Be Prepared For Christmas…

Afternoon Lovelies, 

It’s officially December!! Eeek I am super excited, I am well and truly feeling the festive vibes now as there’s only 24 more days left to go and then Christmas day will be here! Even though December has arrived there is still plenty of time to prepare your mental wellbeing for Christmas too and that’s what this post is all about. I wanted to write a post focusing more on looking after yourself mentally during the Christmas period and I’ve come up with 6 simple ways in which you can spend a little more time on your inner preparations this festive season. 

In all of the busyness of this celebration season it’s extremely easy to just spend time focusing on preparing for Christmas with all of the ‘outer’ trimmings like the gifts that need wrapping, decorations that need to be put up, parties to organise or attend, hosting the dinner around Christmas time, stocking up on festive foods and so much more…woman-carrying-christmas-presents-3264665.jpgWith all of our organisation and focus just on these ‘outer’ things (which are lovely, magical touches also) it is so easy to forget the importance of preparing yourself inwardly for Christmas day and it’s just as important to spend time on the inner prep aswell as the outer prep. And that’s exactly what my post today will help you with…

Christmas is a very magical time of the year but for some people it also brings up some deep-rooted emotional pain and can be a time of worry and sadness. These emotions could be triggered by the whole idea of getting together with family members, which can bring old painful wounds to open up again. For example; Have you noticed that you slip into old patterns when you are around family? Perhaps you become more argumentative or more withdrawn or perhaps revert back to the stroppy teenager you once were. Or maybe your getting together with certain family members that you’ve not seen in a long long time and perhaps lost touch of contact due to a big explosive family argument that happened in the past which might arise certain emotions in yourself on what happened. Then Christmas day comes around and despite your best intentions you end up in the same old dynamics…So hopefully these 6 simple ideas below will help you to enjoy a more calmer and happier festive season and focus on your internal preparation for the big day.  view-of-christmas-decoration-247078.jpg

  1. Your Own Personal Responsibility – Remind yourself that no-one is responsible for your own happiness. We need to take responsibility for our own feelings whatever has happened in our lives. We need to really take on board (no matter how hard it might be) that no-one is responsible for the way we feel not our partners, parents, siblings or friends. If we can come to terms with this then it allows us to avoid the ‘blame game.’ We also will realise that we aren’t then looking for others to complete us which we will be happier for. 
  2. Distance Yourself From The Past – It’s alot easier said than done but try to focus on distancing yourself from past hurts and old wounds. Don’t get drawn into them and focus on the present instead. There are many past quotes out there and they have been written for a reason…they all make alot of sense. Quotes like: “You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading your last one” and “Don’t let the past dictate who you are, but let it be a lesson that strengthens the person you’ll become” and “The past is your lesson, The present is your gift, The future is your motivation.” They will help you to realise to focus your attention on the present instead as that’s what your living today. 
  3. Practice Compassion – Start including in your day to day a practice of compassion and show it to yourself and others. I find that  practising Compassion Meditation helps alot as it can improve your well-being by having less extreme reactions to life events and difficult situations. If meditation isn’t up your street then find another practice of compassion to focus on daily. 
  4. Rest – Each day take out enough time to relax. Use this time to recuperate and rest. Perhaps you could dedicate an appropriate amount of time each day to doing something you love and find relaxing or maybe include moments in your day to switch off and just be in the present moment in a relaxed state of mind. Do whatever you find restful.
  5. Get Out In Nature – Although it’s chillier outside and there is more comfort in the winter months hibernating in your warm home, wrap up warmly in layers and embrace the outside during the festive season. A walk in nature can do absolute wonders and can be extremely beneficial. Try to go for a daily walk to clear the air and your mind.
  6. Stock Up on Some Non-Alcoholic Alternatives – Sometimes alcohol can fuel arguments and disagreements so make sure you that you know your limits. Maybe opt for some non-alcoholic alternatives too if you know that your not a ‘good drunk.’ 

I hope that you find at least a couple of these ideas useful in creating a calmer and happier festive season. I would love to know in the comments if you have other ideas to help prepare yourself for the festive season. I hope you all have a fabulous month of festivities and remember to prioritise looking after yourself aswell and give yourself some me-time/self-care throughout the month too.Love, Charlotte 

7 thoughts on “Be Prepared For Christmas…

  1. Love, love this post. After Thanksgiving I usually decorate my house make the choice of the six people I will buy a thank you gift. Yes, i only give 6 gifts, three grandchildren and I select three other people. I don’t travel to anyone home for the day. I either work or stay home. Christmas isn’t so magical sense its turned materialism.🎄⛄😊

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  2. Christmas really can be stupidly stressful so every little helps with making it more positive and enjoyable. Great tips, and I love the quotes you’ve shared about letting go of the past (especially “You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading your last one”, that’s fab). xx

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