Top Tips To Make Daily Meditation Easier (Motivation For Meditation)

Morning Lovelies,

I love meditation and for a full year now I have incorporated 10 minutes of meditation into my daily routine and the benefits/rewards from setting aside just 10 minutes a day have honestly been life changing. I could go on and on about all of the positive benefits that meditating each day has given me but in a nutshell it’s made me a much more positive and grounded person, reduced my stress levels, given me a space of calm that I can return to at any moment of the day, helped me to grow and has given me a stronger understanding of myself, helped with my emotional health and has especially been life changing with calming down and coping better with my anxiety/panic attacks. Honestly, the benefits from doing daily meditation have been incredible and quite mind blowing to I could write long posts on my blog all about meditation as it is a topic that I am super passionate about however, I want to share some simple ways that make meditation everyday easy for everyone to find useful. I want to write just a few top tips that have really helped, that don’t take up alot of time and can literally be done by anyone.  Whether your just dipping in and starting out your meditation journey or whether you’ve been doing meditation for awhile now and you have a good understanding of it, I hope that the tips below can help anyone wherever you are in your meditation journey.

Anyone can incorporate meditation into their daily routine and like they say practise makes perfect. Habits can be hard to stick to especially as our lives seem to get busier and busier with eachday but I’m hoping that with my tips it will show you just how easy it is to find your inner calm and motivate you to set that 10 minutes aside to clear your mind and bring you back to the present moment. 

  • Absorb Yourself In Naturewoman-meditating-on-rock-2597205 Nature really is a perfect way to help focus your mind on the beauty and calm. It gives you lovely visuals and can awaken your senses. Immersing myself in nature has been a wonderful way to calm the mind and soothe my senses, I find that it really is the perfect inspiration for your meditation practice. Fully being in nature or listening to the different sounds of nature or sitting outside/near an open window to actually feel the sensations and to observe the nature around you is a wonderful way to relax. Obviously being out in nature is the best experience to immerse yourself in it but if you can’t for any reason (perhaps it’s too late in the night and you don’t feel comfortable going out or you haven’t got many nature spaces close to where you live) then I even find videos or audio of nature extremely helpful and can really create a relaxing atmosphere. My specific favourite are the videos on Youtube by TheSilentWatcher.
  • Do It During Your Daily Commute

    If you honestly feel like you’re too busy to set anytime during the day aside then why not use your commuting hours zoning out on the bus or train and be more productive during that precious time you have free. After meditating on your commute you will arrive at work feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for the day ahead. You will probably find yourself being more creative and productive during the day as meditation also has been found to benefit this. I personally couldn’t meditate on a bus or train (it’s slightly too public and not the right atmosphere for me to meditate in) but everyone is different and meditation is not a one size fits all approach so that’s why I wanted to include this idea too.

  • Meditation Appsperson-holding-silver-iphone-7-887751 There are so many wonderful and helpful meditation apps on the market now. My top favourites are Headspace and Calm. Headspace is wonderful at giving you helpful reminders and nudges throughout the day to remind you to focus on your inner calm and be more intune to your senses and surroundings (which is extremely helpful during a busy day.) I could write loads of positive things about Headspace as it’s been the most helpful app for me but instead of me just waffling on about the app I would highly recommend just checking it out for yourself. With the app I found incorporating 10 minutes of meditation into my day so much easier and it’s become a solid daily habit now thanks to the amazing and accessible app. The app Calm has a wonderful new ‘Mood Check In’ tool which helps you to be more mindful of your feelings. Visual representations of our moods can reveal more about our mental wellbeing than we thought so logging in and setting mindful reminders is great at checking in with yourself. The app also supports your needs by suggesting which specific meditation practice would benefit you most at that time and with how your feeling. There are probably so many more great apps available also but I personally have had the best experience with those two. Although not a specific meditation app I do want to mention an app called Dare. Mainly for anxiety relief and coping with panic attacks. It does have a meditation section but it is a wonderful app for SOS moments and times you want to relax with support and guidance. It’s really helped me through some terrible panic attacks and anxiety sensations. 
  • Fully Switch Off blur-blurred-background-bokeh-cellphone-1156684Funny I should mention this one as the above tip is about mobile phones and apps. But if your looking to meditate with no distractions and purely by yourself as you know the basics of meditation then don’t just switch your phone to the ‘do not disturb’ mode instead fully turn your phone off. To become fully immersed in the present moment you need to give yourself a break from distractions that you can control and turning your phone off is a sure way of this. 

There are many more tips that I could write about on here that can help to make daily meditation that little bit easier but I think the above four are simple enough and I don’t want to over complicate it too much by writing alot of tips. If you have any meditation tips to make it easier to incorporate into daily life then I would love for you to share them with everyone down in the comments below, any inspiration is greatly appreciated. I hope you found this post helpful and it helps you feel motivated to practice the habit of daily meditation. Love, Charlotte

12 thoughts on “Top Tips To Make Daily Meditation Easier (Motivation For Meditation)

  1. Interesting about the headspace app. I have never used an app for meditation, but it sounds like it might be helpful to have the nudges to focus on the present. I also like Naval Ravikant’s tip – ‘when in bed, meditate. Either you will have a deep meditation, or fall asleep. Victory either way.’ 😂

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    1. Thank you for reading and for your comment! Yes it’s like guided meditation so really helps with that but you can also set the meditation to just small reminder timers during your session rather than get distracted by hearing speaking, if you prefer more silence. Haha I love that tip! That’s a brilliant one, definitely one to remember! Xx


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