Afternoon Lovelies, 

This is the last LookFantastic box of 2019, I can’t believe that I’m already reviewing December’s box with you all. The time has flown by. This month’s box contains 6 products that will help us to get through the festive season (and all the upcoming Christmas parties too.)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



Just A Little Note – Every LookFantastic box comes with the latest edition of Elle Magazine which retails for £4.50. I haven’t photographed this because I want to show the products instead but wanted to let you know so you are aware that you would also receive this gift too! 


EYLURE Texture 117 LashesOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA These will be perfect for any upcoming Christmas parties. These are Eylure eyelashes worth £5.06. They have a beautiful lightweight finish so can be worn during the day or the night and they come with eye glue which is handy. They have been designed to be reusable and gives a fluttery finished look. I’ve never really worn false eyelashes so I’m not excited to see these in the box however I do see why they would include this product for this months festivities. 

SLEEK Goodnight Sweetheart PaletteOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Next is a Sleek eyeshadow palette. These are worth £8.99 and the shades received will vary as there was 3 palettes being given in the boxes. You could either receive; Au Natural, Oh So Special or Goodnight Sweetheart. As you can see I got given the Goodnight Sweetheart palette, which I am happy with as I have received the other two in subscription boxes before so it’s nice to have a new palette to try out. I hope I don’t sound too ungrateful but I’m not too impressed that a Sleek eyeshadow palette has been included. We receive alot of these in Glossybox and LookFantastic subscription boxes so it would of been a nice change to see a different eyeshadow brand included instead. Nothing against Sleek as their eyeshadows are good with a great amount of pigmentation but like I mentioned a different palette would of been better in my opinion. With negativity put to one side I do love the variety of shades in this Goodnight Sweetheart palette. There is a nice mixture of shimmers and mattes too so I am still excited to use this. 

EYEKO Black Magic LinerPC071148.JPGI have received this eyeliner before in another subscription box and I loved it so it’s great to have this mini 4ml size aswell. The 4ml size is worth £9. This black liquid eyeliner has a long thin tip which makes winged eyeliner application alot more easier and it’s got a lovely dark black pigmentation to it which is perfect. Happy to see a good eyeliner included. 


REAL CHEMISTRY Luminous 3 Minute PeelPC071154.JPG This is Real Chemistry’s Luminous 3 minute peel in a 20ml bottle worth £19.88. I haven’t come across this brand before but this is an exfoliating facial peel that removes dead skin and revels a more softer and renewed complexion. I’m excited to try this out as it only takes 2-3 minutes so quick and easy when in a rush…very handy. 

PRAI Platinum Firm & Lift CremePC071152.JPGI am looking forward to trying this firm and lift creme out as I have heard good things about this before. This is a smaller 10ml pot which is worth £9. The creme is infused with firming Platinum and rich in different antioxidants. It’s an anti-ageing moisturiser which protects against free radicals and hydrates the skin helping it to look smoother and gives a firmer and fresher appearance. It smells divine and very luxury also which is an added bonus. 


BUMBLE AND BUMBLE Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protection PrimerOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALovely to see a Bumble and Bumble product included as this brand is very well loved. I haven’t tried this specific product out before it’s their Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer in a 30ml bottle which is worth £5. It’s apparently infused with feather-light oils and is a lightweight pre-styling mist. It protects the hair from breakage, heat styling and UV damage and nourishes it like a primer too. It is best for dry, brittle or coarse hair. I don’t have that hair type however I still want to try this out for a heat protective spray when using my heat styling tools and see what difference it makes. 

Overall, if i’m totally honest I am slightly dissapointed with the products in this December box. For me they don’t get me very excited for the festive season. The total worth of the box came to £56.93. I do like the sound of the exfoliating facial peel and the eyeshadow palette has some lovely shades I just wish that the palette was perhaps from a different brand as we see Sleek alot in these boxes. The sizes of these products this month weren’t the most generous but I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in our first 2020 box to kick start the new year next time!

I would love to hear all of your thoughts on LookFantastic’s December box, what products do you like the look of the most? Did you think this box was exciting for a Christmas preparation theme? Leave your comments down below to share your thoughts and opinions I love to hear them all.Love, Charlotte



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