A 3 Step Simple Guide To Being Compassionate

Morning Lovelies, 

The topic that I’ve chosen to write about for this post is focused on compassion. I’m a firm believer in if we want to be compassionate to others then we must first learn to be compassionate with ourselves, once we learn to be compassionate with ourselves then we will have limitless compassion for others. Having compassion and empathy is not about solving problems for people, it’s about witnessing the person and listening and acknowledging them delving deeper into their feelings. When we try to solve or fix a problem or make less of people’s suffering then we are actually denying ourselves the opportunity to hold compassionate space for another. If you are interested in prioritising more compassion into your daily practices then I have written 3 simple ways in which you can become more compassionate and empathetic. Remember to start with self-compassion and then gradually expand this out to those who need support.

  1. Listen – The key tool for compassion is to listen. Listening allows people to explore their emotions and feelings and gives them the sense of space to arrive at their own personal conclusions. Throwing a load of questions at a person rarely helps but you can ask questions that have been carefully chosen to help support them with delving deeper into their feelings. 
  2. Support Solutions and Empower Growth – Working in a compassionate way is supporting people in finding their own solutions instead of rushing in with your own personal solution to try and fix the problem for them. Allowing them to come to their own solution gives that person the opportunity to grow. 
  3. Never Compare – Situations are never usually the same so try to resist using comparisons as a bad comparison can dis-empower the other person. It can also come across as one-upmanship to the other person. A good thing to remember is in general try to avoid making the conversation about you. 

I would love to know if you have any other key tips for being compassionate and empathetic please share these down in the comments below for everyone. Also I would love to hear what you are making a priority for 2020? If you are prioritising compassion then I hope this quick guide has given you a helpful start in the right direction.

Love, Charlotte

19 thoughts on “A 3 Step Simple Guide To Being Compassionate

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and I’m glad to hear that you like the advice. That’s wonderful to hear lovely, It’s far too easy to compare yourself to others but practising self-worth and realising your unique and beautiful is a wonderful quality to have. I too am prioritising that so it’s lovely to hear you also are. Xx

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