottle you get over 500 sprays which is incredible for how affordable in price that this product is. They contain a concentration of premium perfume oil and they also claim to have great lasting power too. Each bottle has a non-aerosol pump which means that it’s got better aim at spritzing the product where you want it and that also means that there is less fragrance waste too. I know that Superdrug stocks these body mists and 94ml bottles retail for £4.99 on their website and in store. But make sure you look out for offers on these products as sometimes they have amazing deals and you can get yourself a super cheap bargain, I’ve seen deals where you can get 2 for £5 or 3 for 2 etc…

The fragrances that I am reviewing are; 

  • Twilight Mist
  • Pink Vanilla Kiss
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom
  • Vanilla

Please Note: All information about each fragrances Top Notes, Heart Notes and Base Notes I have got from Body Fantasies website just so I could be 100% accurate. At times I find it tricky to describe scents of fragrances so I’ve tried my very best on those bits which I hope makes sense to you. 


This one is in such a pretty bottle colour, it’s a deep purple shade that perfectly suits it’s name for Twilight Mist. This is one of their bigger bottled sizes of 236ml of product and the notes in this fragrance mist are;

Top Notes: Mandarin, Coconut and Fresh Plum
Heart Notes: Magnolia, Tiger Orchid and Violet
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Creamy Musk and Tonka Bean

It’s a romantic scent that also has a hint of seductiveness to it. If I had to describe it in one word I would say it smells magical as it’s pretty mesmerising. I really like this scent as it doesn’t smell sickly or too sweet. It has a sort of elegant higher end perfume smell to it. I sprayed this 4 times in the morning and I could still smell a subtle hint of it right through to the end of the day. I’m 23 and I would say that this is definitely a scent you could pull off daily as an adult, you wouldn’t have to be just a teenager at high school to wear this one as it isn’t a younger smelling scent. 


Again I was given Pink Vanilla Kiss in their bigger bottle size of 236ml. This fragrance comes in a vibrant pink shade and I adore the lipstick kisses on the front. The notes in this fragrance mist are;

Top Notes: Grapefruit, Rhubarb and Coconut Milk
Heart Notes: Pink Vanilla, Cyclamen and Peony
Base Notes: Tahitian Vanilla, Sandalwood and Caramel

This scent I would describe as a fruity one with hints of vanilla in it too. It’s definitely a sweeter smelling one and is feminine and fun smelling. I don’t smell the grapefruit in it but to me it smells abit like soft peach and berries with vanilla. It’s not my favourite scent from these four but it does still smell nice. If you love fruity fragrances then I can imagine you would love this one.  


From seeing the name Japanese Cherry Blossom this type of scent is the one that I would of personally opted for if I saw it in a shop as I love floral fragrances especially cherry blossom. This is in their 94ml bottle size which is perfect for taking on the go and fitting in your handbag as its super lightweight and the bottle is thin and travel friendly. The packaging is gorgeous with the cherry blossom flowers and it looks lovely and feminine. The notes in this fragrance mist are;

Top notes: Raspberry, Pear and Plum
Heart notes: Cherry Blossom, Rose and Jasmine
Base notes: Creamy Vanilla, Sandalwood and Musk

This is a gorgeous floral scent that is quite romantic. I can definitely smell the cherry blossom in it as well as a mix of other florals too. It’s not overpowering with florals though it’s got just the right amount. I’m not sure whether it’s because I’ve been smelling the other scents too but I think this one is slightly more subtler than the other two above. This is a scent I would wear daily as again it’s not just a young smelling scent as it’s also got an elegant charm to it so adults can easily pull this one off. 


If you love Vanilla then you will love this scent. Exactly fitting to it’s body mist name this is a completely yummy vanilla scent. I love the bright sunshine yellow packaging and pretty vanilla flower design. The bottle I received was in the smaller 94ml one again and the notes in this fragrance mist are;  

Top Notes: Fiji Apple, Frosted Tangerine
Heart notes: Pineapple, Strawberry Blossom, Jasmine
Base Notes: Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Musk, Caramel

It’s a sort of creamy smelling vanilla with hints of caramel in it and literally just smells of vanilla cake to me, it smells delicious. It’s not sickly sweet at all probably because of the other notes they added to balance it out abit. I never wear vanilla fragrances so i’m quite surprised that I like this one. Although I do like it personally it’s not for me however if you love vanilla fragrances you will love this one. 

My Overall Thoughts  

Packaging – I love the bottle designs of these fragrances they are sleek and fit in your hands perfectly as they have a slight curve in the packaging. I think that Body Fantasies thought about all of the details for using the bottle like the shape for comfortable handling of it down to the design of the spray pump giving you an even and perfectly targeted spritz. I’m not too sure if they do the bigger bottled sizes here in the UK I could be wrong but I can’t seem to find them which is a slight disappointment as I loved the bigger size so it would be great to see these available here in the UK aswell. But the smaller 94ml bottles are great for taking with you when your out for the day.

Quality – I am very surprised by the quality of fragrance, for such an affordable price I thought they might have more of a cheap fragrance smell to them however, they smelt incredible and the Twilight Mist one even smelt like it could pass for a high end perfume. For the price you cannot go wrong, you get so many applications with each bottle and the scents do last a long time especially for a body mist spray. The body mist sprays that I have tried before usually only last a couple of hours and this one lasted near enough right to the end of the day as I could still subtly smell the hint of fragrance on my clothes. Very impressive! The scents themselves weren’t overpowering or sickly or too sweet every single one had a nice mix of other notes to make sure that the perfume itself was a more balanced out smell.

My Favourites? – As this is a review it’s only right to tell you my favourite and least favourite one. The winner for me is Twilight Mist I am in love with the scent it honestly smells divine and the close second goes to Japanese Cherry Blossom again it’s a stunning floral scent which I adore. My least favourite was Vanilla only because vanilla is not a smell I would normally wear or reach for and I preferred Pink Vanilla Kiss as it had more of a mix of smells to it, like soft peach and berries. 

I feel so lucky to of been given the chance to try these scents out and I will definitely be buying these myself as I personally think they are the best body mists that I have ever tried out.

I would love to know below in the comments if you have tried any Body Fantasies fragrances out before. If you have which scent is your favourite from their collection? What ones would you like to try that you haven’t managed to try out yet? or just let me know your overall thoughts on the body mists and Body Fantasies as a brand. I love hearing all of your thoughts and opinions. Thank you for stopping by and checking this post out, hugely appreciate!  Love, Charlotte

8 thoughts on “Body Fantasies Body Mists Review – SPONSORED

      1. You’re welcome. I like them in the same order as you do too.
        It’s been a while me having any, so I must look one day and see if they sell them in again. When I first tried them a few yeaes ago, I was lucky to get them on a special offer, but they did disappear off the shelves later.

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      2. I do live in the UK. It was Superdrugs I bought it from before, when I first discovered these scents. Lovely, I shall have to take a look. Thank you. 😊

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